Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama SOTU Speech A Bust

Spoke in blandishments.

Tried to hide more entitlements.

Spoke of deeds he will never do.

A waste of many minutes.

Pundits Wrong About Reagan And Obama

Obama never mentioned Reagan let alone praised Reagan.

Musta come to his senses. Any mention of Reagan would have put the lie to his administration.

SOTU Off The Rails

Bam Bam has gone completely la la.

Trying to wrap up a completely disingenuous SOTU Obama is now dribbling.

To wrap up Obama is showing his support of the troops by promising to give them what they need to fight which is giving them the right to be openly gay.

Now he wants to talk about no illusions.

Our democracy is messy, but good!

Panadering in the fast lane.

We do big things. That is how we win the future.

By spending trillions we don't have?

Oh, BTW our union is strong.....

What a crock.

No Real Cuts, No Real Tax Cuts, Just Rhetoric As Usual.

Now is the time to act, for Republicans and Democrats to do abosutely squat to make us more efficient and better people.

Big joke about being smoked referring to salmon.

Love that humor.

Obama is going to reorganize government and will allow every citizen to see online just how wonderful government is.

For the third time Obama says he will veto any bill with earmarks. Waiting.

As Obama tells us that America's leadership has been renewed and the world now loves us once again Jabberin' Joe is falling asleep.

Biden should be falling asleep because Obama has switched into his "I wanna be Bush" mode complete with coaltion talk, but without reality.

In short, Obama will defeat the enemy even though he can't defeat Republicans.

On to nuke talk. Always a great talking point for one who has the wind in his face.

Health Care Reform And Balanced Budget Lies

Obama is pulling out the sick to try and save his ObamaScare. He has to if he has any chance of reeelection.

So he builds his case on lies.

Building on one lie to another he moves to lessening our debt and balancing our budgets.

He's willing to cut, but only on his terms and referenced by his catchy little phrases (see list of supporters who gave the big bucks) he wants to cut programs that he never in a minute will ever cut, but Obama is going all bi-partisan.


Lower The Corporate Tax Rate????

Liberal heads exploding nationwide.

Will it happen?


Is Obama campaigning or is he telling the truth?

Yes and no.

High Speed Rail And Internet?

Even Biden can't get excited. Maybe he'll promise ice cream to all children and then tonight double his efforts to ensure that promise.

High speed rail for 80% of Americans without the grab and grope.

What a lie of a promise that will never want because no one wants it nor do they want to pay for it. 

Highest Proportion Of College Graduates In The World.

BS. Not in your administration.

Thus we must give citizenship to illegal immigrants to save America.


Good Lord, A Call For Another 100,000 Teachers

Unions? I guess.

Pandering going ballistic.

"We'll Show You The Money"

How presidential. Speaking of what will never really happen in education Obama said show us the new idea and we'll show you the money.

What baloney.

Some of the dates aren't standing with their partners.

First Blush of SOTU- Fluff-lite

What crap.

Obama quotes, cites and lies about what may have been and trashes what is. What a political loser

Lord, let me not smash my TV.

Payola? Rahmbo Back On the Ballot

He's back! It was interesting that in a press conference he immediately got his spin going by saying that what is important is the companies that have left Schicago in the last year and the companies that will come to Schicago in the next year. Like, is Rahmbo going to change the tax, spend and corrupt atmosphere in Schicago and Illinois?
Maybe Rahmbo will get Cook County exempted from the new state taxes. Maybe certain children (cough, cough) will get cushy jobs with one of the new companies Rahmbo will be getting to come to Schicago.

Maybe this ruling stinks of something other than the law.