Friday, October 20, 2006

Joy Padgett has beeen a contributor to our distict and our community for years. Zack Space, what has he done? Zippo, nada, zero or put another way, Zack has done nothing.

Zack, the space, wants to tout that Joy and her husband are going throught bankruptcy. True. They went out on a limb, i.e., they tried, and didn't make it. What has Zack done? Zippo, nada, zero or put another way, nothing. Zack has never met a payroll, Zack has never tried to step into the American drean and create wealth. Poor sad Zack hasn't had the cajonis to do anything, but try to get the taxpayer to put food on his table. Sad Zack is a loser. Has he ever risked anything? No. Has Zack hoped to get on the government payroll.

I wouldn't vote for Sad Zack for love nor money.

PS, his cheap TV attacks on Padgett, paid by Howard "AAArrrggghhhhh" Dean, are childish. Apple from the tree. Maybe his father, Socrates, can polish it. Moron.