Monday, March 22, 2010

Nobody Likes The Health Care Reform Bill, Especially Those That Will Pay

Everybody that anyone talks to hates this bill. Good job Pelosi. You can turn chalk into chaulk.

Nobody who knows this bill thinks it good.


Hopefully, for you, it will bankrupt us sooner than later, because if it does so later you might escape lynching. By hiding long enough.

Okay, let loose with the racist crap.

Because I Was Just Thinking About It

Where I was confirmed.

Nancy Laughing At Us II, 'Let Them Eat Cake'

The Political Cost Of Health Care

Much has been said of the economic cost of health care which, simply put is that we can't afford this bill of entitlements. The political cost may be higher for the Democrats.

They probably have lost the pro-life vote for the foreseeable future. This will cut across many religious groups. It is unfortunate to the nth degree that Nancy Pelosi, allegedly a Catholic, directed this fight.

Many different political groups have been awakened from their slumber. Conservatives that thought their back was covered have rejoined the fray. Republicans who were uncommitted are now energized. Moderate Republicans who do that, "Oh, I just vote for the best candidate," now see in stark terms what that has accomplished. Independents and especially those that weren't interested in politics may not know that the Republican Party is their home, but they well know now that the Democrat Party is not their political home, in fact, it is a bordello to be avoided.

Older Americans are very angry with what the Democrats have done to them financially (and how they were used as bartering chips) and the young voter demographic is now more pro-life and conservative than in recent history.

Working Americans, many of them Blue Collar workers who thought they were voting for hope and change, know that vast amounts of money is being spent and someone will have to pay it back. That it is being spent on health care reform in place of jobs and the economy only compounds their anger.

The most important group affected is that block of voter that smells a rat. They may not have the intense involvement, thus the deep knowledge, of what is in the health care reform bill, but they know it stinks. It stinks the way it was passed, it stinks because they know they were lied to and it stinks because of their common sense which tells them that this whole charade is bull.

Many of this last group will vote Republican in the near future, but others that may have voted Democrat in the past will just fade into the, “they’re all liars,” group of voters.

If I was breaking out the demographic profile for the Democrats I’d be scratching my head a lot, because the historical number crunching method isn’t going to work next time around.

PETA VS A Raw Steak

Raw Steak - 230,462 fans

PETA - 520,933 fans

Obama's Universe Feels Discord, The Wookiees Are Unhappy

Read a piece at Reason that mirrored my experience today.

Barbershop Secession

In my travels today I heard what I normally do not hear, people that normally do not talk about politics talking a lot about politics.

At the gas station a fellow with a 12 pack of Old Milwaukee saying that the fools in Washington ought to be thrown out. As he left in his tool filled pickup I could see what was left of an Obama/Biden sticker on the back.

At the grocery store, where I am known to hang around and chat, a checkout lady (one of my favs) whispered to me that even though they all thought I was a rich guy who didn't know nothing when I first came to town, but that she had taken a "poll" amongst the ladies and that I had been right and they were through with the democrat lies.

At the lumberyard the owner, who put Obama signs practically on every surface in the last election, greeted me with. "Hey, you sonnavabitch, time for you get your *** back to Washington and shut it down." Though always polite, this is a guy whose sentences usually are made of monosyllable utterances, but still very conversant in lumber, nails and commerce.

One of my neighbors, who I refer to as solar boy because he has enough solar panels to power an aircraft carrier or Al Gore’s house, removed his Obama sticker this morning. From his Prius.

There seems to be a tad bit of discord in the universe.

A Joyful Sound Unto The Lord?

I have been working for Democratic and progressive causes for 29 years, and I don't think I've ever been prouder than today. When David Obey swung that gavel -- the same gavel used to hammer home Medicare -- and struck it on that historic rostrum, it made a joyful noise unto the Lord. And I for one said Hallelujah.

Mr Begala, is that joyful noise unto the Lord the same as the sound of 3,700 babies being aborted each day? I guess one man's noise is another man's music. Or is it that the sound of one man's joyful noise is to another man the sound of screaming?

There is no Hallelujah here, only a deep sadness.

Stupak Or Tiger?

Your call.

America Got Stupaked

Stupaked: deluded, fooled, duped or lied to.

NYTs A Day Late And $562 Billion Short


In reality, if you strip out all the gimmicks and budgetary games and rework the calculus, a wholly different picture emerges: The health care reform legislation would raise, not lower, federal deficits, by $562 billion.

GERALDO: The Sound Of FOX Being Turned Off

At a time when many needed to hear coherent discussion of what had just occured Fox News for whatever reason put Geraldo Rivera on. Mistake. A man who, besides his obvious bias, has no personal integrity was talking about the integrity of the United States of America.

A major error on the part of a network not known for such errors.

If possible, I think Geraldo was more smug than Pelosi and Obama who are quite capable of making all others look like mere cubs in the mink sable club of PC.

I turned to C-Span immediately.

Obama Rejoices In A Bottom Up Victory For HCR. Huh?

Obama just stated that he wants to thank all the people who made this victory possible. All the minority of the people that threatened, lied and bribed to get this passed.

He spoke glowingly of a "A government of the people and for the people."

The people are against this bill, so, ah, what are you speaking to?

"This isn't radical reform." Huh? You're joking right? 1/6 of the economy is in Obama's hands. That is radically scary.

My God, you could see the smug arrogance on his face as he spoke.

In all of this people have stopped asking whether we can afford this before anyone gets to the horrific details of this bill. At some point maybe some in Congress will sit back and ask about the constitutionality of this bill.

If one needs to know how horrible this bill is, one only has to know that Geraldo Rivera has more tingles up his leg than Chris Matthews over the passage of HCR.