Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow In Ohio - Evening Version

Hey Greece, Time To Call θείος Soros

George loves your way of doing things. 4 day work week, government pays for everything and personal and governmental corruption is the norm.

Germany rejects European fund for Greece

Yeah, call Uncle George. Be sure to ask in Esperanto. George will like that as long as it isn't a Greek Jew asking.

15 Years Later The America's Cup Is Coming Home

BMW Oracle easily wins the America’s Cup
CONGRATULATIONS to US software magnate Larry Ellison's BMW Oracle team who swept to an easy victory in the best of three series to win the America’s Cup. After 30-months of wrangling in US courtrooms for the right to race head-to-head with America’s Cup defender Alinghi, backed by biotechnology tycoon Ernesto Bertarelli, BMW Oracle proved to the sailing community that they did indeed have the fastest boat and one that deserved to win the America’s Cup.

Buh Bayh

$13 million in the bank and a 20 point lead, but Evan Bayh is retiring. The Demo bench in Indiana is pretty deep, but Dan Coates is a formidable candidate.

Indiana's Evan Bayh to retire from Senate

How many more Democrats will decide the fight ahead isn't worth the price? I'm hoping a great many will. Of course.

ACORN Pimps Cities For CDBG Grants In Spite Of Congressional Ban

$4,000,000,000. $4 Billion. Four Billion Dollars.

Of course, it is your $4,000,000,000 going to advisors to the Pimps.

Didn't Acorn, the corrupt community organizer, get its federal funding yanked after its last scandal? Actually, no. Through municipal middlemen, it's poised to rake in another $4 billion. Where is the outrage?

You'd think a group implicated in dozens of electoral fraud cases, theft of funds and, most recently, helping criminals interested in bringing child prostitutes to the U.S. would have been ruled ineligible for federal aid long ago.

But think again, because these aid rats are experts at survival.

FrontPage magazine reports that federal Judge Nina Gershon ruled that Acorn is eligible for the Obama administration's proposed $4 billion in Housing and Urban Development grants within the $3.83 trillion federal budget proposal for 2011.

That cancels the ban Congress placed on Acorn funding late last year after at least five of the group's offices willingly aided undercover reporters posing as a pimp and prostitute to get federal funding for a brothel and cheat on their taxes.

Once again, the Democrats are all robe, no law. As with all their other hollow "change", they have decided upon a duplicitous show of doing something that was never intended by them.


Even More Snow For Ohio

Yep, we're getting more snow. The yard is still pretty from already fallen snow, but the streets are dirty and the curbs are piled high with mounds of plowed snow, especially in front of my driveway. The roads and highways are hiding patches of ice that won't go away.

More snow? Try as many as 9 inches

Talking with a good friend who still believes Obama is the second coming, even though he is not a believer, climate change came up, of course. He believes man has raped and plundered the earth, kinda like Jimmy and the Doors sang about years ago, and now the earth is striking back with global warming. This, as we watched snow falling outside. Me, I am not a believer in Mother Gia or whatever our planet is being called now, but I am a believer in climate change because I've witnessed it all my life.

As a child, my friends and I reveled in snow from pretty much Thanksgiving to March. Kinda like this year. As an adult, I'd like the snow to appear two days before Christmas, with notice thank you, and then go back to Hudson Bay or where ever it comes from, by December 27 at the latest.

As a child, I would hop in the car and go with my father to the latest area destroyed by tornadoes. Sometimes it was a hurt farmer with a missing barn and sometimes it was half or all of a village or town destroyed with tremendous amounts of death, destruction and injuries. As an adult, tornadoes are rare here in central Ohio, which is fine by me. That is climate change I can believe in. Of course, because of the threats of lawsuits and other modern conveniences, my father, if alive, couldn't even think of actually going to the people hurt and dying, even if he could get through the throngs of lawyers desperately vying for clients to sue someone.

We're possibly getting another 9" of snow. On top of what we already have. I love working from home.

Tea Party Equal TeaPublicans

Great advice from Matt Naugle. Now is the time to get involved, making a big difference and get to work.

TEA Party Activists Get Serious, Take Over Party Establishments

via Right Ohio