Saturday, January 20, 2007

kOs kiDdies can't handle the truth

Currently there is a diary near the top of the recent diary list that attacks
Hillary Clinton for a supposed bigoted comment. The sources the diarist cites
are not credible, to say the least, and are more correctly described as right
wing websites.

I will not link to this diary as 1) I expect it to be deleted
by diarist soon, and 2) I will not spread such filth any further.

But this does raise an opportunity to discuss the First Rule of the Primary Wars. It is expected that there will be diaries criticial of any and all candidates during
this time. No one can complain about that. Indeed, your candidate will not be
our nominee unless he or she can survive our scruntiny. But, when writing such
diaries critical of a candidate, you may not now or ever use source material
that emanates from the right wing or Republicans to support your criticisms or

If your source is NewsMax, delete the diary.
If your source is Insight, delete the diary.
If your source is Drudge, delete the diary.
If your source is Free Republic, consider suicide.

Daily Kos will not be used as a Right Wing echo chamber, for they already have enough echo chambers of their own.

h/t Mr. Johnson

Apparent Media Disinformation

AP ROME — Iraq's prime minister said security forces would have better
control over their country if the United States had equipped them with more —
and better — weapons, speaking during an interview in which he was deeply
critical of Washington, an Italian daily reported Thursday. Reporter
Corriere della Sera
Only problem.

It isn't true.

Gateway Pundit is all over this and I got this information from his incredible website:

But, NOT ONE of the international articles included this from his press
conference (translated from Maliki's website):

"We feel and know the great help the United States and
President Bush gave us (IRAQ). They rescued Iraq from oppression and
dictatorship and helped set up the current democratic government in Iraq, even
though it still needs to mature fully, and the freedom Iraqis enjoy. None of
this would have happened without the effort (of the USA) and hard work...""Our
success is Presidents Bush's success and America's success and failure will
affect both of us."

Here's where we get to the truth on what was really said at the press conference...Iraqi American Haider Ajina wrote in an email on what Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki really said in his press conference:

Greetings Jim,I looked at al-Maliki's personal web page and read the official spokesperson comments. Maliki's comments were taken completely out of context and even reported inaccurately. The news first was reported by an Italian paper totally inaccurately. I will get more details and get back to you.

It is interesting that the media missed Maliki's announcement of the arrest of over 400 Mahdi army people, in spite of the strong support he has from Muktada. Maliki is doing this to show that he will punish all who do not obey the law.

By the way, Muktada's party said they will come back to the Parliament. They left, if you remember, when Maliki went to Jordan to talk with President Bush, now they are back with their tails between their legs....

Regards,Haider Ajina

Later, Haider Ajina writes back with more:
I have read the interview Maliki gave to a number of Western papers. They have taken his comments completely out of context.

Maliki even accused the LA Times person of asking devilish or tricky misleading questions.

The LA Times person was trying to put words in Maliki's mouth and Maliki rebutted him.

Maliki said in his interview that Iraqis have their freedom because of the sacrifices and help of the USA and President Bush and Iraq is grateful. This they did not report.

This is Maliki's personal web page, it is not in English. The link take you directly to the interview of the 17th... is very maddening how the papers twist what he said and even make up stuff.

What we have known for years, actually since I was a child (back when dirt was young), is now being documented. The press may not have just an agenda, it has the lies to back that agenda up.

Why not join the crusade to find their "holy grail" from which their truth lies spring from?

(Gateway Pundit story)

Juan Cole - Intellectual Despot

In doing other research I came upon Martin Kramer and his Sandbox. Interesting reading. very.

As the anti-freedom worker bees move forward to undermine the people of Iraq and stab our troops in the back, I find it informative to learn how "intellectuals" were brought back in line starting as far back as 2004.

But since Professor Cole still needs help with his memory, let me add this quote to the litany (April 1, 2003):
I hold on to the belief that the Baath regime in Iraq has been virtually
genocidal (no one talks about the fate of the Marsh Arabs) and that having
it removed cannot in the end be a bad thing. That's what I tell anxious
parents of our troops over there; it is a noble enterprise to remove the
Baath, even if so many other justifications for the war are crumbling.
You've got the mise-en-scene? The much-titled expert reassures anxious parents of service personnel that their sons and daughters are risking their lives in a "noble enterprise." Now read this passage, which Cole wrote over a year later (April 23, 2004):
I would not have been willing to risk my own life to dislodge Saddam Hussein
from power. And, I would certainly not have been willing to see my son risk
his. So apparently the "noble enterprise" wasn't that noble, at least in
retrospect. For it's only in retrospect that Cole came to see the "noble
enterprise" as a "terrible idea."
Only in retrospect did a war to depose Saddam look to him like
a "bad idea," since at the time he thought it "cannot in the end be a bad
thing." When war began, he thought it would be "worth the sacrifices." Only in
retrospect did he decide it wasn't even worth the risks.

"Intellectuals" like Juan Cole are not just self aggrandizing losers, they are liars. dangerous ones.