Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brunner - Obama "cherrypicked" precincts to keep open

Reportedly they were black precincts that will vote for Obama and Brunner didn't figure that out until six minutes to nine. Sharp lady, eh?

9:50 1191 McCain Claims Nomination

"I never expected to be president."

You aren't yet.

10:19- Cuyahoga voting still not being reported.

9:10 Ohio Too Close For Hillary Final Purchase

And Huckabee appears to be bowing out this evening at 9:15.

9:19 - Huck has made the call, he's out.

9:32 - Huckabee's withdrawal speech was much longer than Travis' speech that he quoted in toto. Thank you for your effort and thank you for stopping your speech.

7:51 PM Brunner Muzzels Results

Brunner steps in it as usual. Obbbbbbbbama is in court in Cuyahoga and Sandusky screws the pooch once again. Brunner should call her good "friend" Marcy Kaptur and ask why the Dems in Northwest Ohio can't get their normal scams and election fraud polling straight. It's not like they haven't had time to plan the graveyard GOTV effort.

Personally, I blame Ken Blackwell, oh, and George Bush. And Karl "with a K" Rove.

7:56 - FOX is reporting McCain with 66%. No word on Cuyahoga and Sandusky. Not there'd be a Republican total either place anyway. Except for the honorable Ben Keeler on the banks of the river that burned.

8:00 - Obbbbbbama now wants more voting time in Cuyahoga AND Franklin counties. It takes time to get those voters from place to place. We're now supposed to wait until 9:00 PM.

8:08 - aol news has Hillary at 56% with Obama at 42 % with 0% of the vote in Ohio. Guess the snitch in Brunner's office for aol didn't get the memo tonight.

8:52 - Hopefully all the money transactions in Cuyahoga, Sandusky and Franklin county are almost complete so we can start hearing Obama stealing the vote results.