Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eliot Spitzer's Illegal Voters To Legally Drive To Polls

Illegals OK'd to drive in N.Y.
New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has started a major political fight over
immigration by ordering state officials to issue driver's licenses to illegal
aliens, prompting at least one county legislature to defy the executive order
and pushing toward a showdown in court.

The embattled governor's order has drawn some acerbic commentary,
including a cartoon showing Osama bin Laden as a New York City taxi driver.
After spending months trying to deflect charges that he used state police to
target the Republican leader of the state Senate, Mr. Spitzer appears eager for
a fight over this contentious issue.

"The rabid right that wants to pile on and use this to demagogue
the issue will not carry the day in New York state," he said recently. "Those
who view this as a political issue once again are taking the state in the wrong

Fresh from his criminal activity as bully-in-chief, Eliot Spitzer has ripped a page from the Pelosi/Reid book of lowlife politics by blatantly lying and ignoring reality, the voter's wishes and the law to deflect criticism from his troubled administration by giving illegal aliens the right to drive in New York. It seems that Democrats/liberals nationwide are using the Pelosi/Reid model of totally ignoring reality and creating an alter-world of their own where they can practice a brand of politics that has no connection to the truth anywhere except in the MSM's world of e=mc tripled. Given time Spitzer may yet figure out how to share credit for raising $4.2 million for the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation with Hysterical Harry.

I can't wait to drive on the Bell Parkway between two jihadists fighting over a little boy and a piƱata bandit late for taco hour at the local welfare office.

But, at least the illegals won't be breaking the law when they drive to the polls to vote for Eliot. That's a plus. Right?

Pelosi Hangs Stark Out To Dry For CYA

Pelosi Rebukes Stark for Iraq Comments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rebuked a fellow San Francisco Bay-area
liberal Friday for what she said were "inappropriate" comments about Iraq during a congressional debate.

Maybe the Nanner can use this to give herself cover for all of the stupid and offensive things that she has spewed from her mouth.

"Bush is an incompetent leader. In fact, he's not a leader,'' Pelosi said. "He's a person who has no judgment, no experience and no knowledge of the subjects that he has to decide upon.''

"I believe that the president's leadership in the actions taken in Iraq demonstrate an incompetence in terms of knowledge, judgment and experience in making the decisions that would have been necessary to truly accomplish the mission without the deaths to our troops and the cost to our taxpayers."

"If people are ripping your face off," she said, picking at a chicken salad dressed only with lemon wedges, "you have to rip their face off."

Remembering The Troops Means You're Pro-War, You War Monger

Photos of troops overseas are gone from Paso post office, inspiring outrage

The photos were taken down after a customer complained that the display
was pro-war. When the issue came to the attention of the regional postal center,
they asked that Paso Robles postmaster Mike Milby and his staff take them down
because they violate a regulation against displays of non-postal business
material at any U.S. post office.

Wouldn't you love to know who the anti-troop customer is. You know, just to drop by and say a nice hello. You being a war-monger who just has to see pictures of people in uniforms and all.

Is Hillary Getting Take Out While Bill Is Eating In?

Who's making love to your old lady
While you were out making love

Hillary has been busy while Bill has been out.

It is pretty obvious who is being bought, but who is doing the buying and who are they buying for? Money is flowing through the hands of hedge funds, corporations, bag men and now busboys and trinket merchants, but from which source is the money flowing from. And why.

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill;

"I cannot forecast to you the action of the Clintons. It is a riddle,
wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is
Clintonian personal interest."

Bill has his secret foundation and library which is receiving huge chunks of money from anonymous people and sources from around the globe in such sums as to question just how many books and trinkets his library can hold.. Hillary has busboys and junked up CEOs of hollow companies pumping 1000s of thousands of dollars, beyond the means of the donors, into the Clinton presidential campaign through the magic of double-blind bundling techniques that cannot be traced back to non-existent people without green cards nor jobs. Is America great or what?

What seems to be apparent is that now (and earlier over the years) a lot of the money is coming from the pacific rim, especially China. China, as in communist China. China, as in the China that wants to be the economic alpha dog of the world. For the moment we can put aside the insignificant fact that foreign governments and individuals aren't suppose to financially support and influence presidential candidates of the United States of America. That they are is obvious, but why?

What is communist China attempting to buy in a Clinton presidency? Are the Chinese the only ones attempting to buy in? Is Clinton the only candidate selling or are other candidates putting out offers as well? I smell a Putin in this pile of Hu Jintao .

As far as either Clinton is concerned, customers have established what they are, now they're just dickering over the price.

It's Chinatown, Jake.

Interesting Fact

In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand.