Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama/Acorn/Brunner Destroy The Vote In Ohio

The media's sweetheart community organizer, who helped ACORN to organize multiple screw jobs to the voters nationwide, finally has found his perfect idolater in Ohio, Jennifer Brunner. Together they will organize the effort to get Obama the winner in Ohio. Together they will skew the vote in Ohio so that it does not reflect the wishes of Ohio voters, but will reflect corruption, dishonesty and election theft.

Today starts instant registration and voting by every voter that either should not be voting or should be voting in their home precinct hundreds of miles from our village.

As in the last presidential election, students will clog our precinct. These students will drive away real voters voting not just for president, but for local officials and issues because they need to return to their homes and families. Their professors, just like last time, will herd them in, keep them calm and make sure they vote. That is the intent of these efforts, drive away Ohio voters and replace them with students who are from blue states such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc., who are only be following the orders of their liberal arts college. Once they have affected our vote, both local and national, they will return to classrooms led by smirking professors. Both students and professors will be gone in a few years, but their damage will remain for years.

I don't really know which is worse, the unethical students who are learning for the future or the unethical professors that know what they are doing is repugnant to the very idea of Republic. I do know both are an affront to honesty, integrity and respect for the law. How typical of modern liberal arts.

As far as ACORN is concerned, they are the dishonest registering and instructing the dishonest and all should be put in jail with no vote ever again available to them. Brunner should be in there with them. She is a disgrace to the law and to the state of Ohio.

Ben Keeler over at The Point has some thoughts: Early Voting Starts Tuesday?

UPDATE: In answer to emails, this is not an isolated incident, but part of a concerted effort statewide/nationwide to affect voting in Red States by university and college communities. The smaller the community the more skewed the vote. School levies that locals would vote down, are passed. Candidates that locals wouldn't elect in a million years end up winning. Local Options, liquor license votes, that locals would vote down are passed by college students, drunks and homeless voters. No honest person can defend this practice. It can be defended only by those that want to steal elections.

Alcee Hastings: Another Congressional Embarrassment For Obama

Black Florida congressman apologies for Palin comments
"I regret the comments I made last Tuesday that were not smart and certainly not relevant to hunters or sportsmen," Rep. Alcee Hastings said in a statement issued Monday.

Last week, at a panel on the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats during the annual conference of the National Jewish Democratic Council, Hastings told attendees what he intended to tell his Jewish constituents about the importance of supporting Sen. Obama in November's presidential election. "If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," Hastings said last week. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through," he added.

Another pride of the pack for the Democrats. Alcee Hastings, ex-judge of impeachable character.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Obama Turns Wine Into Water

Raining on Obama and Biden's Parade

ABC’s Sunlen Miller, Matt Jaffe, and John Berman Report: The rain pouring down, his jacket off, his white dress-shirt clinging to his body, Barack Obama played to a crowd in a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat since 1964.

And not long after Joe Biden’s introduction, just minutes after Obama started speaking, the rain started falling again.

"I know some of you got a little damp," Obama told the audience gathered in the school quad. "I’d like to cover everybody’s dry cleaning bill here tonight, but I can’t because I got to use it on the campaign, so consider it one more modest contribution to our efforts to change the country."

Well, with his work with Rezko and ACORN and Saul Alinsky I think the Obama has made enough "modest contributions" to change the country. A $700 Billion change tab in Congress is quite enough change. If the Obama fails as a presidential candidate, he could always continue his career path as a failed community worker in housing.

Rejected By Hero's Family, Obama Ignores Them For Political Gain

Family Told Obama NOT To Wear Soldier Son's Bracelet... Where is Media?

Jopek: She has turned down any subsequent interviews with the media because she just didn't want it to get turned into something that it wasn't. She had told me in an email that she had asked, actually asked Mr. Obama to not wear the bracelet any more at any of his public appearances. Which I don't think he's...

Soldier's Mother "Ecstatic" about Obama's Bracelet

The mother of a Wisconsin soldier who died in Iraq says she was "ecstatic" during Friday's debate when Senator Barack Obama mentioned the bracelet she gave him in honor of her son.

Tracy Jopek of Merrill told The Associated Press on Sunday she was honored that he remembered Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, who was killed in 2006 by a roadside bomb.

She criticized Internet reports that suggested Obama exploited her son for political purposes.
She acknowledges e-mailing the campaign in February asking that Obama not mention her son in speeches or debates.

But she says Obama's mention on Friday was appropriate because he was responding after Senator John McCain said a soldier's mother gave him a bracelet.

Jopek says Obama's comment rightfully suggested there's more than one viewpoint on the war

In other words, she's about as stable as Cindy Sheehan which about wraps up the left and the War on Terror.

Bailout - Give Away- Appears In Doubt

Nana Pelosi isn't getting the votes she needs to save the world. And her husband. And her friends on Wall Street. And the mismanagement specialists at Freddie and Fannie.

It appears she only has about 130 votes. Poor Nana.

BuckeyeBlog does an excellent job of breaking down the poll. The BBC, being a huge fan of 'freedom' everywhere, asks people from all over the world questions that will make America look bad. The BBC is against the war. The BBC is for the huge influx of terrorists and terrorist supporting people into England.

How many of the respondents are terrorists or supporters of terrorism against freedom? The poll does its normal exaggeration by claiming 60% of Egyptians support al Qaeda when actually only 60% of those responding support the murdering losers. Next, the BBC poll says that only 18% of the population of Pakistan have an unfavorable opinion of al Qeada, but does that mean 81% support al Qaeda? Both countries, Egypt and Pakistan have a large physical and financial presence in al Qaeda, but that doesn't seem to taken into account by the BBC 'defense analyst'.

Traditionally, news outlets will not honestly parse their own polls nor will other news agencies because each paid for this 'news' so why undercut each other. Brothers and all.

Currently, people are questioning these 'polls' which is a part of the explanation of why large swaths of society consider news outlets like the BBC a joke. Parliament obviously is beyond the chuckle stage and is embarrassed and angry about the sophomoric antics of the subsidized hyper-partisans posing a 'reporters' and 'analysts' at the BBC. As they should.

Dear Congress, Let The Market Work

The Market screwed up. Now the market should clean up the mess, not Washington.

If Washington was put in charge of deserts there'd be a sand shortage in no time. Except for the Party favorites, they'd have a beach party to moan about the plight of others.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Bailout Stinks

I have been east doing work. Was swamped. I listened intently as I drove back and realized the congressional reaction to the 'crisis' was a ploy.

The bailout is a joke. The Republicans are quite simply overwhelmed by the bitchy/witchy media campaign to do something.

The bailout legislation is a reach by liberals to grab more power.

I ask all Republicans to vote against it. Let capitalism be capitalism.

Let all the liberal bailout queens on Wall Street suffer.

Obama is a whore for these losers. Republicans have been the johns that made Obama's pimp rich.

Pelosi Lies, Bi-Partisanship Dies Is Still Dead

via Gateway Pundit

Speaker Pelosi Blasts "Unpatriotic" Republicans For Skipping Meeting... A Meeting Dems Did Not Invite Them To!!

Each day brings another screw up and another lie from Pelosi, Reid, et al.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Liberal Vandalism Against Soldiers They 'Support'

via This Ain't Hell (read what Jonn has said. It's good)

DALLAS — Dallas police are looking into a shocking crime against an Iraq War vet that took place on a college campus.

Overnight Tuesday, someone took vandalized 23-year-old Army veteran Viktor Whitlow’s vehicle while it was parked at Dallas Baptist University. Ironically, the mascot at DBU is the Patriot.

The vandals used a box cutter to destroy the inside of his jeep, they slashed five tires and smashed through the windshield. Perhaps the most shocking detail to the vandalism was the message spray painted on his hood.

In red paint the vandals spraypainted the message, “Soldiers are murderers.”

Obama Loses/McCain Wins Because Obama Wrong/McCain Right

Kissinger: McCain Was Right
Steve Hayes at the Weekly Standard scoops with a statement from Dr. Henry Kissinger:
"Senator McCain is right. I would not recommend the next President of the United States engage in talks with Iran at the Presidential level. My views on this issue are entirely compatible with the views of my friend Senator John McCain. We do not agree on everything, but we do agree that any negotiations with Iran must be geared to reality."

McCain handled Obama with kid gloves because Obama is a kid and the press would have screamed 'child abuse' if McCain had taken Obama to the woodshed like he should have.

Senator Charles Schumer Has Lost His Tongue

For Schumer, Obama, Pelosi and the other liberals, some CEOs are more equal than others thus cannot be touched.

Alan Fisherman is a 365 days a year Santa Claus to Schumer and his playground gang on Capitol Hill. The fact that he is getting a $13 mill bonus for causing one of the biggest bank failures in this country doesn't seem to phase Chucky & friends, but then they've been freddie's fannie-boys for the big bucks on Wall Street for some time.

$18 mill for 13 days of work. That's some minimum wage.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Russians Build First Transistor Radio 50 Years Too Late

Medvedev announces plan to build Russian missile defense shield...

Soyez was just the start. Next week Putin is meeting with Home Depot about expanding home plumbing into Moscow. Next Petersburg!

Wrong Suit/Bad Choice: Obama Tries Being A Republican

McCain has done better than I thought. Is it enough? I hope so.

McCain has succeeded in one way, Obama has backtracked and thrown his progressive brothers and sisters under the bus, almost to the last, and in that McCain has won.

McCain has shown that Obama has less backbone and loyalty than Biden. Quite a feat.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mr Patriotic: Biden Thinks Blue Hens Can Kick Buckeye "Ass"

Jabberin' Joe Biden finds it impossible to not insult somebody.

He's not blue collar. He's brown collar because he's that deep in it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Charlie Rangel-Another Congressional Embarrassment For Obama

ASTONISHING: Rep. Rangel Calls Palin 'Disabled'

Already under fire for his tax troubles, Manhattan Congressman Charles Rangel really put his foot in his mouth on Friday.

In a CBS 2 HD exclusive interview, Rep. Rangel called Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin "disabled."

The question was simple:

Why are the Democrats so afraid of Palin and her popularity?

The answer was astonishing.

"You got to be kind to the disabled," Rangel said.

That's right. The chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee called Palin disabled -- even when CBS 2 HD called him on it.

CBS 2 HD: "You got to be kind to the disabled?"

Rangel: "Yes."

CBS 2 HD: "She's disabled?"

Rangel: "There's no question about it politically. It's a nightmare to think that a person's foreign policy is based on their ability to look at Russia from where they live.

Rangel is a piece of work and a bigot against those less fortunate than him.

Sarah Bernhard-Another Celebrity Embarrassment For Obama

Sandra Bernhard: Palin Would Be Gang-Raped By Blacks in Manhattan
In fact, the play wears its politically VERY correct heart on its sleeve with its indictment of America as "A Man’s World, It’s a White Man’s World, It’s a F–ked Up White Man’s Racist World" and can only be suggested to be racist in its content if one is hell-bent on protecting White Folk for Sandra’s blistering indictment.When Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers, she’s being provocative, combative, humorous, and yes, let’s allow, disgusting.

Bernhard didn't say whether Obama, her political idol and bro, would be part of the gang. I guess she can't be that articulate.

Current Antiquity As Lodging

Clan Cottages, Scotland

These five self-catering cottages outside Oban might be modern inside, but they’ve been constructed to look like a small Celtic settlement. Part of a five-acre smallholding, each cottage has a thatched roof and a garden. They sleep between two and six people, If you wish to explore more ancient local architecture, the adjacent loch has a crannog (Iron Age defensive loch-dwellings built out in the water, found throughout Scotland and Ireland), and the area also has several Neolithic chambered cairns.Clan Cottages, Dalnabreac, Kilmore, by Oban, Argyll, Scotland (01631 770 372; www.clancottages.com). Rental of a one-bedroom cottage starts at £120 per night or £625 per week.

The Sexism Of Olbermann, Wright, Et al Writ Large

Good thoughts that the media and Democrats could use. If they had mothers.

Gazette & Courier - Monday, November 23, 1874
Woman's reputation
Woman’s reputation - We have all of us met with instances in which a word heedlessly spoken against the reputation of a woman has been magnified by malicious tongues until the cloud has become dark enough to overshadow her whole existence. To those who are accustomed - and not necessarily from bad motives, but from thoughtlessness - to speak lightly of woman, we recommend a few hints as worthy of consideration. Never use a lady’s name in an improper place, at an improper time, nor except with respect in any company. Never make assertions about her that you do not know to be true, nor allusions that you feel she herself would blush to hear. When you meet men who do not scruple to use woman’s name in a reckless and unprincipled manner, shun them, for they are the worst members of society, men lost to every sense of honor, every feeling of humanity. Many a good woman has had her character ruined and her heart broken, by a lie manufactured by some villain and repeated where it should not have been heard, even were it the truth, in the presence of those whose little judgment would not deter them from circulating the foul report. Respect the name of woman for your mothers’ and sisters’ sake, and as you would have their fair names untarnished and their lives unembittered by slander’s serpent tongue, heed the ill that your own words may bring upon the mothers and sisters or the wives of some fellowmen.

I know they had mothers. Even pit bulls and pigs have mothers.

Olbermann & Wright Wrong On SEC & McCain. Again.

Olbermann has a program on television. That means he's good looking, smart and rich, right? No.

Volokh: A quick search of the history of the SEC rules and regs indicates that the President was given the power to name the Chairman from the group of confirmed Commissioners in a set of regulations adopted during the Truman Administration.

As to the first point, my guess is that the error is probably Olbermann's in misunderstanding what the network legal correspondent was saying. As for the second, it seems quite plausible that the legal correspondent was simply unaware of how a Chairman of an independent agency is appointed. But then again, that's a good reason to be a little more humble and a bit less sarcastic in challenging someone else's knowledge. Regardless, both of these errors are pretty inexcusable, it seems to me.

Olbermann is actually a pit bull. Without the teeth or smarts of a pit bull. Lipstick in private.

ABC, not wanting to be left out of any McCain pile-on, got into the action early:

Bainbridge: ABC News David Wright got the most erroneous meme of the day started when, in reporting John McCain’s criticism of SEC Chairman Chris Cox, Wright claimed that “while the president nominates and the Senate confirms the SEC chair, a commissioner of an independent regulatory commission cannot be removed by the president.” I’ve explained why this is wrong in an earlier post, but Wright’s claim is being widely --- and uncritically repeated—all over the web.

ABC, as usual, should change the name of its news division to 'The gang that couldn't shoot straight.'

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Is Obama Afraid Of? It's Our Election And We Want To Know.

Obama is afraid. He hides behind his puppet masters who tell his handler, Axlerod, what Obama is to say. The Democrats are terrified to let this leftist rookie out of their grasp because he can't stand the heat. He can't think on his feet.

McCain continuously asks Obama to face voters in town hall meetings with him to address voter concerns. Obama is afraid to.

Obama speaks in platitudes. He puts out lies, distortions, and feel good vagaries through ads on television, radio, in the print media and on the Internet, but he won't be placed in a position where he is challenged and has to detail the promises he is making to the voters.

Obama operatives protest at McCain/Palin events daily which causes the crowds to chant 'USA' and other patriotic chants and McCain once again asks Obama to name a place and time where they can stand together on stage and speak, listen and answer to the crowds. Obama won't do it.

Obama sends out his clowns like Hollis French to "investigate" Palin while French lies on his own resume about being a marine when he's simply a fake soldier, but French has the gall to cast doubt on Palin's words and actions.

All across the board surrogates for Obama, be they paid operatives, volunteers or lackeys like the media, to smear McCain and Palin with false stories, protests and trumped up charges.

This all speaks to me of a candidate who is scared of something. He's obviously afraid of losing in November, but what is it he is afraid will be found out about him.

How Very Democratic

Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act...

Actually, patriotic would be limiting government, supporting the troops, spreading freedom and stopping the lies that have made the Democrat Party here in our Republic, the United States of America. These concepts may be beyond their reality-based thought process though.

Another Obama Celebrity Hates America

Not unlike the crowd that gathered the other night in Hollywood to hate Republicans and love Obama.

Dallas Mavericks' Josh Howard disrespects national anthem
" 'The Star-Spangled Banner' is going on. I don't celebrate this [expletive]. I'm black."

If not in the United States, Howard would be just another nobody making the same bad choices, but without the bling.

Liberal Lies Against McCain Continue By Obamamaniacs

Canadian photographer Jill Greenberg in trouble with The Atlantic over manipulated photos of John McCain

Greenburg was hired to do a cover shot of John McCain for Atlantic Magazine. She lied to McCain, his staff and the magazine about what she was doing during the shoot and then she lied again by not leaving all of the images with the client who had purchased them, Atlantic Monthly. After stealing from the magazine she took the photos back to her studio and manipulated them to falsely portray McCain as something he is not for political purposes.
Greenburg is a liberal who hates those with whom she disagrees. She is also a Canadian who is tainting an American political campaign.
Greenburg has removed the photos from her website without any explanation. That is indicative of her integrity. She has none. She is a manipulative hack who now has a portfolio of questionable images that are tainted with dishonesty by her and disbelief by viewers.

This is the same manipulator who made children cry for another anti-Republican piece. Make no mistake, she is not an artist nor is she an honest photographer, she is a liar with a camera. She is also little else.

Domestic & Foreign Felons For Obama!

Obama keeps wowing some people. Obama is also compiling quite a pile of duh moments. Obama is quite capable of making incrediably stupid mistakes all by himself and the biggest mistake is the army of loose cannons that he has surrounded himself with from coast to coast.

In Pennsylvania: (click to enlarge)

Felons for Obama!!!

Geez, where's the Che ladies when you need them.

Electric Is Back ON!

The electric just came back on for the first time since Sunday afternoon. The news here said that the storm, with no rain, was due to the aftermath of Ike and we had sustained winds of 75 mph for over 45 minutes.

The damage was really unbelievable with some roofs gone, electric and phone poles snapped off and lines on houses, cars and the streets. Trees of all sizes and types were down everywhere. We have 1 small, 2 large and one ancient humongous tree down, but thankfully this time they all missed the house.

Businesses are open. Local schools are to start opening tomorrow. The local market lost a tremendous amount of perishables and we, like everyone else have thrown out hundreds of dollars of meat and other things that go bad without proper refrigeration. Murphy's Law applied here as I had stocked up on the excellent meat from Carfagna's ( a great Italian market that has quality meats as well) last Friday. Unfortunately I could not eat 2 months worth of beef, lamb and pork all at once, but I tried.

AEP crews and others from many neighboring states worked tireously to get the power on. We expected to have no power until Saturday or Sunday. My hat off to all those crews as well as the village crews that cut trees, cleared limbs and did so with good humor. I took a bunch of drinks and snacks to a crew working on our street yesterday and they looked absolutely exhausted, but took the time to tape a thank you note to our door as they left.

Neighbors helped neighbors, sat around with candles chatting and laughing and commiserating. This is a close community, but for the duration came together closer and is better for it.

AEP takes some grief, but they were outstanding and their workers have risen above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you.

Energy: House Hoax & L.A. Laughter

Still without electric, so from the Pickerington library....

Pelosi and fellow Dems lie to the American people with off shore drilling bill. This has to be Pelosi's finest moment as Speaker Liar of the House eclipsing Tip O'Neill as the most disingenuous Dem leader.

100 miles out unless states allow 50 miles and includes only Virginia, the Carolina's & Georgia which not only get no incentive to allow, but would probably cost the taxpayers in those states huge new taxes for gasoline up to 3X's the current cost. I blame her heavy use of Botox.

False headline of the day:
Lawmakers vote to end 26-year ban on offshore drilling...

Now that the housing deregulation laws that President William Jefferson Clinton got passed are coming home to roost causing huge failures in the housing market industry, the Dems a yucking it up with Hollywood stars:

Obama parties with Hollywood celebs: 'This is not a sitcom'...


Pelosi/Reid are worse than the partisan hacks they emulate. They're killing the American dream and blaming it on others.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fat Cat Liberals Fund Anti-Woman Message For Obama

August Haul: $66M
First Read says Obama pulled in $66M in August. Nice number, big number, and he had $77M COH on September 1. Another big number.

And yet I suspect that as the Palin pick sunk in these past two weeks, the September numbers will climb higher. I know several people who during conversations about the race said they made another donation after watching Palin's acceptance speech in St. Paul. September could break $70M.

Where all that money goes is anyone's guess, but I'd imagine a huge amount is going into the ground game. I haven't seen a volunteer at my house yet; than again, I'm a registered D who hasn't missed a primary in years, so I'm not needing persuasive face-to-face interaction.

Still, has anyone seen the ground game in action yet?
(emphasis mine)

Obviously, if dedicated Democrats don't know where all the fat cat money is being spent then more transparency is needed. I call on the Obama cabal to open their books showing not only which political fat cats are buying influence, but also to show what the campaign is actually spending the money on.

How many reporters have been bought, how many unions have been purchased lock stock and barrel, is payola being funneled to professors and teachers and exactly how many precinct captains and polling place officials have been bribed. These are questions that are being asked in a year when record sums of money are being funneled into the Obama campaign and there apparently is no accountability nor will the campaign admit to having secret agreements with voting machine giants such as Diebold.

The vast sum of money is obviously not going to party regulars as has been the practice in past elections. More than a few people are asking about where all these monies are actually going if not to the normal network of Democratic operatives that have been paid for in past elections.

Obama and campaign officials have refused to respond to any of these questions.

It's Really Obama VS Palin

It just shows how much she scares the bejeesus outta the liberals. Here are some headlines from Drudge:

KRAUTHAMMER: Charlie Gibson's Gaffe...
WIRE: ABC grilled Palin hard, but it may backfire...
Ex-Clinton Aide: 'Media is on Very Dangerous Ground'...
Palin leaves Alaska, embarks on solo campaigning...
Forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype...
Obama press sec. accuses McCain of 'sleaziest, least honorable campaign in history'...
Mocks McCain as computer illiterate...
Boston Globe, 2000: War 'injuries prevent him from typing on keyboard'...
Whoopi to McCain: 'Should I Be Worried About Being a Slave?'...

This was actually a slow day for the media being Sunday and all and they all being in church, on their knees, praying. Yes, even reporters will pray once the idea of Whoopi becoming a slave comes up. A highly visible slave always sells copy.


UPDATE: I guess it shows how important Ohio is when the liberal/progressive wing of the left wing of the Democrat party pounds their keyboards feverishly against their perceived Sataness of the Right. They hate that they find her so sexy that they have to photoshop photos of her in a bikini holding a gun. Down girls boys.

From BlogNetNews Ohio blogs:
Righties Throw McCain Under The Bus In Scramble To Cover For Palin
The Liar Wire: Crowd-Size Estimates Provided By McCain Campaign Not Backed By Officials
The Liar Wire: Palin Did Not Visit Iraq
ProgressOhio: Is Palin Qualified To Be Columbus Librarian?
Is Gov. Palin qualified to be a Franklin Co. Commissioner?
What Does A Lobbyist Controlled McCain-Palin Ticket Mean For You?
Is Palin qualified to be mayor of Columbus?
Righties Throw McCain Under The Bus In Scramble To Cover For Palin
Todd Palin Subpoenaed
Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams

Oh, the lefties did an article about Republican Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain. They ridiculed his lack of computer usage because he wants to use his broken arms and the savage beatings by the communist Vietnamese to his political advantage by whining like a little baby. Really, read this:

"As A POW John McCain Was Beaten Beyond Being Able To Use His Hands"
Again, the righties making up more of their ridiculous excuses for the Palin/McCain campaign.
This time in an attempt to refute the Obama ad "Still".
Watch It:
The Response?
He's not totally out of touch!
He was beaten beyond being able to use a computer... (read more)

REMEMBER!!!! Lefties love and respect our troops. They would never do anything to denigrate them. They only want the wanton savage killing, rape, genocidal murder by the troops to stop and the troops to stop coming home and lying about what is really going on in Iraq & Afghanistan. Even though all the troops, except for the troofers 'testifying' before mock committees, are doing truly evil things, they are doing so only because McBusHitler makes them, which why lefties can still love the troops they consider lying, murdering little bastards.

UPADTE II: Bizzyblog has a great article about the Internet savvy of John McCain which warps the reality based community's reality even more, especially when the reality warp slap is done by none other than Joe Trippi:

More on Obama ‘Can’t E-mail’ Attack Ad: McCain an Internet Pioneer, Per Dem Internet Pioneer

Saturday, September 13, 2008

There is Something Wrong In The World Of The Buckeyes

Major game. Major embarrassment.

Time for a change?


How Stupid Is Brent Musburger? I Don't Care. He's Too Stupid To Be A Sports Broadcaster.

And that is pretty damn stupid.

Musburger is also obnoxious, but who didn't know that, eh?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Is It Bye Bye Biden?

The Obama knows he has screwed the pooch. Big time. He has ivory tower merchant, Axlerod, giving him advice that has him sinking faster than the Titanic, he's making his rookie mistakes with increasing arrogance and then the Obama took advice from 'How to lose a campaign in 30 days' by picking Jabberin' Joe Biden.

Biden living up to his gaffe-prone reputation...

There are rules in the Democrat rule book that directly address when a nominee has to skedaddle and I'm wondering if Biden is getting head bobs from the boys pointing out the various exits.

Enter the heir to the throne and her back room bubba?

The Pain Dealer has more plus some interesting comments. Go read.

PETA Pam Anderson Says Suck It.

Pam Anderson tells Sarah Palin to suck it! I'd tell Pamela Anderson to, well, you know.

Making love in the morning got me through morning sickness. I found I could be happy and throw up at the same time. Pamela Anderson

Don't Call Olbermann & Matthews Bozos

It only insults Bozo.

Democrats/Obama Want Draft For Every Citizen In America

Grandpa and Memaw, sis, junior and mom and dad need to get right with
big government and serve America in a way that America mandates according to Democrats and presidential hopeful Barack H. Obama. People like Chris Dodd, Charley Rangel, Nana Pelosi and Jabberin' Joe Biden will decide what that service will be and may include a U.S. Public Service Academy for training for even more civil servants. Great, we really need the institutionalized production of an army of bureaucratic Uriah Heeps using their paid 'sincerity' as whips of shame right here in America.

It isn’t mere rhetoric to say they would be trained like soldiers. Supporters of the bill have called the proposed academy the “civilian counterpart to the uniformed service academies.” But we should not need a civilian counterpart to the military service academies beyond the police academies that already exist — because the civilian counterpart to the military is just the police officer corps.

Another scary thought is that the belief in mandatory community service for high school students, or mandatory military service as Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has proposed, could combine with this call for a Public Service Academy. In fact, Rangel himself suggested that under his proposal, “Recruits not needed by the military in any given year would be required to perform some national civilian service.” He argued that mandatory service would close the economic gap, in which the poor are forced to serve disproportionately. However, this gap is actually a myth.

The idea that America’s youths should train like soldiers to serve government on the domestic front is contrary to the freedom and independent spirit this country was founded on. Furthermore, such programs are reminiscent of Soviet youth programs and Soviet job programs, and would similarly incorporate propaganda beneficial to the government in power. A free economy founded on small government has no need for such things — and they set a dangerous precedent.

We've seen what the programs of FDR, which even he wanted to be only temporary, and LBJ's Great Society have done to our country creating larger bureaucracies, and segments of society that still feel they have a right to entitlement, aka, 'you owe me and you'll give it to me, or else.'
Countries such as communist China, North Korea and the USSR took their cue from the failed national socialism programs of Germany and Italy to forge the citizenry, especially the youth, into a tool to be used by the national government.
Now they want to try it here in the United States.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nannies Stealing Bicycles

If you're young and ride a bicycle through town without a helmet, you may end up walking back home. Police here are looking for scofflaws and will snatch the pedals from your feet if you've been warned numerous times but still forgo headgear.

Holliston police, frustrated in trying to drive home the point that riding without a helmet is dangerous and illegal, are hoping the tactic will finally get the attention of young riders.

Police will later seize the sofas of those found to be not wearing underwear. You know, for the safety of the children.

Botox Biden Or What?

Okay my minion, hit me, but what is it with Biden's eyes? Don't feign ignorance or look away. His eyes are puffier than Obama's ego and Michelle's hair.

Educator's Razor Sharp Minds Too Dull To Be Weapons

The stupidity of PC is magnified by the stupidity of those that enforce it.

Island fourth grader suspended for using broken pencil sharpener
A 10-year-old Hilton Head Island boy has been suspended from school for having something most students carry in their supply boxes: a pencil sharpener.

The problem was his sharpener had broken, but he decided to use it anyway.

A teacher at Hilton Head Island International Baccalaureate Elementary School noticed the boy had what appeared to be a small razor blade during class on Tuesday, according to a Beaufort County sheriff's report.

It was obvious that the blade was the metal insert commonly found in a child's small, plastic pencil sharpener, the deputy noted.

In their defense I can hears the echoes of, "I vas only following ze rules!" instead of complimenting him on his ingenuity.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Real Pig/Lipstick Meaning Even More Insulting

Outright theft from Vodka Pundit because it is so right on:

Parsing Obama
Posted by Stephen Green on September 10, 2008 at 9:06 am

I was willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on the whole Lipsticked Pig Brouhaha. It is, after all, a very old expression. Comes from Wall Street — or at least that’s the first place I heard it, way back when. So I watched the video, and it’s pretty clear Obama was talking about McCain’s policies, and not Palin. Besides, no one who has seen her calves would ever think once about using the word “pig” to describe her.

UPDATE: Denise comments:
He wasn’t calling Sarah Palin the pig. The GOP is the pig. He was calling Palin the lipstick.

She’s right. And, right again, Denise says, “Which is if anything even more insulting.”

I stand corrected.

Ron Paul: Moron's Messiah & A Disgrace To Libertarian Thinking

Ron Paul, with the help of Bob Barr, is lowering Libertarianism and its proud history into a cesspool of laughter and derisive dismissal by voters working to really improve America. Paul has asked people disappointed by the Republican Party to vote for 'principled candidates' such as Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. Huh? Paul is a one man wrecking crew for small government.

Paul: Vote third party
Ron Paul is set to urge Americans to vote third-party candidates for president, including Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader.

Ron Paul's refusal to endorse John McCain, his urging to support Nader and McKinney and his 'different drummer shtick is exactly that, shtick. He has no desire to improve America unless, as a doctor, he thinks creating more abortions will eventually make abortion go away.

I have many times been told my views are Libertarian. They may be, but I am most assuredly not. I work for real change which has been difficult these last 8 years of Republicans acting like drunken whores in Tijuana with my checkbook. Real change happens through hard work within the party system, not taking potshots from the sidelines for personal gratification.

I strongly believe in one man, one vote and the two party system. All this third party crap is tried over and over in again in undeveloped countries and old world past their importance countries too tired to actually move forward in a positive manner. You don't win in the arena of ideas by losing. You don't cure the ill by killing them. Anyone who tells you that is, well, a Libertarian.

I have noticed in the press that Ron Paul leaves out Bob Barr when urging voters to vote for 'principle candidates.' Maybe Bob and Ron are having a tiff over ownership of "The Libertarian Cookbook" savory Snipe recipe. Whatever, no amount of Thyme will improve it.

McCain/Palin Campaigning In Ohio

John McCain and Sarah Palin campaigned in Lebanon, Ohio Tuesday and wowed the crowd reported to be more than 5,000. I estimated the crowd much larger. Inside security the downtown street was jam packed and there were thousands more outside security listening from afar.

The crowd was diverse with some that were obviously not what would normally be considered Republicans, a large number of veterans proudly wearing hats, jackets, etc identifying themselves as veterans and a ton of women chanting, "Sa-Rah."

Anthony Munoz warmed up the crowd as well as Rob Portman, Mike Dewine and others. In spite of heavy rains leading up to the event the crowd was pumped and very enthusiastic. Munoz, a USC graduate took some ribbing over the upcoming OSU/USC football game and gave up when the band started playing 'Hang On Sloopy'. The entire crowd cheered and sang along. (My son would have mesmerized those surrounding us with his B-52 voice, but he was working in Columbus and studying towards his second degree at OSU.)

A rumble went through the crowd as the people in windows and on the balcony spied McCain and Palin entering the area and broke into cheers of 'Sa-Rah', John Mc-Cain' and 'USA'. It literally sent chills to see and hear people as they strained to catch a glimpse of the nominees while cheering wildly. Rumors of Ohio turning purple or blue seemed far-fetched.

Palin spoke first, commenting that 12 Presidents, numerous Senators, House members, Supreme Court members and foreign dignitaries had all walked through the doors of the 200 year old Golden Lamb Hotel asking the crowd to make John McCain the 13th President to do so. As she spoke, constantly interrupted with cheers and chants, I watched in awe as the crowd focused intently to hear and understand her words. A campaigner's dream not often realized.

As Palin finished and McCain started to speak, the crowd began chanting "John Mc-Cain" over and over. As he made each point, the crowd inched closer applauding and cheering and chanting "zero" each time Biden or Obama were mentioned. McCain brought his A game to this event and the crowd loved it.

The day was far from over as I and the people I drove down went to local events to organize grass root efforts far different from the astro-turfing efforts of the Obama team. At these events it was ironic to hear for the first time of Obama's lipstick slap down comment against Palin so soon after seeing so many signs at the rally for 'Lipstick Moms', 'Lipstick Ladies', etc. That is what happens when you have an ex-professor in charge of a national campaign. Axlerod's ivory tower mendacity is beginning to really hurt Obama.

At each event I had the pleasure of meeting past and future campaign compatriots that are doers, not just talkers. In short order networks were setup to stretch across the state to counter the union/special interest groups bringing in paid out-of-staters to undermine the electoral process in Ohio in an effort to ensure an Obama victory.

Oh, there was a person who tried to disrupt the McCain/Palin rally, but instead of people getting mad, they laughed at the poor guy who slinked away embarrassed. Kinda wraps up the two campaigns right now.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has the story on the pitiful rally Obama had in Ohio near the McCain Palin rally.

Pit Bull With Lipstick Has Obama Treed

Another Reason To Vote For McCain

World wants Obama as president: poll

Words Of Racism About Obama

'Community Organizer' Just One More Way To Say Black
"I think the Republican Party is too smart to call Barack Obama 'black' in a sense that it would be a negative. But you can take something about his life, which I noticed they did at the Republican Convention – a 'community organizer.' They kept saying it, they kept laughing," he said.

If community organizer is racist, how about other words?

Criminal - racist
Welfare - racist
Poor - racist
Equality - racist
Diversity - racist

Uh-oh, I'm seeing a pattern here where words that describe a problem can't be used because somebody somewhere is going to yell 'racist'.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has more

Monday, September 08, 2008

Biden's Cut & Run History Killed Millions

From the WSJ via Daled Amos

Jabbering Joe isn't just the 3rd most liberal Senator, his liberal voting has cost millions of people, like you and me and our children, their lives.

Biden Was Wrong On the Cold War
In fact, decade after decade and on important issue after important issue, Mr. Biden's judgment has been deeply flawed.

In the 1970s, Mr. Biden opposed giving aid to the South Vietnamese government in its war against the North. Congress's cut-off of funds contributed to the fall of an American ally, helped communism advance, and led to mass death throughout the region. Mr. Biden also advocated defense cuts so massive that both Edmund Muskie and Walter Mondale, both leading liberal Democrats at the time, opposed them.

In the early 1980s, the U.S. was engaged in a debate over funding the Contras, a group of Nicaraguan freedom fighters attempting to overthrow the Communist regime of Daniel Ortega. Mr. Biden was a leading opponent of President Ronald Reagan's efforts to fund the Contras. He also opposed Reagan's efforts to send military assistance to the pro-American government in El Salvador, which at the time was battling the FMLN, a Soviet-supported Marxist group.

Throughout his career, Mr. Biden has consistently opposed modernization of our strategic nuclear forces. He was a fierce opponent of Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. Mr. Biden voted against funding SDI, saying, "The president's continued adherence to [SDI] constitutes one of the most reckless and irresponsible acts in the history of modern statecraft." Mr. Biden has remained a consistent critic of missile defense and even opposed the U.S. dropping out of the Antiballistic Missile Treaty after the collapse of the Soviet Union (which was the co-signatory to the ABM Treaty) and the end of the Cold War.

In 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and, we later learned, was much closer to attaining a nuclear weapon than we had believed. President George H.W. Bush sought war authorization from Congress. Mr. Biden voted against the first Gulf War, asking: "What vital interests of the United States justify sending Americans to their deaths in the sands of Saudi Arabia?"

In 2006, after having voted three years earlier to authorize President George W. Bush's war to liberate Iraq, Mr. Biden argued for the partition of Iraq, which would have led to its crack-up. Then in 2007, Mr. Biden opposed President Bush's troop surge in Iraq, calling it a "tragic mistake." It turned out to be quite the opposite. Without the surge, the Iraq war would have been lost, giving jihadists their most important victory ever.

On many of the most important and controversial issues of the last four decades, Mr. Biden has built a record based on bad assumptions, misguided analyses and flawed judgments. If he had his way, America would be significantly weaker, allies under siege would routinely be cut loose, and the enemies of the U.S. would be stronger.

There are few members of Congress whose record on national security matters can be judged, with the benefit of hindsight, to be as consistently bad as Joseph Biden's. It's true that Sarah Palin has precious little experience in national security affairs. But in this instance, no record beats a manifestly bad one.

People all over the world would be terrified if a man like Biden were to be elected to the second highest office in America.

Media Really PO'd That 'The One' Is Two

The New York Times reporting on September 5, 2008 by Michael A, Cohen, expert on political campaigns and political speeches.

McCain Missed the Mark
There is still much to happen between now and Election Day. One can likely expect to see Mr. McCain receive a convention bounce over the next few days. In fact, it would hardly be surprising for public opinion surveys to show a neck-and-neck race. But, this temporary jump in the polls for Mr. McCain may be ephemeral. Having been given the opportunity to offer a rousing vision for his candidacy, Mr. McCain’s speech last night was a missed opportunity to reframe the 2008 campaign on his own terms.

A recap of September 8, 2008 campaign news.



GALLUP: McCain Moves Ahead, 48% to 45%...

Likely voters is the category to watch.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Voter Registration Increase By Democrats

The dead, illegals, homeless and the nonexistent lead in new registration. ACORN even re-registered Eleanor Roosevelt and Elvis!

Barack H. Obama VS George W. Bush

Bush - freed 54 million people.
Obama - nada

Climate Change: Meat & Animal Poofs As Saviors

Methane. Gassy gold. Flatulence may be what keeps us warm in the coming Ice Age. Wait, I'm confused. Are we getting too hot, too cold or porridge-pot just right? I don't know and I am pretty sure the groups espousing one way or another don't know either, but somebody is gonna make money either which way it goes. Gore, for all his flatulence, has never to my knowledge belched that we have to stop eating meat one day a week. Talk about bad timing, what with a Moose killer on the ticket as a VP.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation has estimated that meat production accounts for nearly a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. These are generated during the production of animal feeds, for example, while ruminants, particularly cows, emit methane, which is 23 times more effective as a global warming agent than carbon dioxide. The agency has also warned that meat consumption is set to double by the middle of the century.

'In terms of immediacy of action and the feasibility of bringing about reductions in a short period of time, it clearly is the most attractive opportunity,' said Pachauri. 'Give up meat for one day [a week] initially, and decrease it from there,' said the Indian economist, who is a vegetarian.

Okay, a vegetarian from a country that worships beef wants us to have a meatless day, kinda like those loony Catholics with their fishy Friday. Do fish poof?

Does this mean that Dr Rajendra Pachauri is going to start cold-turkey one day a week with out beans?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Flags Found In Trash Called Political Stunt By Obama Campaign

Just like unborn babies, Democrats throw flags in the trash.

McCain Camp ‘Rescues’ Flags From Obama Rally
McCain supporters said the flags were discovered by a vendor at Denver’s Invesco Field after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention. The vendor supposedly found trash bags full of flags in and near garbage bins, and turned them over to the McCain campaign.

Boy Scouts were sorting through 84 bags of flags in Colorado on Saturday, before a McCain supporter had veterans distribute them to the audience.

Damon Jones, spokesman for the Democratic National Convention Committee, released a statement saying McCain should applaud the fact that thousands of American flags were “proudly waved” at their convention.

“But instead his supporters wrongfully took leftover bundles of our flags from the stadium to play out a cheap political stunt calling into question our patriotism,” he said.

Yes, we all should applaud the fact that Obama supporters attempted to show patriotism. That is a start. A poor one, but a start, none the less. And mean old McCain people just had to bring up the flag/trash thing. Some of those mean old people brought up the law, ethics and patriotism in an apparent attempt to show that Democrats displayed none of them.

Flags in the trash. Used once. For a couple of seconds. For TV. And then, with out honor, dumped in and near the trash. And Republicans had the bad taste to point this out. Too soon.

Talk about spoiling a special moment. At least it wasn't another abortion.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Oprah Is Playing The Women Of America For Fools

A lot of people have talked about Oprah refusing to have Gov. Sarah Palin on her show. (From The Drudge Report) Now Oprah has released a state of explanation:

"The item in today's Drudge Report is categorically untrue. There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this Presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over."

How unfortunate that Oprah thinks her audience stupid. I do not watch the show, but I have heard good things about it from women with whom I am friends. These friends smirk when told about Oprahs point of view and rightfully so because Oprah is now part of the media, is black like Obama and is playing her audience like fools circling her Maypole.

Palin appearing would make her part of the campaign? Yeah, like she isn't in Obama's campaign up to her armpits. Obama's appearance was a campaign appearance. Oprah's endorsement of Obama is just as much campaigning for him as that appearance and the appearance Oprah made on his behalf.

Oprah is too smart by half on this one which is surprising for a person that has appeared so savvy. Maybe she now has so much money she she feels she can roll the dice for the whole thing on behalf of Obama or maybe she doesn't care. Whichever.

Making your audience appear foolish is a dumb idea, especially doing so by connivance and two faced bald lying.

Obama Still Against Surge That Worked, Can't Anticipate Thinking...Differently

Obama, in an anticipated moment he could envision in front of the camera, might have written these words just for Bill and the interview.

And I tell you how easy it feels to be with you
And how right your arms feel around me
But I, I rehearsed those lines just late last night
When I was thinkin' about how right tonight might be

I think that the surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated,” Obama said while refusing to retract his initial opposition to the surge. “I’ve already said it’s succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

"Nobody anticipated"? Once again Obama shows his ignorance of governance and military planning which is a key part of the job he wants.

Liberals raked Petraeus and Bush over the coals precisely because they did anticipate the outcome and success of the surge. "General Betyrayus" and "McBusHitler" were terms the leftists bandied about then, but they seem ignorant of the possibilities of Obama being "Iraq Barack" and just too McStupid to be president.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Obama Is A Day Late & A Dollar Short

At least he finally said it even if he really doesn't believe it.

Obama: Surge Succeeded Beyond 'Wildest Dreams'...

and it succeeded in spite of Obama and his ilk.

Obama Needs A Surge For Chicago!

I doubt the "O" will condone a surge because he still believes them to fail.

Bloody Summer In City: 125 Dead In Chicago, Double Number Killed In Iraq...

Chicago, the new Anbar province, but with violence, appears to be in a civil war and Obama needs to meet with the different factions with no pre-conditions. Maybe Chicago and Illinois need new leadership and to be split up into three states so as to decentralize the violence into different areas. You know, just to protect citizens unable to govern and protect themselves from themselves and each other. It's out of control and probably lost. Forever.

Liberal Media's Goose Gander Problem

From Victor David Hanson

Two nations….
The Geraldine Ferraro Democratic Vice Presidential nominee appointment was an inspired stroke of genius that advanced the cause of feminism; Palin’s was tawdry tokenism.

Edwards was a social reformer brought down by the tabloids; Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is white trash and fair game.

Insulting “small town mayors” and “good looking” women is funny; suggesting that “community organizing” is often a farce is a felony.

Obama’s violation of drug laws with a “little blow” was youthful exuberance; Palin’s husband’s DUI was more proof of a working-class messy family.

Joe Biden bravely continued as Senator after the tragic death of his wife and daughter left his injured young sons with a single parent; Sarah Palin selfishly shorted her children by running for VP and endangered her infants by flying while pregnant.

Criticizing Clinton’s engaging in sex in the oval office and lying about it to the American people were once “the politics of personal destruction”; lying that Sarah Palin might not have been the mother of her 5th child is the mere overreach of the blogs caused by the improper vetting of the McCain campaign.

This all reminds me of the 2000 campaign when the media beat the dead-horse of Bush (Yale BA, Harvard MBA) as the lousy, lazy C-student, when, in fact, Al Gore’s undergraduate record at Harvard was full of C’s, F’s at Vanderbilt Divinity School (dropped out), and C’s at Vanderbilt Law School (dropped out). The point is not that quitting professional schools is necessarily a sign of anything, but rather once again that the media is shown to be bending and inventing facts for their higher purposes of liberal utopianism— a continuation of some half a century when we remember the “dumb” Ike floundering before the “brilliant” and “witty” Adlai Stevenson (who flunked out of Harvard Law School, a fact hidden from the public for decades.)

In a nutshell example, any Republican woman must have slept with the boss to get a promotion, but Sally Quinn actually got her's by sheer brilliance and fortitude.

The War That Obama Liberals Totally Missed

General Betrayus, the surge will be, is and was a total failure, divide the little brown people's country into 3 parts to save them from themselves, RETREAT, RETREAT, RETREAT with honor.

Legislating failure is a messy business when there are those who can see clearly and are dogging cowardly lies as they slither through the halls of Congress and the campaigns of fools.

50 million people are now free. 50 million human beings were under the murderous thumb of dictatorships. What we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan would be comparable to freeing the 48,766,935 people of northeastern United States:


The media, liberals (same thing) and the Democratic leadership in Congress have lied to the citizens of the U.S. throughout the entire effort.

Below is a letter from Major Thomas Sadiq, via Miserable Doughnuts, which speaks to the truth about what is happening in Iraq:


I am about to leave MNSTC-I. I have worked closely with you during our time together as we helped the Nation of Iraq develop. I thank you all for the time and effort you expended on my behalf.

I volunteered for the deployment, and it’s been a long road. Let me tell you what has changed since I arrived. I’ve been through the days when we were told we had lost. The Senate voted on a resolution to divide Iraq into three parts. Foreign Affairs ran an article asking not if Iraq had been lost, but attempting to place blame on who lost it. General Petraeus was belittled in the press and in the halls of Congress, and the surge was deemed destined to fail by many. We’ve been though the days when steel rained from the sky, when some said that the best option was to plaster bomb Sadr city and slaughter all those inside. But we didn’t, and have emerged from that trial bloodied but stronger, and with our integrity intact.

We were told that Muslims in general and Iraqis in particular lacked the genetic makeup for democracy, that such an egalitarian form of government was be reserved for those born in the western hemisphere. Yet, in the end, the abiding wisdom of our Founding Fathers rang out: For there are still those among us who committed to the idea that certain truths are self-evident, that all men are created equal, that theyare endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among theseare Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Welcome to the new Republic of Iraq.

I cannot predict what will happen in the next year, but I am sure that your efforts will continue the progress that has been made. Nation building is not easy, nor for the faint of heart.

There will be a brief good-bye ceremony at the MNSTC-I flag pole at 1500 today. If you cannot make it, I wish you health and safety as you complete your tour and travel home.

Maj Thomas Sadiq

To liberals the above is a lie. To them Sadiq's words cannot be true because they don't fit into their reality based world. The reality is that liberals have totally missed this war of liberation from Islamofascists and Sodamned Insane. To liberals, I suppose an enslaved New England wouldn't be worth fighting for.

How sad for all freedom loving people.