Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Brave New World: Bloody Purple Buckwheat

Many times I have heard people say, "It's getting weird these days." Actually, I am fairly glad we don't have women standing outside the White House chanting, "Ma,ma,where's my pa?" We do have (perpetually) disgruntled liberals still gleefully running around chanting about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemming demanding that we all acknowledge it as true despite the facts. Things really do not change, just the people and the derangement du jour being practiced.

Obama's Allies Calling for Unionists to "Bloody" Tea Party Protesters?

Furthering their goal of a civil discourse in politics leftists in and out of the Obama administration want union members to beat the living Hell out of Tea Party members.

The Purple Nurple gang is teaming up with the AFL-CIO to deliver their brand of "bloody" to those with whom they disagree as the Goons and Grapes Gang.

But, but, but...

Hagan said it’s an attempt to make him look bad.

“They are so full of ----,” he said. “They’re so negative, these teabaggers.”

He said that Republicans, as the ones who are cutting programs for the poor and rights for public employees, should be the ones defending themselves.

“I have no apologies for telling her to shove it where the sun don’t shine,” Hagan said. “I’m a liberal. I’m happy to be a liberal. I’m a progressive liberal and I have a record of fighting for equal rights, for civil rights, for women’s rights. The only thing I regret is responding to them at all.”

How much does the sun shine in LibProgland where all the flowers are bloody and purple, but the Buckwheats are all happy? At least they are trying to be civil about their incivility. Sounds a little lame, but it is a start, eh?

Don't Touch Social Security - Where Would The Dems Steal If SS Is Off Limits

Top Dems want Social Security off the table in spending battle

Ponzi might be pleased, but Willie Sutton would be delighted because he too knew where the money was.

Leftists Demand Civility And No Shutdown In DC But That's A No Go In Madison, WI