Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Bummer Of The Obama Administration

He's every where. On all the channels of my TV. He's all over the dial of my radio.

He's talking about the inauguration. He's talking new legislation. He's talking and talking and talking in his ridiculous sing-song, rhyming foolishness. Then he talks even more.

Just because Barack Obama is now president, do we now have to listen to Reverend Jesse "cut his nuts off" Jackson all the time? This is a major bummer.

I could like Obama if he gagged Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, Pfluger, well that's just a start. He could really do the country a favor if he'd gag these clowns as well.

Big Government Just Starting

This is sickening.

There are more people working in government than in manufacturing.

h/t Fabius Maximus

God Bless Mr. George W. Bush and President Barack H. Obama

In a spectacle that will be watched around the world we see once again the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America.
Barack Obama is now our president and we wish him well. I personally thank George W. Bush for freeing over 50 million people and keeping us safe.

Liberals Already Unhappy With Obama Over Lack Of BDS

On inauguration day some will protest by throwing shoes at the White House. I gather they will have borrowed or stolen the shoes.

Bashers End Bush Era Deflated by Lack of Prosecutions
Bush bashers say they aren't going to let the inauguration of Barack Obama get in the way of their effort to have the president prosecuted on war crimes.

For some die-hards, Tuesday is not a day to hail the arrival of Obama or celebrate Bush's exit.
"I'm not holding out great hopes that he's [Obama] going to change things around," said Laurie Dobson of Kennebunkport, Maine.

Dobson, who unsuccessfully ran as an independent against Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, in 2008, has protested Bush's policies almost from the beginning of his administration. She warned that pressure has to be kept on Obama to take action against the nation's 43rd president.

"People give [Obama] all kinds of excuses because they want so much to believe in him," she said. "That's how they make a tyrant. ... If we do our job as [citizens] then he could be a good president. It all depends on us keeping him in line."

Harold Burbank, an attorney from Canton, Conn., said, "Tuesday is not a day to celebrate."

Obama must be greatly relieved that Ms. Dobson is on the job keeping him in line.