Sunday, May 01, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead! Here's Hoping He Rots In Hell As He Should Being A Rotten Little Rich Kid Bastard Prick That He Is.

Where is Obama? NOWHERE. Obama is a loser. Osama bin laden is a hopeless little prick loser as well.

Thank God for the United States military. They are relentless. They are good. I hope bin laden's family feels the full force of the cries of the deaths he caused. May he suffer for the little prick he is.

Obama may have to skip night golf to make an appearance because he really had nothing to do with bin laden's death because he doesn't really care.

I hope he rots in hell.

He will.

Govt Has Destroyed Medicine

And government will continue to destroy medicine and health care until bureaucrats finally take over completely and kill it completely. Oh yes, those bureaucrats will have horror stories to tell about one doctor in a million who made a mistake to justify their stupid and ridiculous interference, but they will not speak of stories of their own making which are horror stories of bureaucrats hundreds of miles away overriding on the scene doctors orders because that is how stupid and mindless bureaucrats do things. Then they go home, have drinks and speak of the good they feel they are doing. How would they know when they have never seen a patient? They're fools, but fools with a government salary, pension and protection that prevent individuals fro holding them accountable in a court of law for being arrogant and stupid.

So, what is the coming result of government's continued involvement in medicine?

Behind the coming physician shortage

My father told me in 1965 to not be a doctor which he had hoped I would do to continue the family tradition. He said it would be wrong and fruitless to be involved in a socialized system of mediocrity that kills people thus violating the Hippocratic Oath, by government fiat.

He was right.
Oysters on the half shell non-reprised

Spring Cocktails

MSM Deja Vu All Over Again: Tea Party Implodes As They Explode At Ryan

I often wonder if reporters, editors and their enabling public ever cringe about the obvious and provable lies their push and publicize. Nah, I don't wonder anymore. Their lies have become a whole new genre in fiction and humor, but they think people are laughing with them.

How Paul Ryan Won the Recess

Over the last week while in NY I had little time to watch the news except for on the run and in airports. It became apparent to me that the Tea Party, Republicans and conservatives had fallen fast into a vast canyon of despair of their own making. Each broadcast told of impending meltdowns, wavering support and Republican congressmen being pummeled by constituents. I was surprised there wasn't a list of suicides committed or pending.

A delightful, but delusional relative recounted with bated breath of her nemesis, Paul Ryan, being booed and attacked by angry constituents, especially older constituents. I was reminded of the violent outbursts and actions of "Pee Party" (as in Depends) over the last few years and how turn around is fair play. She had actually printed out articles for me! I listened earnestly as she quoted articles from AFSME, SEIU, the socialist Militant newspaper, Think Progress, Democratic Underground, the New York Times and many more.

It all reminded me of when I first became a researcher and found that all was not as the main street media said it was. In fact, that all wasn't really connected to reality because political agendas had become so ingrained in journalism that journalism was no longer a career that involved actual reporting. One angry man who once was the town crank became a movement. One child who had the bad luck to do what they knew they shouldn't became a cause célèbre. It reminded me of the misattributed quote (to Josef Stalin) that "Death of one man is a tragedy. Death of a million is a statistic." 

The meme has grown to a few paid thugs stationed at a few political events being held up as proof that the public is completing yet another 180 and now understand that progressive and foolhardy policy is actually what they want. It's deja vu all over again. Only without FDR, LBJ and WJC.

STUNNER! Government Overspending Caused Deficit!

Congress thinks if their checkbook, which they print, still has checks they still have money.

As congress sits on their yachts they discuss cutting back on the Boodles as one way to show their solidarity with the little people.

ADDED: Tea Party favorites in House raking it in