Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bashing Bush Conservative Style

Personally I am a tad tired of all the brilliant and erudite of the conservative movement and their bashing of President Bush. Oh, it may give them a few moments of above average coverage, but I think coughcoughthey'rewhores they shouldn't be carrying water for the liberals and Ron Pauls of the world. Let those tired and tiresome little trolls carry their own water.

I do not claim to understand all of President Bush's thinking, such as immigration. The black helicopter crowd claims that the Bush family has recently purchased a bazillion acres in northern Mexico because they know global warming is real and the ensuing earthquakes will dissolve much of north America's land mass thus President Bush's desire to keep the borders as open as possible so he and Laura, with the aid of a coyote in the dead of night, can sneak across the border to their new casa. I'd rather chew aluminum foil gum than buy this theory.

Of course others believe that George, being a tri-lateralist, has a financial gain in keeping illegals flowing like honey from mother earth's breast, er, or some such. A lot of the crowd that believes that the black helicopters are just a diversion believe and whisper constantly that George H. W. C. O. C. N. W. O. Bush(s) are actually using illegal immigration to mongrelize the continent paving the way for one world government led by the Union of American governments. Somehow the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion, the Council on Foreign Relations and mandated personal UPC codes for every citizen are supposed to fit in there as well, but I've lost track.

Me? I tend to think President Bush and I just disagree on immigration.

(Disclosure. I was once chastised for disagreeing with Senator Barry Goldwater, being the radical that I was. No use of the Rolls for a week.)

I think President George W. Bush has done many good things, both large and small.

This is one of them:
Thinking about Oscar Biscet
As I said in a recent column, conservatives are down on President Bush,
blaming him for everything under the sun, picking at him. Sure, he’s made
mistakes. But he also has greatness in him. And this was a great act. In
bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Oscar Biscet — an
all-but-forgotten and all-but-helpless man in a Cuban dungeon — George Bush has done an incredibly large-hearted and important thing.