Sunday, December 05, 2010

Obama's Dept of Kafka Orders No WikiLeak Reading By Workers

Government Workers Ordered Not to Read Wikileaks Cables

I have it on good word that the Obama Administration will next order that government workers will not be allowed to read Walt Whitman. After all officiousness is a problem when mentioned. To liberals.
Of course, it is convenient for the administration that so few people read main stream media so they won't have to have roving bands of enforcers enforcing ridiculously stupid laws against those without the required security clearance or authorization who are reading newspaper publications of classified material on their Metro ride to work.
Who hired the morons at the Office of Management and Budget who ordered such a stupid and illegal order.
The demons who tormented Franz Kafka are now the bureaucrats who issue such orders in this our nation. This is now our trial.

The Salacious Madam X By John Singer Sargent

One of my favorite paintings (I have many) is Madam X. I knew of the scandal which swept Parisian society over the painting, but was not aware of the back ground.

JSS Gallery has a very well written piece about the background and history of the painting.

As seen today

As photographed in the Salon 1884

Sargent was a master painter. You will find more of his work HERE.

Sissy Boy Julian Assange Blackmails US Over His Illegally Obtained Leaks

Julian Assange, a boy to look up to, is blackmailing the United States and the governments of other nations. The main stream media, desperate for any readership, is whining freedom of speech and renaming Assange's crime as "insurance."

WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down

Is this two-bit punk for real? My 4' 11" grandmother knew how to handle punks too big for their britches whether they were 6' 2" or a little sex offender like sissy boy Assange. She slapped them down.

Obviously the mental giants of the Obama Administration need my grandmother. Of course a person with a moral compass and some spine scares them which is why they feel more of a camaraderie with the likes of a creep like Julian Assange. More likely, Obama and peers are scared of him which is even scarier.