Monday, February 01, 2010

Ah, To Have Such A Statesman Today

One day shortly after the Second World War ended, Winston Churchill and Labour Party Prime Minister Clement Attlee encountered one another at the urinal trough in the House of Common’s men’s washroom. Attlee arrived first. When Churchill arrived, he stood as far away from him as possible. Attlee said, “Feeling standoffish today, are we, Winston?” Churchill said: “That’s right. Every time you see something big, you want to nationalize it.”

Indicator Of Ohio's Demise

When people leave and take their money and patronage with them, it is an indicator of deep problems whether it is a small business or big business. When business goes elsewhere, well, then somebody has screwed the pooch big time.

Welcome to Ohio.

Unfortunately this cannot all be blamed on Democrats, unions and their allies in poaching the public purse.

Remember Bob Taft? Remember state elected Republicans and those in Washington as they emulated Democrats? Yep, they were spending our money like drunks in a Tijuana whorehouse with no repercussions or remorse.

They did so to be re-elected or they had convinced themselves that government, and our money, could right the ills of a society that government had caused in the first place. Either way, a disaster.

If workers and business continue to flee Ohio we won't have to worry that 30% of workers will have to support the other 70% of Ohio's population. At that point governments workers from those states with fiscal sense will be supporting 100% of Ohio's population.

How low Ohio has sunk. If things do not turn around dramatically and soon, Ohio's demise will be imminent.