Sunday, March 09, 2008

Greenwald's Sock Puppet Writes Hypocritical Bio Of Its Idol

But which sock puppet wrote this time?

From Publishers Weekly

With this provocative book, Greenwald, a former constitutional lawyer and author of A Tragic Legacy and How Would a Patriot Act, purports to expose the rank myth-making and exploitation of cultural, gender and psychological themes by the Republican Party. The author begins his attack by targeting John Wayne, whom he sees as a template for right-wing notions of American courage and conservative manliness. Wayne's avoidance of military service and his string of divorces, both at odds with his public image, are emblematic in this account of a fundamental hypocrisy implicit in conservative mythologies. Greenwald goes on to argue that prominent Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Mitt Romney display the same hypocrisy in their public ideologies and personal lives. Shouldering much of the blame are the press and the media, including Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter, Chris Matthews and even Maureen Dowd, all of whom propagate popular attitudes about virile Republicans and effeminate Democrats. Despite the antipathy the author feels for Coulter, his writing is much like hers. More a partisan screed than a reasoned argument meant to persuade undecided readers, this repetitive text frequently devolves into personal attacks and vast generalizations.

“Those who ignore what Greenwald has to say act at our collective peril.”—John W. Dean, former Nixon White House counsel and author of Conservatives Without Conscience

“There are few patriots on Capitol Hill. You can count them on your hand. . . . Glenn Greenwald, constitutional lawyer, is one such patriot.”—

“One of the smartest and most important new voices to emerge in politics in years.” —Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, founder of Daily Kos and coauthor of Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics

"Glenn Greenwald has done it again. He’s about to release another great book. . . . From the myth that John Wayne was a great American hero (he was a WWII draft dodger), to how the media perpetuates false images of right-wingers (so much for the “liberal media”) . . . to the falsehood that Republicans bring us smaller government, Glenn lays it out beautifully." —Alan Colmes

"The peerless Glenn Greenwald."—Josh Marshall

"One of the best political commentators out there . . .Unlike most other bloggers, Greenwald practices journalism . . . Few others are better than Greenwald at sussing out the accidental propaganda inflicted on us by the mainstream press" —The Village Voice

"Perhaps the most influential civil-liberties writer on the Web" —The American Prospect

"Blogosphere superstar" —Mother Jones

"Among the most intelligent and widely read practitioners of blogging" —GQ

The Greenwalds are sanctimonious prigs and purveyors of spin and half-truths. In my opinion, the Glenns are liars. When they are called a Marshall peerless, a Mother Jones superstar and a Colmes beautiful layer how do they continue to insist against all hope that they are conservative? The Greenwalds are putzes without any hard facts.

A Short List Of The NYTs' Embarrassments


McCain Flashes Temper at NY TIMES Reporter...
VIDEO: 'Why Are You So Angry?'...

Fear in Berkeley...

I never believed the NYTs was a great newspaper, but I do now believe it is a poor newspaper.

Veiled Ignorance Can Still Be Seen Obama

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women
Story Highlights
Crimes against women in Iraq's south have included killings and amputations
Police chief: "Two women were killed in front of their kids"
Not wearing headscarves, other violations of "Islamic teachings" bring crimes
Woman tells CNN "fear is always there," but "we don't know who to be afraid of"

And these are the pigs that Osbama wants to sit have a chat with and by simply adding in some reason, everybody will go home for the better with the problems solved.

McCain: Obama’s ‘meet, talk and hope approach’ is ‘dangerously naïve in international diplomacy.’ “Meet, talk, and hope may be a sound approach in a state legislature, but it is dangerously naive in international diplomacy where the oppressed look to America for hope and adversaries wish us ill.”

His lack of experience, naivité and complete ignorance of how the world works is scary. Who else thinks that a group of guys who maim, mutilate, amputate and murder over headscarves are willing to have a nice chat and change their ways?

Broken Beauty

Estes House, Panola County, Mississippi (ca. 1855, demolished).

Global Warming's Got 20" for Ohio

And we got all of it. Even churches are closed. Today, global warming will cause the temperature to soar to 32 degrees making all that shoveling very hot work indeed.