Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ford Pulls 'Bailout' Ad Because Obama & Unions Felt Threatened

Supposedly Ford was bullied in pulling their "bailout" ad by the Obama administration. Sounds logical because this administration feels threatened by truth. Any truth.

I'm sure that our very good friends in the union also pressured Ford. All in the name of fairness to thugs, bullies and extortionists.

This ad cuts to the heart of why I am driving a Ford instead of a Chevy or my beloved Jeeps. I learned to drive in a Jeep working on a farm. I still have my old Jeep with 200K+ on the odometer and I'll keep it because it is a good vehicle that I love, but it is my last Jeep. My Ford Explorer seems luxurious in comparison with its leather seats, electric windows and seats and fancy sound system. Ford is playing by rules I believe in. Sink or swim. And no government money. No corporate control by unions.

Ford should have kept the ad on TV. In fact they should create a series of ads on American entrepreneurship, individualism and other bedrock issues of American  exceptionalism. That would sell some serious number of vehicles.