Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nobody Wants Poster Boy Corey Glass

Turns out that Corey is away with leave and nobody cares. At least here in the US. Twits in Toronto have their panties in a bunch, but how new is that problem.

Protesters are gathering in Toronto's Parkdale community tonight to oppose the Conservatives' decision to deport Glass, despite Parliament passing a non-binding motion on June 3 calling for an end to deportation proceedings against Glass and other war resisters.

He is not considered absent without leave. He is not considered a deserter," Maj. Nathan Banks, a U.S. army spokesman, told ABC. "He is running for no reason. He is fully welcome in the United States. I cannot believe this is a big deal in Canada."

When the news organization reached Glass with the news, he was flabbergasted. "I had absolutely no idea that I had been discharged. This is insane. This is so weird. There are no warrants? No one is looking for me?"
A fugitive with no one chasing him.

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