Monday, February 04, 2008

McCain, Obama, Hillary And Coulterites

I've heard what Ann Coulter, Tammy Bruce and others have said about not voting for John McCain if the Senator from Arizona is the Republican nominee. In fact, they say they will vote for the Democrat or this year's Perot wanna-be whether it is Ron Paul or Michael Bloomberg.

Welcome to American politics you morons.

My candidate dropped out and others have implied the media did him in. Doesn't matter. I got over it and I'm no bigger a boy than you. Put your liberal little whiney rags away and act like people that have made America great.

You sound like those that cry "traitor" at Oprah because she is backing a black guy instead of a white woman.

I've had people ask me what Reagan would do. He'd tell you to stop acting like the morons in the 1964 Republican Party that tried to undermine Goldwater before and after his nomination. Those people took their little warm fuzzies back to the country club to sulk. Reagan didn't give them the time. He showed up at the country clubs and gave them a Gipper.

Are you going to wring your hands and wail and gnash your teeth as a Hillary Democrat takes the White House? Oh yeah, I've heard the brilliant words of those who tell us that by doing that we will really show the NRC (and everyone else I suppose you different drummers, you) that they better not screw with the real (silent?) majority. You people must be the ones doing the Ron Paul polls to actually believe you represent the majority because if you do, you've done a piss-poor job of representation. Your majority isn't listening which asks just what service are you doing the nation by helping to elect one of the two most socialist liberal Democrats in the nation to our highest office giving their ilk a leg up in all the other elections being held the same day.

I don't know which is worse, a black racist who is more liberal than Hillary or that Hillary would have to take Bill in and promise not to change the locks again.

When the economy tanks, taxes go up, and families in America, Iraq and Afghanistan have been truly screwed by the likes of Waxman, Kennedy, Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, Kucinich (and the other serving progressives) and Hillary or an Obama you will have really stood up for your beliefs?

As our disgraced and bitter troops are avoided or belittled on the streets of America and around the world I can just see you give that smug look, puff up your chests and say. "If those silly people would have only listened to ME!"

As my boss used to say, "Screw you and the high horse you rode in."

I say, stop acting like you're one of the Democrat Coalition and start participating in our, your, Republic.

Obama, Empty Suits, Empty Seats

You won't see this in most of the news photography, because photographers are packed into press risers, opposite whatever backdrop -- a crowd, a flag -- the campaign prefers.

But while Obama has held some very large rallies in some very small cities -- 14,000 in Boise! -- there have also been quite a few empty seats at some of the bigger venues. (It takes, of course, a certain amount of confidence to stage an event in a huge arena. You won't shut anyone out, but you run the risk of being annoyed by blog items like this one. Obama isn't concerned he'll be seen as having smaller crowds, and where there have been head-to-head crowd counts with Clinton, they vastly favor him.)

An Obama aide said there were 8,000 people in Los Angeles yesterday for a rally with Michelle, Oprah, and Caroline Kennedy, in an arena with a capacity of about 13,000, above.

Here in the Meadowlands in New Jersey today, at the 20,000 capacity Izod Center, about four five of the 28 sections in the lower tier are full, and two more tiers of sections are closed. Hundreds more people are packed in on the floor. The two sets of press risers, of course, face the crowded sections.

At least it's not Hillary's suits. I hope.

via Politico