Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Specter Turncoat Gets New Whining Baby Friend In Franken

Al Franken, tax cheat, misogynist and puncher of those who disagree with him appears to be the next senator from Minnesota. This will be the 60th vote in the senate for the Democrats. Snarlen Arlen has stated that his vote can't be counted on by the Democrats, but whose going to believe anything he says. Be proud Minnesota. Be proud.

NYTs Excuses 8 republican Votes For Passage Of Cap & Trade

I have seldom tied one vote to a members tail, but these eight have no excuse. The legislation has no redeeming value for anyone, anywhere in the country, except bureaucrats and federal power grabbers.

Conservative Ire Rains on 8 Republicans Who Voted for House Climate Bill
"I don't think one can minimize why this was a truly hideous vote for those eight folks," a commentator on the conservative blog the "Next Right" wrote. "Here we had a chance to derail the Obama socialism train and restore the Republican party to policy relevance, and these guys bailed out so they could get a nice mention in the NY Times."

But the NYTs has an excuse for all of them.

The eight House Republicans who voted in favor of the bill generally represent the remains of the party's moderate wing and some have to deal with political circumstances that are unique in the GOP caucus.

But there is no excuse. None, nada and zip and if they voted this way to save their political butts, well, then I suggest they all look to Mr. Specter. His old allies look away when walks in and his new allies don't trust him.

Now the Left has eight new patsies and the Republican Party has eight members they can't trust.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Alice Thinks Obama's World Strange

There's a large mustard-mine near here. And the moral of that is -- The more there is of mine, the less there is of yours.




Speak roughly to your little boy
and beat him when he sneezes
he only does it to annoy
because he knows it teases.
I speak severely to my boy
I beat him when he sneezes
for he can thoroughly enjoy
the pepper when he pleases

Waxman could be the Duchess and Obama the footman.

Well, Obama Believes It

Jimmy Carter told him to.

Iran says partial recount shows election valid...

And Jimmy knows all about Iran. And elections. In fact, Jimma is really good with elections just like he is with economics.

Another Day In The Village Of Hope & Change

Unease Mounts as US Troops Leave Iraq's Cities
US Frees Suspect in Killing of 5 GI's
Obama creates a deadly power vacuum
Silence Has Consequences for Iran
Susan Rice: Diplomatic Relations Still Possible With Iran
U.S. to shift approach to Afghanistan drug trade
WSJ: Honduras Defends Its Democracy; Hillary Clinton objects...
Dollar Declines After China Repeats Call for New Global Reserve Currency...
PAPER: Obama is choosing to be weak...
Cheney fears Iraq withdrawal will 'waste' U.S. sacrifices...
NKorea criticizes US missile defense for Hawaii...
Russia starts large-scale war games...
White House Moving The Stimulus Goalposts...

Never Hearing & Never Reading Creates Liberal Silence

On the weekend prior to the 2008 presidential election we attended a cocktail party in our small college town. The mood was electric causing normally staid professors to exude excitement and talk of the seismic shift that Obama, a person of color, would bring to the United States. Obama, they said, by simply the color of his skin, would finally bring America into a 21st century of equality, peace and justice.

We, being the only conservatives, probably the only Republican, in attendance tried to hide our disappointment as well as our mounting fear. No where did we hear specifics of the coming Obama Administration. Oh, we did hear platitudes of the final demise of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy as real Americans focused on the future took the reins of power.

Women beamed, men preened and all smirked like the cat that finally had its canary. Such is victory before the victory. Such is victory, over an opponent that is known, by a new face known only by his image and carefully implied thoughts on the future of government.

Wine, cheese and idle chatter grow stale over time.

My liberal friends don’t want to talk about global warming anymore

Over the last month we have continued to attend get-togethers here and elsewhere, but geography only changes the accent. It cannot change the conversation, actually the lack there of.

There is silence. A silence made uncomfortable by its seemingly planned embarrassment.

During one such party an attendee, determined to further mine the election for witty comments, was quietly reproached that the election was over and that politics is "such a tiresome subject."

Global Warming isn't discussed and the pretty green bags at the local market are now offered for free as a service to the patrons. The stacks remain.

Gay marriage isn't broached and seems as elusive as that lover that won't commit.

Tax the rich discussions are replaced by the talk of cutbacks, pay freezes and a new worry of the cost of needed goods and services.

The role of government has been replaced by the failing services of the village and county and questions of why we are going to have to actually pay for trash pickup are spoken.

Fervent debates of Iraq and Afghanistan now are met with blinking eyes and questions of, "Oh, that is still going on?"

Guantanamo? Actually, that new professor may not be coming.

Healthcare? That reminds me that I have a dental appointment next week.

Our family has decided that just spending time together on weekends is more important to us now. Not because we suffer in defeat, but that all of us suffer by the defeat of truth, honesty and an actual debate of what is good for our families, ourselves and our country.

It almost makes one pine for statements of McBusHitler. At least there was some backbone shown in those faux stances of principle.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outrage Over republican Pelosi Pets & Passage of Cap and Trade Energy Bill

The bill passed 219 - 212.

Eight (8) republicans voted for it.

Without their support, the vote would have been 220 against and 211 for the bill.

The eight republicans passed the bill.

The Republican Party and members should be publicly outraged and call these eight out for ridicule.

This bill is actually a cap and tax power grab by Congress and that eight republicans voted for it is absolutely outrageous. That Congress as a whole voted for it is unbelievable, especially when the whole bill is based on silly science that is being disputed by muzzled scientist worldwide.

These so-called republican Pelosi Pets that voted for this big government intervention lie:

Bono Mack (CA) 202-225-5330
Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
Kirk (IL) 202-225-4835
Lance (NJ) 202-225-5361
Lobiondo (NJ) 202-225-6572
McHugh (NY) 202-225-4611
Reichart (WA) 202-225-7761
Chris Smith (NJ) 202-225-3765

44 democrats voted against the bill. Many did so for CYA, but some voted against this governmental boondoggle out of principle.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Arms twisted & Broken Off - What Did Pelosi Bribe Them With?

I am so ashamed by these losers.

Bono Mack (CA) 202-225-5330
Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
Kirk (IL) 202-225-4835
Lance (NJ) 202-225-5361
Lobiondo (NJ) 202-225-6572
McHugh (NY) 202-225-4611
Reichart (WA) 202-225-7761
Chris Smith (NJ) 202-225-3765

When Steny Hoyer praises them, there is trouble in River City and we have trouble in River City when these losers help Obama's agenda move forward.

What jerks. Traitors.

Cap & Trade: Republicans That Need Defeat

These are real people of no spine and have no purpose in our party. They voted for Cap & Trade. I will admit that I am stunned by some of these votes.

They need to be defeated.

If anyone says, well, they needed to vote this way, so what, screw them.

Bono Mack (CA) 202-225-5330
Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
Kirk (IL) 202-225-4835
Lance (NJ) 202-225-5361
Lobiondo (NJ) 202-225-6572
McHugh (NY) 202-225-4611
Reichart (WA) 202-225-7761
Chris Smith (NJ) 202-225-3765

They hate America. They are incredibly stupid or incredibly bought.

Get rid of them.

They are trash.

Environmental stewardship indeed. What a crock of crap.

They're liberals, thus no friend of working people.

Get rid of them.

I am stunned by their wussiness.

They are creepier than Michael Jackson and I'd find them less trustworthy.

Get rid of them.

When Fugly Was Fun

Mammy’s Cupboard - Natchez, MS

Win A Car Company From Obama*

Guess where this structure is.
Hint - it isn't where you think.
* only if you are a UAW leader and a lawyer for ACORN.

Palin Sad For Kerry

via Third Base Politics

Yesterday, Sen. John Kerry made the statement that he wished Sarah Palin had been the Governor that had disappeared.

Sarah's response?

"When he said it he looked so frustrated. He looked so sad. I just wanted to reach out to the TV and say, 'John Kerry, why the long face?'"


June 26: Odd Coincidence

1284 – the legendary Pied Piper leads 130 children out of Hamelin, Germany

2009 - the estimatible Pied Pelosi leads 256 children out of sane America

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Biggest Tax In History On Every Man Woman & Child

And for something many scientists say is bad science or a hoax.

WSJ: Climate bill would be 'biggest tax in American history'...

The answer is fairly obvious. Blame it on Bush.

Why Obama Gets An A+ In Education

Nokia Is Helping Ahmadinejad

People are being tracked, beaten, arrested and sometimes killed using this technology.

Boycott Nokia for Iran Crackdown

Join in on the consumer crackdown on Nokia.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's All About Clinton And Sex Again

So Sanford has come clean. Alas, another Republican has fallen and the vultures are laughing their heads off as the eat the corpse.

Update: It wasn't about Clinton having sex with Lewinsky. It was about the fact that Clinton lied under oath. It is also a fact that "Lewinski" is now a noun and a verb.

I was always taught to hate the sin, but love the sinner. You can bet I'm hoping that is true.

Sanford, Ensign, others and I'm betting there will be more, have disgraced themselves. They have also disgraced the party of family values. This disgrace is all the more bad because family values is what is keeping the party together since we forfeited that whole fiscal responsibility thing. Without the coalition of family values the Republican Party would lose so badly that Obama would start looking center of the road on policy.

The vultures are justified in trying to use these actions as a wedge to split the Republicans. Heck, there are republicans trying to justify reshaping the party by dumping the family values coalition. They are morons.

To no doubt bolster their credibility these vultures focus their attacks in vulgar terms meant to shock. They are completely incapable of understanding that we are already shocked. How could they understand that in which they do not believe.

More than shocked, we are saddened. Saddened for the families, saddened for the loss of morality in this country and saddened that men of such great promise showed, in the end, no promise of greatness.

They defend politicians such as Clinton and Frank and laugh out loud at men like Sanford because they believe the only thing these people did wrong was get caught.

Housing Collapse II

Just like he caused the first collapse, Ole Barney is up for it again.

Here we go again! Barney Frank asks FANNIE and FREDDIE to relax Mortgage lending rules...

I guess real estate has left a sour taste in his mouth.

UPDATE: The Taxman has more on Frank and lax standards which are two things that fit together.

Deja Vu all over again

Obama Grilling Out With The Butchers

Hot Dog Diplomacy: Obama Says It's Up to Iranians to Accept July 4 ...

Maybe Obama can invite Kim Jong Il over for Memorial Day and Putin on Thanksgiving to pray thanks for our freedoms.

There's always Easter for Hu Jintao and they can share an ice cream as they chat about China not sinking our currency.

How about Mother's Day for bin Laden? That would have a warm open glow about it. Sharing a Hell Burger might be appropriate as they share thoughts of motherhood and the American family.

I hope the hot dogs are all beef.

Ahmadinejad: Chairman Short Of The Butchers

Via Gateway Pundit:

CRACKDOWN IN BAHARESTAN SQUARE!... 3 People Shot-- Police Will Not Allow Protesters to Assist Them ...Update: 1 Woman Dead ...Update: Several Dead

I am of the belief that Obama may have placed too much confidence in one's ability to chat amicably with one's enemies and obtain favorable results.

Train Stations Demolished

Demolished! 11 Beautiful Train Stations That Fell To The Wrecking Ball (And The Crappy Stuff Built In Their Place)

Not on his list is Union Station in Columbus, Ohio. It was literally and figuratively a very cool station.

Above left is Union Station before demolition and to its right is what replaced it. It's call the Columbus Convention Center and the only thing worse than its architecture is its functionality.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Danica + NASCAR = Showboat

Scott Dixon may be key to Danica's NASCAR future
That would then open a seat that could be filled by Danica Patrick, whose contract with Andretti Green Racing expires this season. Patrick is represented by IMG, which is currently "gathering facts" on possibilities in both IndyCar and NASCAR.

Good Lord, I miss the likes of JD McDuffy, Tiny Lund, Harry Gant and the other drivers that actually knew that A Maxwell House Steering Column was a joke, but with Danica we'll be able to see Tofu sponsored races in the Sushi capital of the world.

Monday, June 22, 2009

mRed Fascist Bilderberger Supporter Of Kasich

This race is shaping up to be a war between the New York financiers that screwed this country out of trillions, i.e. John Kasich fascist supporters, and the Washington socialists that have allowed the New York financiers to screw this country, i.e. Ted Strickland leftist supporters, and with no one supporting Ohio. Wonderful!

I've been screwed because nobody ever told me I was a Washington socialite and a New York financier. Probably the Bildenberg guys couldn't find me because I was in a stinking cut rate apartment without a phone doing another campaign and dummy me for not realizing selling derivatives was a crime and all of those rich bastards on Wall Street should be regulated down to their chow time by the federal government. Who knew Waxman was the real conservative?

Oh well, maybe I'll get a decent drone position in the NWO. I mean if I'm Fascist enough.

Will I get my own midnight black helicopter? With symbols?

This is childish name calling like you'd normally see over at the democratic underground.

Kasich Catching Strickland

Kasich can be prickly and decisive and he can be thoughtful and logical which is what I want in a leader when the ship is going down.

Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion has the numbers and the thoughts:

Good News for John Kasich
The race to define John Kasich is going to be an important one and here is where I fear that the Democrats online advantage may do us some damage. It is totally bogus, but the Ohio Democrats push to tie Kasich to the recession through his employment at Lehman Brothers is everywhere. I've seen ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and even National Review.

All in all, at this point in the campaign, John Kasich has to be feeling pretty good about his chances. I know I do. (read the rest)

Years ago there was a frick & frack duo in Columbus made of the unlikely pair of John Kasich and Mike Stinziano, political opposites made even more curious by the height of one and the shortness of the other. Though I disagreed politically with Mike I had the chance to get to know him well and found him to be a tremendous person. In 1984, as we were all preparing for Reagan's second inaugural. I was walking through the crowded lobby of the Four Seasons and heard my name being called to which I turned to look and all I could see was Kasich above the crowd. Then a break in the crowd and I could see Mike and his wife, both waving. It was a wonderful time. Kasich & Lashutka at Beck Tavern is another story.

I am a big supporter of John Kasich. Ohio needs a scruffy kid from a blue collar family that understands both sides of the aisle, but has core beliefs, the savvy and the street smarts to get it done.

BTW, John came from a Democrat Pennsylvania family, but became a Republican, in part, because he, as a freshman at OSU, wrote then President Nixon a letter who was so impressed he invited Kasich to the Oval Office for a meeting.

Who says Nixon didn't do some good?

Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Wealthy. I Have A Pool!!

In my basement.

Ohio is bracing for more violent weather amid power outages and high water left behind from an earlier round of strong storms.Heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning hit western and central Ohio Friday morning, putting some roads under water and cutting power to some 20,000 customers. Also, a gas station canopy collapsed under the weight of rainwater in Delaware, north of Columbus. Authorities say no one was hurt.By noon, around 6,000 customers still had no electricity in central and southeast Ohio, and National Weather Service flash flood warnings and watches were up across much of the state because of potential problems along swollen creeks and streams.Forecasters say more storms with drenching rain are likely later in the day and into the night.

Obama's Health Care Ain't So Healthy

And nor is our health system after 44 years of government help.

That is the way government help goes. Vibrant black communities such as Harlem were devastated by government help. With government help abortions have sky-rocketed, but they consider that a success. Communities seeking relief from inner city problems and hoping for regeneration were given Urban Renewal complete with the help of government sponsored architects and urban planners. Those cities are just now physically recovering from that help. The districts, such as San Francisco's Fillmore District, have been destroyed forever along with the communities that lived there, city cohesion and the jobs are lost forever. All in the name of government help.

Now Obama wants to 'help' us all some more, maybe kill us with the cure.

My family has been involved in medicine and health care for generations, but before my father died in 1967 he was glad that I would not continue that family practice. He told me that with the advent of government Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, medicine in America would see medical care go in the toilet and the costs go through the ceiling.

Health care costs since the federal government started helping us:

In 1965, $42.2 billion (or $187 billion in 2005 dollars) was spent on health care.

In 2006, national spending on health care reached $2.1 trillion (an increase of almost 97 percent over the past 10 years).

The current national health spending of $2.1 trillion accounts for 16 percent of the gross domestic product.

This trend in health spending is projected to continue, reaching $4.3 trillion in 2017.

A look at a doctor's office, as an example, in 1965 shows a far different look than today's modern office. A typical doctor in 1965 had a receptionist who also handled billing and follow up calls and a nurse who assisted the doctor who, if also a surgeon, saw a steady stream of patients after a morning of surgery and also had his office open on Saturday mornings.

Today, my doctor, who is excellent, has a large staff just to cover paper work for the government and insurance companies, which also have large staffs for CYA with the government, a hidden staff of over seers and lawyers to check on him and to protect him and an even larger unseen partner called the federal government which has made him rethink being a doctor. He is not alone.

And we want more government help for .......?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18

18th June 1923 : The First Checker Cab is produced by the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. By 1925 the Checker Cab Company is the largest manufacturer of Cabs in the country .

18th June 1964 : Soviet leader Khrushchev toured Denmark's agricultural sites but concluded that the Soviet Union cannot learn much from the country. He also vowed that the Soviet Union's agricultural problems would be solved within seven to eight years, and if they weren't he would leave the communist party.

Anybody spotted BO in Denmark lately?

A Sneaky Government Furtively Rushing Through The Night

Auto companies, insurance companies, possibly our medical care and now banking.

Democrats to push through banking overhaul -- quickly...

This is the liberal, progressive and socialist dream, to control us through the basics and because no one will stand and say "enough" they could succeed.


It has been a month that I'd much prefer to have never happened. Thank you to all of you that sent messages of concern. It isn't better, but it is time to move on.

Besides, to divert one from their problems one only has to look at larger problems.

Our current administration.

It is a nightmare to all that love what has made the United States of America great.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama Architecture

Soviet architecture in Moscow.

I'm sure that he'll get around to it and snicker when he names an "architecture" czar who will oversee all new construction in our worker's paradise much like the one pictured here.

The Obama/UAW Green Road Rockets will look spiffy parked in front.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congress & Administration Take More Corporate Control

Sherrod lite, George Voinovich, voted with Brown to grab more federal power over business. It's easy to do, because it's all for the children.

Historic anti-smoking vote to give FDA new power
The legislation, one of the most dramatic anti-smoking initiatives since the U.S. surgeon general's warning 45 years ago that tobacco causes lung cancer, would give the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate the content, marketing and advertising of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Obama's signature would then add tobacco to other huge, nationally important areas that have come under greater government supervision since his presidency began. Those include banking, housing and autos. Still to come, if Congress can agree: health care.

June 11 Declaration of Independence

1776 – The Continental Congress appoints Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston to the Committee of Five to draft a declaration of independence.

They should sue the current administration for stomping on it.

Sotomayor & Specter Backgrounder

In some of the greatest dramas the background supports the dialogue.

Game Over, Obama Wins?

Great, a new generation of bureaucrats. Who needs bullets, guns and missiles when you have an army of bureaucrats, boots and pencils on the ground, already in place?

College grads shun Wall Street for Washington...

Yep, having worked there I am more than aware of the bureaucratic mentality and what is actually produced as opposed to all the good-feel talk of helping the nation.

Did I say produced? What is produced kills an entire forest every day to fill page after page after page with crap. A more apt application would be to cut to the chase and just make toilet paper the first time around.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wright & Wrong Timing

Wright said: "Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What Has Obama Wrought?

A unconstitutional power grab by the federal government, the redistribution of wealth, the instigation and implementation of of not just taking money from those who have made it to give to those that haven't, but also a redistribution of power and control for the Socialist Democratic Party in a way that would have caused our founding fathers to cry traitor.

Feds warn on CHRYSLER liquidation risk; Carmaker could go under next week...
AP: Obama repackages stimulus plans with old promises...
State firms cry foul over stimulus projects...
WSJ: Obama Numbers Are Pure Fiction...
WIRE: Obama Tells American Businesses to Drop Dead...
Rapido con Sonya: Confirmation hearings for Sotomayor to begin July 13...
Pelosi refuses to meet with Republicans...
Bronstein Admits: Media Loves Obama, And That Ain't Good...

Hiring and firing corporate leaders without their board permission, then packing those boards with union cronies that support the Dems, making business decision that they are unqualified to do, and lashing the country with crushing debt are just a few of Obama's favorite things.

I believe they are all illegal and unconstitutional. Who appointed Obama king to do as he wishes?

How Our Bureaucracy Got Obese

When government went off a healthy diet in the United States.

9th June 1943 : New laws are passed which require employers to withhold federal taxes from weekly paychecks. This changed the earlier format where taxes were paid in one lump sum at the end of each year, and has been called "Pay As You Go tax"

"Pay as you go" is government's way of saying, "Give all of it to us."

We Are A Republic

via Webutante

The United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy. The difference is, in my opinion, extreme and needs to be understood.

Strickland Asking $400M For Loser Project-HSR

In an effort to assist Obama to compound the disastrous Stimulus Plan of grovel ready projects for the states, Strickland is in DC on his knees begging money for a high speed rail for Ohio. Huh? Why? Governments worldwide have proven they can't run railroads and we are to believe Strickland and his cronies are going to pull a Mussolini and make them run on time. Even Mussolini lost money in the railroad business.

Strickland asking for $400 million for passenger rail
"Ohio and those cities represent the most densely populated part of the country that is devoid of passenger rail service," Strickland said, calling that fact "intolerable."

Actually, it is intolerable that these people are wasting our money at such a high rate of speed. This isn't high speed rail, it's high speed revenue with no pay back. It'd be cheaper, faster and better to add a high speed lane on both side of 71 to allow people that want to drive 80 mph. They're going to have to add the lanes at some point anyway, so why not now.

There are only two high speed rail systems that make money in the world. The rest lose money, just like our mismanaged and poorly planned government Amtrak-slow, at an incredible rate.

On the bright side, the government will be able to condemn huge tracts of land to build this albatross and then change the surrounding farm land's tax classification thus raising taxes without have to ask the voters.

Get government, at all levels, out of the business of business. They really stink at all aspects of business.

US Royal Vacation 2 UK

The Obama family visits Westminster — and hears bell toll for MPs

Looks like she thinks the bell tolled for her. Ah, Bridge of Sighs.

Ere her limbs frigidly
Stiffen too rigidly,
Smooth, and compose them;
And her eyes, close them,
Staring so blindly!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Frogs & Fraulins Making US Look Foolish


Actually it is our government, media & unions going Socialist, not the citizenry. Just like the EU in the past.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

How Desperate is PM Gordon Brown?

Feel the love and the pain of labour. I hope Obama doesn't get hickies.


My father, God rest his soul, as a WW II veteran would have puked hearing this. How low a bad expense report can bring one. Brown is aptly named.

Obama Beach indeed. What an insult to the brave soldiers who fought, died and won there.

Of course, Obama loves to say that politics, and 'fighting for the poor' is pure politics in Chicago, is a blood sport, but Obama was a soldier who tasked himself with sensing which way the wind blew just before a fight. Maybe Brown, himself a proven man of valor, should've stuck his wet fat finger in the air a little earlier.

Mexico, Street Scene

Friday, June 05, 2009

Marble That Breathes

When finishing the Moses (San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome), Michelangelo violently hit the knee of the statue with a hammer, shouting, "Why don't you speak to me?"

A New Hut For Obama

Architecturally simple yet functional these new huts symbolize hope,
unlike huts built in other counties of the world, like George Hussein Onyango Obama's hut outside Nairobi. Yet those honoring President Obama are doing so because of the speeches he has made on his "Gee, I'm sorry" tour.

Settlers build 'Oz Yehonatan' outpost
A day after US President Barack Obama reiterated his call to stop settlement activity during a speech in Cairo, defiant settlers continued to erect illegal structures in the West Bank, building a new outpost on Friday morning between Migron and Kohav Ya'akov.

At the outpost, named Oz Yehonatan, the settlers built a wooden structure they mockingly called the "Obama Hut," saying it was a sign of appreciation for the US president for his actions that had led to a dramatic rise in the number of outposts.

In a way, I guess, these settlers are feeling that Hope and Change because now that they know they have been abandoned by America, they have a revitalized hope and belief of going it alone. That is change. It's wrong, but it is change.

Astroturfing 'Fairness' To Deny Worker's Rights

If you think that unions and their thugs have given up on Card Check, you'd be wrong. Now they are bullying a Congress that lives by polls with faux polling techniques. It is quite breathtaking to see members falling for this stuff. Of course if they took off their togas and wandered the streets on which their constituents lived and worked they might actually find out what is really being thought by the citizenry, but then who would carefully drop grapes into their gaping maws.

Card-Check Threat Alive And Well
Big Labor: If you thought "card check" legislation that would kill off workers' right to a secret ballot is dead, think again. Despite public repudiation, it's back — with its advocates using sneakier tactics.

The Employee Free Choice Act would permit the establishment of new unions solely on the signatures of a company's employees, taken either on the fly or with union thugs standing in their doorways.

Besides denying workers a right to a secret ballot, "card check," as it's known, also forces federal arbitration onto companies for union contracts, ensuring that either unions dictate the wages they want or a federal bureaucrat will step in and do it for them based on politics, not economics.
It's a formula for disaster. This still-undead bill will shut plants, drive jobs abroad and ensure that few new jobs are ever created. Little wonder the public has turned a thumbs-down on it, and Congress has backed away. A recent Pew poll shows that 61% of Americans think labor unions have gotten too powerful.

But it hasn't stopped Big Labor. Card check remains its top goal, and instead of dropping a bad idea, it's switching tactics.

Made up of household company names such as: "Boulder's Best Organics," "Ukush Handmade for Fair Trade," "Mother Earth Reverence Farms," "Justice Clothing," "Loughmiller's Pub," "Central Montessori School," "Montana Vintage Clothing," "DaMane's Hair Studio," "If Jesus Can't Fix It, Neither Can We," and "Swanton Berry Farm", the new movement speaks to America as a whole in the same way that advertisements featuring a couple wanting sex in side by side bathtubs on a platform by the sea exemplify couples everywhere.

BTW, if Jesus can't fix it, it hasn't been made.

Royal Vacation In Paris

Forget Paris, Ohio or Paris, Texas, they're not good enough for the Obama clan, so they're all in Paris, France for a vacation, but even though we must cancel our vacations we still get to pay for theirs! So much for his 'Buy American' chat which probably makes it campaign lie #5, 329.

Obamas' trip to Paris raises some eyebrows
After whisking his wife to Manhattan for dinner and a Broadway show last weekend, President Obama is treating his family to a Paris vacation - paid for, in part, by taxpayers.

The White House confirmed yesterday that first lady Michelle Obama, their two daughters, and his mother-in-law will fly today to the City of Lights to join the president, who has scheduled meetings with French officials and will appear at a ceremony tomorrow in Normandy marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Last year on the campaign trail, the Obamas prided themselves on staying close to the people. Much was made of Michelle Obama's down-to-earth J.Crew wardrobe, candidate Obama's off-the-rack suits, and the family's search for a "shelter dog" to satisfy the wishes of 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha for a puppy.

Now, the French press is buzzing about whether the first family will dine at a posh restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower, what fashions the first lady will wear, and whether she'll outshine Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, her glamorous French counterpart.

The First Lady is no Jackie lite, but she'll always have Paris. On our dime.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

All Time Great Koko Taylor Has Passed At Age 80

For those that do not listen to the Blues Koko Taylor was a musical giant among the players because, first and foremost, she was a player, not a poser. Tough with a heart of gold and a voice of gravelly silk, Taylor stayed to her roots and matched the boys toe-to-toe with a passion for life and music that could be exhausting just to see and hear, much as it must have been to watch Mozart conduct.

Just wow. Absolutely wow. I got me some Blues to listen to to give my respect to the passing of this great singer.

Some history:

Born Cora Walton on a sharecropper’s farm just outside Memphis, TN, on September 28, 1928, Koko, nicknamed for her love of chocolate, fell in love with music at an early age. Inspired by gospel music and WDIA blues disc jockeys B.B. King and Rufus Thomas, Taylor began belting the blues with her five brothers and sisters, accompanying themselves on their homemade instruments. In 1952, Taylor and her soon-to-be-husband, the late Robert “Pops” Taylor, traveled to Chicago with nothing but, in Koko’s words, “thirty-five cents and a box of Ritz Crackers.”

In Chicago, “Pops” worked for a packing company, and Koko cleaned houses. Together they frequented the city’s blues clubs nightly. Encouraged by her husband, Koko began to sit in with the city’s top blues bands, and soon she was in demand as a guest artist. One evening in 1962 Koko was approached by arranger/composer Willie Dixon. Overwhelmed by Koko’s performance, Dixon landed Koko a Chess Records recording contract, where he produced her several singles, two albums and penned her million-selling 1965 hit “Wang Dang Doodle,” which would become Taylor’s signature song.

Koko Taylor was one of very few women who found success in the male-dominated blues world. She took her music from the tiny clubs of Chicago’s South Side to concert halls and major festivals all over the world. She shared stages with every major blues star, including Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, Junior Wells and Buddy Guy as well as rock icons Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Taylor’s final performance was on May 7, 2009 in Memphis at the Blues Music Awards, where she sang “Wang Dang Doodle” after receiving her award for Traditional Blues Female Artist Of The Year.

One World Nuclear Weapons

In the Czech Republic in early April Obama said this;
The president said that the solutions will include preventing the production of more nuclear weapons, negotiating a new international treaty and strengthening the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

He warned that countries that break the rules will face immediate consequences, including automatic referral to the U.N. Security Council.

A few days ago our government 'accidentally' released the locations of our nuclear sites:
The federal government mistakenly made public a 266-page report, its pages marked “highly confidential,” that gives detailed information about hundreds of the nation’s civilian nuclear sites and programs, including maps showing the precise locations of stockpiles of fuel for nuclear weapons.

Now, Obama in a speech in Cairo stated:
No single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons. That is why I strongly reaffirmed America’s commitment to seek a world in which no nations hold nuclear weapons.

Who should choose? If no one nation holds nuclear weapons, who will? What is Obama describing here, possibly a super government that will have the right to pick and choose, IE govern, all nations? Who will rule this super government? Who will decide who will be this ruler? Who will fund the super bureaucracy which will own no soil, but rule all soil? How will there be recompense or opposition to such a super government?

Where, on this planet, will we find the Solomon wise enough and impartial enough to make decisions concerning life and death of nations or will it be a council of Solomons? How will this super government enforce its decrees? Will there be a council or congress given such power under Chapter MXCCVIII after endless sanctions fail or will there be swift and deadly action against transgressors of the peace?

Will the 'peace keepers' wear uniforms with a double thunder bolt, skull and cross bones or a rainbow insignia as they wield their nuclear weapons over the 'nations' of the world?

China, Russia, Korea and the countries of the Middle East and Africa have not earned the right to be part of such a super government.

Thank you for your international "I have a dream" speech Mr Obama, but I think we should retain our nuclear weapons and the decision whether to use them or not. You offer the world and our country good theater, but in the end it is just that, theater.

Homeless Risotto & Blackberrys

Recently Michelle Obama went to serve food to the homeless at a government funded soup kitchen.

Cost of a bowl of soup at homeless shelter: $0.00

Michelle Obama serving you soup: $0.00

Snapping a picture of a homeless person who is receiving government funded meal while taking a picture of the first lady using his $500 Black Berry cell phone: Priceless

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Brian Williams Bows To Obama

Makes sense to them, not to me, but to them. Obama bows to Kings and such, so Williams bows to Obama. Obama is our new "king."

All this bowing make makes me sick.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Wow, this is so wrong.

House In A Box

One could order a house from a Sears & Roebuck catlogue and it would arrive in two railroad cars ready to be put together by "a man of average abilities."
The guy that wrote that line was probably the grandfather of the guy that promised me that I could easily put the toys together on Christmas eve in "under an hour."
(click to enlarge for the details!)

June 2, 455

Vandals sack Rome.

Look familiar?

CHANGE: Chinese Hummer-HOPE:They Don't Ship The Jobs There

Obama's outsourcing overseas plan. Think those customer service operators are hard to understand now, just wait until you have to complain about seats put in backwards. You'll probably be told, "yaw wuo." Get used to it.

GM to sell Hummer to Chinese company
General Motors Corp. took a key step toward its downsizing on Tuesday, striking a tentative deal to sell its Hummer brand to a Chinese manufacturer, while also revealing that it has potential buyers for its Saturn and Saab brands.

Obama's economic plan is strengthing the economy everyday. In China.

Dems Sew Up 2010 & 2012 Election Today!

They don't need no stinkin' papers.

Feds spike voter citizenship checks in Georgia
"This flawed system frequently subjects a disproportionate number of African-American, Asian and/or Hispanic voters to additional, and more importantly, erroneous burdens on the right to register to vote," Loretta King, acting assistant attorney general of the Justice Department's civil rights division, said. King's letter was sent to Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker on Friday.

Why is it so onerous to produce an ID? Whatever, we already have 110% of eligible voters making their mark in places around the country so why stop here.

Why are these rulings being made? It cannot be because of racism, because if it is then the Justice Department is stating that these groups aren't intelligent and responsible enough to provide proof. Now that is racism.

Presidents Abedinejad & Obama Will Just Have A Nice Chat

As usual The Washington Post poses Iran's plans for nuclear weapons as a domestic concern that can be rationally chatted about by the big O and Chairman Short.

Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate
President Barack Obama suggested that Iran may have some right to nuclear energy _ provided it proves by the end of the year that its aspirations are peaceful.

Obama then went on to caution us that our values are different from Iran's values. Who knew?

Obama added that there is a danger "when the United States, or any country, thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture."

Different? I'd say so. We don't reward murders wielding long knives for the decapitation of infidels and rapists plying their trade with family, friends and neighbors with a promise of 72 virgins for eternity. Mix in nuclear weapons and their intended use by Iran and those differences become more clear. To us. Not so much with the Obama Administration.