Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year From Dr. Obama

To paraphrase everyone's favorite congressional clown, the Honorable Alan Grayson of Florida, "Die quickly."

Big Health-Care Changes Arrive in New Year 
Alan Grayson- courtesy Capone's of
Chicago Haberdashey-Since 1929

New taxes on drug makers, lower prescription-drug costs for seniors and restrictions on tax-free medical spending accounts are among a slate of health-law provisions that kick in Saturday.
 The changes show how the law will begin to reshape American health care, even as opponents try to overturn the measure in Congress and the courts.

Speaking of Grayson, has he gone back to ambulance chasing or has he redefined the Peter Principle and gotten a job as a hands on honey dipper?

BS Alert: "cannot comment on specific cases" Because It's CYA First

Second comes the lying and spinning and then the third step is a gaggle of lawyers spinning and lying to prove the victim wrong.

Sacramento girl needed amputations after 5-hour wait at emergency room

Fourth step is to have a herd of lawyers defending the government's right to deny any medical attention.

School board: Media 'inaccurate' about student's suspension

Fifth step is to have a multitude of lawyers descending on communities to protect teachers and administrators too stupid to be around children.

“Cloward-Piven strategy wasn’t exactly a brilliant success”

via Instapundit

Yes, it was. Welfare rolls doubled. “Necessary” programs were added and expanded into areas that governments had never ventured before creating whole new classes of beneficiaries, now, including those living illegally in America.

The Cloward-Piven strategy was adopted, altered and put to work in our education system from K to advanced degree programs, used to build union enrollment and became the strategy de jour of our political, both Republican and Democrat, class in state houses and Washington, DC. The Cloward-Piven crowd sat back in smug enjoyment and plotted to expand it even more as movements such as AGW, anarchists and self incited (insert aggrieved party name) and other groups flood the system with not only their problems, but their self appointed resolutions which stripped down were/are merely the amount of the acceptable bribe (with a COLA built in).

Having a Congress here and there throw a setback now and again did not stop the misunderstood juggernaut that continues to tear our nation apart. Which brings us to today with Kucinich, Waters, Schumer, Boxer, Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

Cloward-Pivens is healthy and alive and will be much harder to kill today than before as even a stake through their black hearts may not be enough and shame is a garlic that has no effect.

Ohio & Seven Other States To Increase Minimum Wage

Ohio and seven other states to decrease employment further.

Now that Republicans in Congress will read the Constitution aloud at the beginning of the new year's session maybe we at the state level can impose a test before legislators can vote. A test that would make members successfully define basic economic terms and a public exam where they balance a checkbook. That should cut their numbers by 3/4. That's a good thing.