Sunday, June 08, 2008

Obama Does Bush

Who will be Obama's veep? I'm not thinking Hillary. Nor little Johnnie Edwards. Please sweet Lord, no talk of Gore or Kerry again.

Barack needs depth. Hell, he needs width, height and everything else. Outside of a great impersonation of MLK and others, Barack needs a ton of help starting with basic math and history.

He' have the MSM wing of the Democrat Party helping him. That's a plus, even in today's world of MSM jokes. He'll have the unions bagging money and effort for him. They've got no other place to go since the Socialist Party thing didn't pan out.

Barack will also have the entire education union establishment working every class, every lecture and every coffee klatch to lecture on his behalf. They'll belittle Republicans on campus, naming them as Nazis, but only in the name of free speech and truth to justice which requires a liberal victory.

About Michelle, well one man's wife is another's ......

Well, there will always be pluses and minuses for the Obamaman, but why worry. He's got the lock on the nomination and the election which wipes out any problems.

He pulls a Bush and names one of his nominating committee members as veep.

Hidden millions. Weeping babies. Swooning couples. The MSM in perpetual orgasm running similarities, photos and outright lies 24/7.

Enter Caroline Kennedy. Instant Camelot. Instant success, but it won't be Wright. That's something. I guess.