Friday, August 01, 2008

Pelosi The Censor Stifles Dissent In US House

After Nana Pelosi, the housewife from Baltimore, and her cronies got on their enviro-friendly jets and charters to gas off to where ever, the lights, sound and cameras in the House of Representatives were purposely turned off as 20+ members attempted to continue debate on our energy crisis, the liberal dependence on foreign oil.

Nana, the mayor's daughter from Baltimore, censored any dissent from her imperial decree that there shall be no discussion or debate that might reach the ears of the voters. Many voters heard her and Punch Happy Harry Reid claim that President Bush could lift an Executive Order banning of shore drilling, which President Bush lifted, and all would be well. Now, she doesn't want the voter to know that she, Nana Pelosi, queen of the tuna deals, refuses to listen to them, so now we can't listen to anybody from the House.

Now we can see that Liberalism is Fascism.

John McCain's Days of Thunder

Is McCain peaking too early?
Is it possible for McCain to peak? It may be that McCain is Cole Trickle, bred for racing and winning, but finding ways to lose because he doesn't understand the vocabulary of the race.

Or maybe the Obama is peaking with shallowness and lies, ergo he is losing ground. Even with his pit crew, the media.

Down the stretch McCain will keep on keeping on, allowing the Obama to wow the press, while always gaining ground until the pass into first.

Harry: You're going to burn the tires. -
Cole: Everybody else slowed down.
Buck: He's right. Check his lap times. Everybody else has fallen off.

Even with the press lying about Obama's lies, how will Obama win if the public, already in July, is beginning to believe Obama to be less than truthful?

McCain's boringness may well be what puts him over the finish line in first as he honestly and calmly lays out his positions to a yawning press, but a voting public that defied the printed wisdom and voted for Bush when they sensed that Gore and then Kerry were iffy putzes.

Cole: You didn't know how this was going to turn out.
Harry: It's like you said: There's nothing you can't do in a race car.
Cole: We won.
Harry: Yeah.
Cole: Can you walk, or am I going to have to carry you?
Harry: Where to?
Cole: Victory Lane.
Harry: Oh yeah.
Harry: Walk? Hell... I'll race your ass!

Oh, the Obama is a perfect Russ Wheeler as an arrogant puff who looks good, but just doesn't have what it takes.

Exxon's "Obscene" Profits Dwarfed By Obscene Taxes

Good catch by BizzyBlog

Once again the media obscures facts to get their obscene comments into play. Unfortunately, their reporting isn't helping their profit margin because readers consider their reporting obscene.

Media Near-Secret: Exxon’s Taxes Almost 3x As Much As Profits
Looking at it from another perspective, Exxon Mobil’s profit of about 8.4% of sales, while the taxes paid represented over 23% of sales. (August 1 AM Note: This was originally said to be 32%, but has been corrected. The transposition zombies have been appropriately tracked down and punished.)

It’s remarkable that CNN even reported the taxes paid, as they were the clear exception:
This UK Guardian article about the Democrats’ objections to Exxon’s profits didn’t.

Kristen Hays at the Houston Chronicle didn’t.
Bloomberg didn’t.
The Associated Press …..
you’re kidding, right?

The word “tax” does not appear in the Guardian, Chronicle, or AP articles. Bloomberg only used the word in connection with the after-tax effect of the company’s Exxon Valdez settlement.

So who are the greedy ones — Exxon shareholders who want a return on their investment, or the myriad government entities who insist that their grubby fingers be in the pie?
Oh, and would it be impolite to point out that Uncle Sam alone is currently spending $2.9 trillion a year, or $91,958 per second?

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At a time that America needs energy independence it is dependably sad that the media is in the bag for liberals who want to scuttle what they see as non-aligned profit centers. Maybe if Exxon started shipping in 'green' barrels so Nana Pelosi's family and friends could make a profit...

Another Woman Than Hillary One More Time

Clinton Supporter Angered By 'Other Women' Obama VP Talk
A longtime friend of Sen. Hillary Clinton said it's "incomprehensible" that Sen. Barack Obama would choose another woman to be his vice-presidential candidate over Sen. Hillary Clinton.

I'm bettin' heavy if the Obama taps a woman it won't be Hillary nor will it involve a blue dress.