Friday, June 05, 2009

Astroturfing 'Fairness' To Deny Worker's Rights

If you think that unions and their thugs have given up on Card Check, you'd be wrong. Now they are bullying a Congress that lives by polls with faux polling techniques. It is quite breathtaking to see members falling for this stuff. Of course if they took off their togas and wandered the streets on which their constituents lived and worked they might actually find out what is really being thought by the citizenry, but then who would carefully drop grapes into their gaping maws.

Card-Check Threat Alive And Well
Big Labor: If you thought "card check" legislation that would kill off workers' right to a secret ballot is dead, think again. Despite public repudiation, it's back — with its advocates using sneakier tactics.

The Employee Free Choice Act would permit the establishment of new unions solely on the signatures of a company's employees, taken either on the fly or with union thugs standing in their doorways.

Besides denying workers a right to a secret ballot, "card check," as it's known, also forces federal arbitration onto companies for union contracts, ensuring that either unions dictate the wages they want or a federal bureaucrat will step in and do it for them based on politics, not economics.
It's a formula for disaster. This still-undead bill will shut plants, drive jobs abroad and ensure that few new jobs are ever created. Little wonder the public has turned a thumbs-down on it, and Congress has backed away. A recent Pew poll shows that 61% of Americans think labor unions have gotten too powerful.

But it hasn't stopped Big Labor. Card check remains its top goal, and instead of dropping a bad idea, it's switching tactics.

Made up of household company names such as: "Boulder's Best Organics," "Ukush Handmade for Fair Trade," "Mother Earth Reverence Farms," "Justice Clothing," "Loughmiller's Pub," "Central Montessori School," "Montana Vintage Clothing," "DaMane's Hair Studio," "If Jesus Can't Fix It, Neither Can We," and "Swanton Berry Farm", the new movement speaks to America as a whole in the same way that advertisements featuring a couple wanting sex in side by side bathtubs on a platform by the sea exemplify couples everywhere.

BTW, if Jesus can't fix it, it hasn't been made.