Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fat Cat Liberals Fund Anti-Woman Message For Obama

August Haul: $66M
First Read says Obama pulled in $66M in August. Nice number, big number, and he had $77M COH on September 1. Another big number.

And yet I suspect that as the Palin pick sunk in these past two weeks, the September numbers will climb higher. I know several people who during conversations about the race said they made another donation after watching Palin's acceptance speech in St. Paul. September could break $70M.

Where all that money goes is anyone's guess, but I'd imagine a huge amount is going into the ground game. I haven't seen a volunteer at my house yet; than again, I'm a registered D who hasn't missed a primary in years, so I'm not needing persuasive face-to-face interaction.

Still, has anyone seen the ground game in action yet?
(emphasis mine)

Obviously, if dedicated Democrats don't know where all the fat cat money is being spent then more transparency is needed. I call on the Obama cabal to open their books showing not only which political fat cats are buying influence, but also to show what the campaign is actually spending the money on.

How many reporters have been bought, how many unions have been purchased lock stock and barrel, is payola being funneled to professors and teachers and exactly how many precinct captains and polling place officials have been bribed. These are questions that are being asked in a year when record sums of money are being funneled into the Obama campaign and there apparently is no accountability nor will the campaign admit to having secret agreements with voting machine giants such as Diebold.

The vast sum of money is obviously not going to party regulars as has been the practice in past elections. More than a few people are asking about where all these monies are actually going if not to the normal network of Democratic operatives that have been paid for in past elections.

Obama and campaign officials have refused to respond to any of these questions.

It's Really Obama VS Palin

It just shows how much she scares the bejeesus outta the liberals. Here are some headlines from Drudge:

KRAUTHAMMER: Charlie Gibson's Gaffe...
WIRE: ABC grilled Palin hard, but it may backfire...
Ex-Clinton Aide: 'Media is on Very Dangerous Ground'...
Palin leaves Alaska, embarks on solo campaigning...
Forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype...
Obama press sec. accuses McCain of 'sleaziest, least honorable campaign in history'...
Mocks McCain as computer illiterate...
Boston Globe, 2000: War 'injuries prevent him from typing on keyboard'...
Whoopi to McCain: 'Should I Be Worried About Being a Slave?'...

This was actually a slow day for the media being Sunday and all and they all being in church, on their knees, praying. Yes, even reporters will pray once the idea of Whoopi becoming a slave comes up. A highly visible slave always sells copy.


UPDATE: I guess it shows how important Ohio is when the liberal/progressive wing of the left wing of the Democrat party pounds their keyboards feverishly against their perceived Sataness of the Right. They hate that they find her so sexy that they have to photoshop photos of her in a bikini holding a gun. Down girls boys.

From BlogNetNews Ohio blogs:
Righties Throw McCain Under The Bus In Scramble To Cover For Palin
The Liar Wire: Crowd-Size Estimates Provided By McCain Campaign Not Backed By Officials
The Liar Wire: Palin Did Not Visit Iraq
ProgressOhio: Is Palin Qualified To Be Columbus Librarian?
Is Gov. Palin qualified to be a Franklin Co. Commissioner?
What Does A Lobbyist Controlled McCain-Palin Ticket Mean For You?
Is Palin qualified to be mayor of Columbus?
Righties Throw McCain Under The Bus In Scramble To Cover For Palin
Todd Palin Subpoenaed
Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams

Oh, the lefties did an article about Republican Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain. They ridiculed his lack of computer usage because he wants to use his broken arms and the savage beatings by the communist Vietnamese to his political advantage by whining like a little baby. Really, read this:

"As A POW John McCain Was Beaten Beyond Being Able To Use His Hands"
Again, the righties making up more of their ridiculous excuses for the Palin/McCain campaign.
This time in an attempt to refute the Obama ad "Still".
Watch It:
The Response?
He's not totally out of touch!
He was beaten beyond being able to use a computer... (read more)

REMEMBER!!!! Lefties love and respect our troops. They would never do anything to denigrate them. They only want the wanton savage killing, rape, genocidal murder by the troops to stop and the troops to stop coming home and lying about what is really going on in Iraq & Afghanistan. Even though all the troops, except for the troofers 'testifying' before mock committees, are doing truly evil things, they are doing so only because McBusHitler makes them, which why lefties can still love the troops they consider lying, murdering little bastards.

UPADTE II: Bizzyblog has a great article about the Internet savvy of John McCain which warps the reality based community's reality even more, especially when the reality warp slap is done by none other than Joe Trippi:

More on Obama ‘Can’t E-mail’ Attack Ad: McCain an Internet Pioneer, Per Dem Internet Pioneer