Monday, February 22, 2010

Scott Brown And Voinovich Vote For Reid's 'Jobs' Bill

Two other Republicans, Collins and Snowe of Maine, did so as well, but Ben Nelson (D) of Nebraska voted against it.

Brown stated he was he was an 'independent' voice. Yeah, right. Just like Obama, he appears to have misled the voters. Cryin' George Voinovich, Collins and Snowe have become known for letting their states and the country down on a regular basis.

The fact that they did so for a stripped down bill that can't possible do what it is supposed to do is one problem. The fact that Reid changed the bill and froze out Republicans is another problem. The third, and most important problem, is that these three make what Reid/Obama/Pelosi are doing to America a bi-partisan effort.

Welcome to the 'dumber than a box of rocks' club Scott. You've squandered any good will in an amazingly fast way.

ACORN Restructures For Separate Centers Of Plausible Deniability

Of course Bertha Lewis will remain in the bunker sending out orders and directing where checks should be issued.

ACORN 'dissolved as a national structure'

It's as if Al Capone opened a new chain of whorehouses under the banner of Women for a New Morality.

Oh, and placed a union official on the board, you know, just to keep everything above board concerning illegal payments under the board.

You can call an Edsel a Lincoln, but it's still an Edsel. You can call socialized medicine health care reform, but... But a nut doesn't fall far from the tree.