Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Self Confessed Serial Liar David Brock & MMFA Go Dumpster Diving For Fun And Profit

Brock claimed to have the video, but he didn't think that anyone would find and watch the entire video and that hurt his shattered credibility further. From pointing to Limbaugh to Imus to O'Reilly and to others he missed his mark by lying about the target and millions of dollars later the press and the public simply don't believe him. Cupcake Couric read a nice script as an interview with Brock, but, ahem, that seems to be it unless one thinks the Democratic Underground sewer is media. From my point of view it's their money well spent.

A MMFA spokesman went on the Today Show to lie about showing the entire video and full transcript. Uh, no. They took a small snippet out and made into something it wasn’t.
There was the time that they lied about a letter to Cliff Kincaid of AIM from the Afghanistan ambassador.

MMFA kids love to stir up a non-story and then deny it and say that the victim of their attacks is attacking them for things they didn’t so, as it happened to one of their favorite targets, Sarah Palin.

Who can forget the superb research that MMFA has paid millions for that isn’t quite so as it was when Obama singled out the Supreme Court for criticism during his State of the Union address. Ah, Mr. Brock, the research was so shoddy I presume you made it up yourself.

Who can forget those juicy racist quotes from Rush Limbaugh which MMFA reported on when Limbaugh hoped to be part of a NFL team? Except he never said them, but MMFA said that even though they had no proof, i.e. they lied, they just knew that Limbaugh might have, possibly, maybe said such things.

MMFA loves grassroots groups even when they’re funded AstroTurf groups such as Color of Change who claimed they were destroying Glenn Beck’s advertising base.

Brock’s boobs love “completely baseless,” a “total fabrication” and there is not a “shred of evidence” type of stories unless, you know, there is as it was with the “Fallujah Four” Democrats aiding terror in Iraq.

Oh, hell, this could go on forever. I think it would be a much shorter post if I just listed truths that MMFA has stated.

Now our hapless whores of Soros are going to violate the law by trying to destroy Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, his business and as many of the workers as possible because they are the Republican Party. Where could they find things to lie about with this effort?

I guess they are in sync with the Obama doctrine of creating as many unemployed as they can. It’s a tall order, but they might just get it done.

Obama Spreads Freedom Around The World All By His Awesome Self

Is there anything the Won can't do?

Anti-genocide advocate credits Obama for Libyan uprising

Court Jester synchophants saying so doesn't make it true, but then that isn't their job, is it?