Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Stone Cross In Krajková, Czech Republic

Stone Cross in Krajková (Gossengrün)

On the outskirts of the village Krajková in the Sokolov (Falkenau an der Eger) region, 350 m southwest of St. Peter & St. Paul’s Parish Church, on the road to Květná an interesting medieval monument is found – It is a stone monolith of a classical shape, i.e. with the head, foot and arms mutually interconnected with four stone ribs, each roughly by half thinner than the mentioned cross elements. Until 1989 the cross, conciliation or another reason of which has not yet been uniquely determined, stood on the edge of the ditch of the north-west side of the road Květná – Krajková, with its back leaned on the retaining wall of the brick Calvary. Nowadays the stone cross in Krajková is registered in the stone crosses catalogue of the Bohemian Northwest at the Karlovy Vary Museum (author Mr. Stanislav Wieser) and in extensive registration of stone crosses and cross stones in Bohemia that is a collective work of Společnost pro výzkum kamenných křížů (Society for Research of Stone Crosses) at the Town Museum in Aš (Asch), where it is stored and continuously supplemented with new findings.

Democrats Voted To Specifically Tax Veterans For Wheelchairs And Prosthetic Devices

via This Ain't Hell

Democrats will tax their mother's breath if it could raise more taxes for more programs that make more voters dependent on them. That they're really not their as Americans I understand, but I guess Democrats believe it only fair to tax those wounded protecting us. Next Nana and Harry will tax dead soldier's coffins.

Democrats vote to tax veterans for medical devices

Orin Hatch tried to exempt veterans from a planned tax on prosthetic devices in the Senate according to The Examiner.

Maybe next Democrats will bill families for the bullet used to execute dissidents.

Andrew Sullivan: Panties In A Snit Screaming 'Palin, Palin, I'm Still Tailin' Palin

I don't suppose Andrew has something to do that isn't quite so silly.

Something Is Happening In Palinland

A message to all those under Palin's thumb in Alaska. Don't be intimidated. The only thing to do with bullies like Todd Palin is to face them down.

That's Andrew's message to all that have read that Levi admitted that he lied about the Palins. With Andrew all crushed and all I guess this is the only way Andrew can keep the meme alive. Bills to pay and all, talk shows in which to appear and the always dicey problem of not letting the Daily Dish get too truthy and tepid.

Kill Some Crackers, But First Intimidate Voters

Some information about the New Black Panther Party group that openly intimidated voters, but our Justice Department decided not to prosecute.

Here is a National Geographic series of videos about the New Black Panther Party and its history. Note the comments and links superimposed over parts of the series.

New Black Panther Party (5 videos)