Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Heartwarming Report On The Care We Will Receive Through ObamaCare And Our Social Welfare State

Via Curmudgeonly and Skeptical

Newborn Seized in Hospital by Police, Social Worker

Late in the afternoon, a government social worker named Angelica Lopez-Heagy came into Jodi’s room announcing that she was there to conduct an investigation. Jodi asked to know the allegations. The social worker claimed that it would be against the law for her to show Jodi the allegations.
Jodi replied that she would not be comfortable answering the questions if she couldn’t know the allegations. Immediately the social worker proclaimed, “Since you’re not going to cooperate, I’ll just go and call the police and we can take custody of the baby.”
Fearing that the social worker would carry out her threat, Jodi replied that she was willing to cooperate.
The social worker soon intimated that the issue was Jodi’s refusal to consent to medical treatment for the baby. Jodi replied that she had no idea why anyone would say that. The social worker claimed that she had refused to allow a Vitamin K shot for Annie. Jodi replied that no one had asked her about such a shot. Moreover, she had overheard hospital staffers saying that they had already given Annie such a shot.
Neither the social worker nor any hospital staffer ever gave Jodi or Scott any example of any medically necessary treatment that they had refused for Annie.
At this point, Scott left the hospital to tend to their older children who were staying with friends.
Read the rest and weep for our country. I hope those responsible for this assault are thrown in prison.

Spike Spiked The Wrong Address

Vigilantism is never pretty. Nor is Spike Lee.

Crayons To Paint

SCOTUS: ObamaCare Win Could Mean Obama Loss

Many friends are saying if ObamaCare wins with the Supremes we could see an Obama loss in November. Inversely, a supreme loss could signal a sympathetic win for the One in November.

The results? If Obama wins we're stuck with him and his ilk for only four more years. If the anti-patient, anti-doctor and anti-American ObamaCare wins we will get a Romney for president, but we'll be stuck with ObamaCare for ever.

For America we can only hope ObamaCare and Obama go the way of all socialist governments.