Monday, June 29, 2009

Alice Thinks Obama's World Strange

There's a large mustard-mine near here. And the moral of that is -- The more there is of mine, the less there is of yours.




Speak roughly to your little boy
and beat him when he sneezes
he only does it to annoy
because he knows it teases.
I speak severely to my boy
I beat him when he sneezes
for he can thoroughly enjoy
the pepper when he pleases

Waxman could be the Duchess and Obama the footman.

Well, Obama Believes It

Jimmy Carter told him to.

Iran says partial recount shows election valid...

And Jimmy knows all about Iran. And elections. In fact, Jimma is really good with elections just like he is with economics.

Another Day In The Village Of Hope & Change

Unease Mounts as US Troops Leave Iraq's Cities
US Frees Suspect in Killing of 5 GI's
Obama creates a deadly power vacuum
Silence Has Consequences for Iran
Susan Rice: Diplomatic Relations Still Possible With Iran
U.S. to shift approach to Afghanistan drug trade
WSJ: Honduras Defends Its Democracy; Hillary Clinton objects...
Dollar Declines After China Repeats Call for New Global Reserve Currency...
PAPER: Obama is choosing to be weak...
Cheney fears Iraq withdrawal will 'waste' U.S. sacrifices...
NKorea criticizes US missile defense for Hawaii...
Russia starts large-scale war games...
White House Moving The Stimulus Goalposts...

Never Hearing & Never Reading Creates Liberal Silence

On the weekend prior to the 2008 presidential election we attended a cocktail party in our small college town. The mood was electric causing normally staid professors to exude excitement and talk of the seismic shift that Obama, a person of color, would bring to the United States. Obama, they said, by simply the color of his skin, would finally bring America into a 21st century of equality, peace and justice.

We, being the only conservatives, probably the only Republican, in attendance tried to hide our disappointment as well as our mounting fear. No where did we hear specifics of the coming Obama Administration. Oh, we did hear platitudes of the final demise of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy as real Americans focused on the future took the reins of power.

Women beamed, men preened and all smirked like the cat that finally had its canary. Such is victory before the victory. Such is victory, over an opponent that is known, by a new face known only by his image and carefully implied thoughts on the future of government.

Wine, cheese and idle chatter grow stale over time.

My liberal friends don’t want to talk about global warming anymore

Over the last month we have continued to attend get-togethers here and elsewhere, but geography only changes the accent. It cannot change the conversation, actually the lack there of.

There is silence. A silence made uncomfortable by its seemingly planned embarrassment.

During one such party an attendee, determined to further mine the election for witty comments, was quietly reproached that the election was over and that politics is "such a tiresome subject."

Global Warming isn't discussed and the pretty green bags at the local market are now offered for free as a service to the patrons. The stacks remain.

Gay marriage isn't broached and seems as elusive as that lover that won't commit.

Tax the rich discussions are replaced by the talk of cutbacks, pay freezes and a new worry of the cost of needed goods and services.

The role of government has been replaced by the failing services of the village and county and questions of why we are going to have to actually pay for trash pickup are spoken.

Fervent debates of Iraq and Afghanistan now are met with blinking eyes and questions of, "Oh, that is still going on?"

Guantanamo? Actually, that new professor may not be coming.

Healthcare? That reminds me that I have a dental appointment next week.

Our family has decided that just spending time together on weekends is more important to us now. Not because we suffer in defeat, but that all of us suffer by the defeat of truth, honesty and an actual debate of what is good for our families, ourselves and our country.

It almost makes one pine for statements of McBusHitler. At least there was some backbone shown in those faux stances of principle.