Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Our Capitalistic Republic VS Any Socialist Government

Joe Paterno, RIP

CBS is reporting a great man is gone. May God bless him..

Unions To Poop In The Punch At The Super Bowl?

Big Labor: Indiana unions, opposed to becoming the first right-to-work state in the Rust Belt, may disrupt Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Their unnecessary roughness will cost the Hoosiers needed jobs.

Take a bunch of people with a beer in one hand, something grilled in the other, who are trying to have some fun in Obama’a non-economy and then the Super Bowl they are celebrating gets disrupted. Will all of them drop their celebration to cheer the disrupters or will they get angry?

It’s the unions call. On the bright side union leadership has demonstrated that they haven’t a clue as they ride around in their limos and private jets and will make their decisions in that environment. They, much like the moron that plops some poop in the punchbowl they will get what they deserve.