Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obama, Clinton Make Fools Of Themselves In Front Of Patraeus And World

via Bloodthirsty Liberal

The money quote that will won't win her the nomination, but will get her on Al Jazeera.

“I think it could be fair to say that it might well be irresponsible to continue the policy that has not produced the results that have been promised time and time again, at such tremendous cost to our national security and to the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States military.”

While Hillary debated the meaning of is, Obama called for his type of change in Iraq which strangely enough seems to be the benchmarks for a successful Barack Hussein Obama Administration.

“The problem I have is that if the definition of success is so high, no traces of al Qaeda and no possibility of reconstitution, a highly effective Iraqi government, a democratic multiethnic, multisectarian functioning democracy, no Iranian influence, at least not the kind that we like, then that portends the possibility of us staying for 20 or 30 years,” Obama said.

“If, on the other hand, our criteria is a messy, sloppy status quo, but there’s not huge outbreaks of violence, there’s still corruption but the country is struggling along, but it’s not a threat to its neighbors and it’s not an al Qaeda base, that seems to me an achievable goal within a measured time frame.”

Every nation should strive for a messy, sloppy status quo government. That should get the welfare checks there on time, eh?

It is way beyond belief that these people are running to be the leader of the free world which is the beacon of hope for citizens everywhere, they actually believe people will buy this crap.

"Get Me More White People"

Michelle Obama speaks at presidential rally in Skibo Gym
While the crowd was indeed diverse, some students at the event questioned the practices of Mrs. Obama’s event coordinators, who handpicked the crowd sitting behind Mrs. Obama. The Tartan’s correspondents observed one event coordinator say to another, “Get me more white people, we need more white people.” To an Asian girl sitting in the back row, one coordinator said, “We’re moving you, sorry. It’s going to look so pretty, though.”

“I didn’t know they would say, ‘We need a white person here,’ ” said attendee and senior psychology major Shayna Watson, who sat in the crowd behind Mrs. Obama. “I understood they would want a show of diversity, but to pick up people and to reseat them, I didn’t know it would be so outright.”

Like most "diversity" programs this is all about numbers, but it upsets liberals if race based quotas are "so outright" as to become apparent.

Some see this much ado about nothing except to the "frustrated commentariat."

From The Moderate Voice;

Unlike the student setting up this event, however, when you advance in your career as a campaign worker and actually start getting paid, you learn not to say idiotic things out loud like, “Give me more white people!” Still, this is yet another of the all too common cases of a bored, frustrated commentariat looking for something - anything - to report on as this endless campaign season drags on.

I'm not frustrated. I am not tired of this "endless campaign". I'm not looking for something - anything - to comment on. I don't have to, it comes to me just like "Get me more white people" has. And it does tell me something about the mindset and attitude of Democrats and of the Obama campaign. Campaign based racial quotas for public dissemination to unaware voters. Racial theater.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has more!