Monday, June 22, 2009

mRed Fascist Bilderberger Supporter Of Kasich

This race is shaping up to be a war between the New York financiers that screwed this country out of trillions, i.e. John Kasich fascist supporters, and the Washington socialists that have allowed the New York financiers to screw this country, i.e. Ted Strickland leftist supporters, and with no one supporting Ohio. Wonderful!

I've been screwed because nobody ever told me I was a Washington socialite and a New York financier. Probably the Bildenberg guys couldn't find me because I was in a stinking cut rate apartment without a phone doing another campaign and dummy me for not realizing selling derivatives was a crime and all of those rich bastards on Wall Street should be regulated down to their chow time by the federal government. Who knew Waxman was the real conservative?

Oh well, maybe I'll get a decent drone position in the NWO. I mean if I'm Fascist enough.

Will I get my own midnight black helicopter? With symbols?

This is childish name calling like you'd normally see over at the democratic underground.

Kasich Catching Strickland

Kasich can be prickly and decisive and he can be thoughtful and logical which is what I want in a leader when the ship is going down.

Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion has the numbers and the thoughts:

Good News for John Kasich
The race to define John Kasich is going to be an important one and here is where I fear that the Democrats online advantage may do us some damage. It is totally bogus, but the Ohio Democrats push to tie Kasich to the recession through his employment at Lehman Brothers is everywhere. I've seen ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and even National Review.

All in all, at this point in the campaign, John Kasich has to be feeling pretty good about his chances. I know I do. (read the rest)

Years ago there was a frick & frack duo in Columbus made of the unlikely pair of John Kasich and Mike Stinziano, political opposites made even more curious by the height of one and the shortness of the other. Though I disagreed politically with Mike I had the chance to get to know him well and found him to be a tremendous person. In 1984, as we were all preparing for Reagan's second inaugural. I was walking through the crowded lobby of the Four Seasons and heard my name being called to which I turned to look and all I could see was Kasich above the crowd. Then a break in the crowd and I could see Mike and his wife, both waving. It was a wonderful time. Kasich & Lashutka at Beck Tavern is another story.

I am a big supporter of John Kasich. Ohio needs a scruffy kid from a blue collar family that understands both sides of the aisle, but has core beliefs, the savvy and the street smarts to get it done.

BTW, John came from a Democrat Pennsylvania family, but became a Republican, in part, because he, as a freshman at OSU, wrote then President Nixon a letter who was so impressed he invited Kasich to the Oval Office for a meeting.

Who says Nixon didn't do some good?