Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aunt Samantha Sucker Punched Uncle Sam, She's Now In Charge w/Update From ManBearPig's Sibling

And she is going to make the world safe whether you like it or not. Behave or Auntie will spank you with court papers and new laws. Auntie loves you. You cretin. You'll understand some day.

Lawyers and lawsuits shut down prime sledding hills...
NYC Lawmaker Proposes Ban On 'Talking And Walking'...
Mom jailed for enrolling kids in better school district...

And Aunt Samantha ain't just shutting down lunches that your kid might like, she's suing the shorts off anyone who tells her where to shove her nannanista ways.

And she has the federal government as her junk yard dog to help show you the errors of your ways.

ManBearPig's sib, NanBarePrig, Dennis Kucinich is suing because the caddy health care plan left him short in the enjoyment and pain department after oral surgery which he say's is the House cafeteria's fault. It's not clear if pain and enjoyment were listed in the same catagory, but it's the pits for sure! Auntie Samantha couldn't fix it with just a gold plated plan so let's get to suing somebody!

SOTU Poll - Yawning Voters W/ Update

The state of the union appears to be listing to one side as the ship of state is porting into any harbor it can find. This, then, is a wrap up of the tempest in a teapot called the SOTU:

Fox News - 'FLAT'
CBS - Obama: "The Future is Ours to Win"
CBS Poll - Poll: High Marks for Obama's State of the Union Speech  91% loved it say they!
ABC - State of the Union 2011: Obama Emphasizes Bipartisanship to Promote Jobs, Growth, Innovation
NBC - A new spirit in Washington, but same old divisions linger
AP - State of the Union stirs current of hope, doubt

But, but, but...AP - Fact check: Obama ledger out of balance

Bottom Feeders -

SOTU - Infrastructure/Innovation
Randy Andy Sullivan appears to have spent the evening elsewhere. Probably researching his own high speed train proposal(s).
From Ezra of the "I" generation - Lots of vision, but few policy specifics

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IA Poll (including household, blogs and the Internet):

BUST! - Shoulda gone bowling. Alone. Better use of time.