Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Want Some Truth About Iraq and The War On Terror?

Democrats Aim To Engineer Defeat in Iraq

The Democrat Party is determined that the United States must lose this War
on Terrorism. While there is plenty of evidence that our recent troop surge in
Iraq is working in our favor, Democrats are declaring defeat, and are even
trying to engineer it outright.

Read the rest. The truth will do your heart good. And your blood pressure.

Liberals Love the Troops Through Lies and Greed

Via Protein Wisdom

From Wonkette: Tillman executed by American soldiers on orders from higher ups

No, I won't link to Wonkette. Besides, with my meter count her server couldn't take it.

I won't link to this story except to those that are truly trying to find the truth, because Wonkette and those like her are lower than a rat bastard for trying to make this story true just to hurt our efforts and troops and to build her miserable meter count.

You can get a good round up of this story from Ace of Spades.

When the story first started percolating out of their cesspool I had these thoughts. Now, I will let you read Ace and Jeff because I am too angry to write coherently and without swearing which I do not like to do, especially on this blog, but to use an honorable man for their dishonorable goals is just too.......

A Wonderful Memory, Jong Mea

Jong Mea Restaurant

I was actually looking for a photograph of the old Jong Mea restaurant when I came across Lani's blog where she discusses her family and the Jong Mea. I did not know they also had restaurants in Mansfield and Indianapolis.

The Jong Mea was a traditional Cantonese restaurant when my parents took us there. The Won Ton soup was unbelievable, not like the watery bowl with a couple of soggy dumplings that seems to be the norm now. Jong Mea's Won Ton soup had a variety of vegetables, pork strips and delicate, but firm dumplings. Add their spare ribs and a platter of Shrimp in Lobster Sauce or Moo Gai Pan or Pork Egg Fu Yung and you're talking dinner. Dinner with authentic ingredients. And really nice people. Most restaurants didn't care for a family of eight, plus friends, walking in. The Jong Mea welcomed us as family. My fathers 2nd "father", Papa Presutti and his wife Mama (it wasn't until years later I realized their real names were Salvatore and Rosa), owners of Presutti's Villa on West 5th, once went to the Jong Mea with us. The meeting of Italian and Chinese made an evening of eating that was unbelievable.

Top it all off with an almond cookie that smelled of almonds before it even reached the table and a small bowl of sherbert.

To find such a Chinese restaurant today in Columbus would be wonderful.

UPDATE: I believe I was wrong when I said "Mr. Lee". Upon reflection, it was Mr. Look. Spelling correct? I hope so, because Mr. Look and Mr. Chin were, when I was young, elderly men who maintained their honor and dignity and I was lucky enough to have parents that allowed them to point out when I was out of line. They were men to be respected. I can still taste the smell and the food.

Out Damned Tenth Amendment. Out!

Lawmakers look to revolutionize primary plan

I am tired of the same flowers always being planted in front of the capitol building in Columbus. Why won't Congress get off their lazy butts and do something about it. I mean what are we paying them for?

I am so traumatized.

No Lovin With Lovers of Meat

Like meat? No meet. I am so bummed on so many levels. So, so many. Really.

Carnivore sex off the menu

One vegan respondent from Christchurch said: "I believe we are what we
consume, so I really struggle with bodily fluids, especially sexually."

Honey, I struggle too, but I try not to discuss bodily fluids in my local paper even if they are sexual.

Does this mean we have no future together?

I am so relieved.

Tagged, But Not Yet Bagged

I have been tagged by Tom of Blogical Conclusions to think of 8 things about myself. So, in no particular order of importance.

01. Post the rules before you give the facts
02. Players start with 8 random facts/habits about themselves
03. People who are tagged need to write their own blog
04. At the end of your blog you need to choose eight people that you tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment, telling them they are tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I played drums for a couple of bands that toured as an opening act for name bands. One day I woke up, sold my drums and went west to fight fires. My friends, fellow band members and later, after hearing tapes, my children were mystified why I didn’t make music a career. When I explained to my family that it would have been hard to have and raise children from a morgue I think they understood.

2. I heard Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan speak when I was twelve. That year I also fell in love with art and architecture as I carried nails and boards for older men building a church. It was a very important year.

3. At 15 years of age I was 12 feet tall and bullet proof and my father was small and stupid. Nine days before his birthday and 40 days before my 16th birthday he died and I found that I had had my facts exactly opposite.

4. I spent one of my birthdays with the Rolling Stones in Manhattan and Key West as an apprentice to a photographer who was shooting the images for their Black and Blue album.

5. My two best friends are almost to the left of Trotsky, but I love them like brothers.

6. I am momma’s boy. She was a beautiful and smart southern lady and my father knew it the day he met her and asked her to marry him. I once made the mistake of uttering a vulgarity in front of her. I miss her everyday.

7. I love NASCAR and everything that goes fast, but own and drive a Jeep.

8. I love pretty much all music, especially Willie Dixon and Dvořák, but at the moment I am bouncing back and forth between The Memphis Horns and Debussy when I drive my Jeep. My wife drives an A-4 slowly and tortures me by playing the Bee Gees on our long trips to the Eastern Shore. And smiles about it.

I am tagging:


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