Sunday, August 29, 2010

Obama To Offer Forehead As Billboard


Self funding of Obama "Miss Me Yet" billboards in the plans, but not a $12 copy of his birth certificate.

The Emmy Awards

My wife has the Emmy Awards show on which reminded me that last week I actually saw a hetrosexual couple on TV.

Unfortunately, their unexpected appearance on television caused my TV to melt.

Murkowski Is Like Crist: Screw'em. Give Me The Power And The Money

NRSC Triptik

Murkowski, like Crist of Florida, might be busy proving that they are little republican in the Republican Party that believe only in themselves and are only out for themselves. That the NRSC is assisting her in undermining real Republicans in Alaska is a sign of bureaucratic bloatedness and comfort in positions they feel are no longer answerable to Republican voters nationwide.

300,000 - 500,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial feel differently. The left is paying close attention to that rally to find imagined racism and any other fault they can find. The Republican power elites seem to not only have not heard of the rally, but seem to have forgotten where the Lincoln Memorial is sited. If they were to find the memorial they'd be able to read Lincoln's words and then possibly find their way back to believing in what the Republican Party stands for.

If they don't know where the Lincoln Memorial is they just have to remember the next time they go to the Public Affairs Office for the US Mint for some coin, that they continue on west to their favorite, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Then hop back on Independence Ave going west until they see the Lincoln Memorial on the right. Maybe it might be more simple to just ask any tourist in town to guide them.

Once there they will find Lincoln quotes such as, "Allow all the governed an equal voice in the government, and that, and that only, is self-government," which is actually part of this quote, "I have quoted so much at this time merely to show that, according to our ancient faith, the just powers of governments are derived from the consent of the governed. Now the relation of master and slave is pro tanto a total violation of this principle. The master not only governs the slave without his consent, but he governs him by a set of rules altogether different from those which he prescribes for himself. Allow all the governed an equal voice in the government, and that, and that only, is self-government."

Remember the "just powers of government" part of the quote if remembering all of it is just too much.