Friday, April 17, 2009

Christ Covered For Obama At Catholic School

Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House
Georgetown University says it covered over the monogram “IHS”--symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ—because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage where President Obama spoke at the university on Tuesday and the White House had asked Georgetown to cover up all signs and symbols there. As of Wednesday afternoon, the “IHS” monogram that had previously adorned the stage at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall was still covered up--when the pediment where it had appeared was photographed by

President Obama is greeted by Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia as he arrives to deliver remarks on the economy, April 14, 2009, at Georgetown University. Georgetown had covered the symbol "IHS" on the pediment above and behind the two men.

“In coordinating the logistical arrangements for yesterday’s event, Georgetown honored the White House staff’s request to cover all of the Georgetown University signage and symbols behind Gaston Hall stage,” Julie Green Bataille, associate vice president for communications at Georgetown, told “The White House wanted a simple backdrop of flags and pipe and drape for the speech, consistent with what they’ve done for other policy speeches,” she added. “Frankly, the pipe and drape wasn’t high enough by itself to fully cover the IHS and cross above the GU seal and it seemed most respectful to have them covered so as not to be seen out of context.”

On Wednesday, inspected the pediment embedded in the wall at the back of the stage in Gaston Hall, where Obama delivered his speech. The letters “IHS” were not to be found. They appeared to be shrouded with a triangle of black-painted plywood. Pictures of the wooden pediment prior to Obama’s speech show the letters “IHS" in gold. Many photos posted on the Internet of other events at Gaston Hall show the letters clearly. The White House did not respond to a request from to comment on the covering up of Jesus’ name at Gaston Hall.

Georgetown, which is run by the Jesuit order, is one of the most prestigious Catholic institutions of higher education in the United States.

I bet the White House would not ask liberal groups to cover up their identities. Hell, the White House would work with them to highlight them. I'm surprised that Axlerod hasn't had a fitting for a pink suit for Obama when meets with Medea Benjamin and her 12 disciples.

Cole Sullivan Plunder Interrupted Honoring Blumer

John Cole, Andrew Sullivan, Plunderbund and Blogger Interrupted have stated that TomBlumer of BizzyBlog doesn't know what he is talking about in his column Tax Receipts Plummet as Americans ‘Go Galt’. Blumer does finance. The attackers do..., well you can find out.

Gee, they even threw in their tiresome invective usually reserved for highly placed Republican Administration member from the last eight years. Well done Mr. Blumer. You've touched a nerve in the Obama/JournoList disinformation network.

Pot, kettle, black not-withstanding, isn't this like being called short and crazy by Ahmadinejad?