Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lib Heaven: Fix The Election AND Screw The Troops

This Ain't Hell has this story and it makes one's blood boil. It isn't enough for Obamatrons to look down on soldiers and talk out both sides of their mouths about honor, duty and sacrifice, now they have improved their ability to deny soldiers the rights of a Democratic Republic even as those soldiers protect it.

Overseas troops to be screwed by largely Blue States

Mr Wolf sent us a link to a story out of Colorado this morning that some states, mostly Democrat-leaning states, are planning to screw absentee voters (read that: active duty soldiers serving overseas) out of their right to have a voice in the government that sends them to war;

Spokesman Rich Coolidge said the ballots will still be mailed, but some soldiers in remote battlefields might not have enough time to mail them back, even though the state will give them an extra seven days after the election. He said they can also send them by e-mail or fax.

Coolidge blamed late primaries and petition deadlines. He said ballots for the Aug. 10 primary also went out under short notice, but the 45-day deadline doesn’t apply to those elections.

Read the rest and follow TAH's link through.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio