Monday, March 31, 2008

The psychology of voting

via Tony Phyrillas

[He] received an e-mail from a New York University student who is conducting a research study on how people pick a president as part of his work toward a degree in psychology.

Matthew Schottland is conducting a Web survey as part of his study.Schottland assures [him] that the project is not to sell anything, make a profit, or promote any sort of political agenda

You can take the survey at:

Rest In Peace

Sgt. Matthew Maupin

Health Nazis Ally With Communists To Ban Butts

Beijing to ban smoking ahead of Olympics: official media

In addition to cleansing the air China's new anti-flooding program will consist of female children with 2 or more vowels in their first name to use their fingers to plug holes in the country's dikes on alternate days during the rain season. Officials have already announced the complete success of both programs.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

James Earl Carter Report To Your Gate For Immediate Departure

Mugabe apparently faces major defeat in Zimbabwe

How can Robert win without your ballot expertise Jimmah? Oh, and while you're there the roof and foundation of Democracy need repair. Maybe you can help habitat it after you make sure the election is fair and Mugabe wins. I mean, don't you and Andy Young want Mugabe's reign of terror to continue to further freedom and justice by murdering anybody that dares disagree with him? Get on board Jimmah, Bobby Mugabe needs you!

"Earth Hour" goes globally silly

Speaking of bogus science such as aLgORE's global warming, now his minions of those that care more than you and are smarter than thee have brought us;

"Earth Hour" goes global

"It is not just about turning off the lights, it is about raising awareness," San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said. "Energy efficiency is low-hanging fruit. Energy efficiency is the easiest thing we can do" to reduce global warming.

I think the truest thing said during the entire event is that Gavin seems to like the dark better while promoters like the limelight. What a crock.

Bogus Science

I grew up in a family wedded to the sciences so this headline is sad;

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'

They may be right, but who knows and fewer are caring every day because "scientific" activists have been lying to us for decades. To make a name or make a fortune "scientists" have released information that is premature, incomplete or an outright lie concerning Alar, DDT, global warming, secondhand smoke, etc., and now cell phones.

Would I like to believe them, yes. Will I, no because science has been sullied by "scientists" and an out of control and overweight government attempting to justify the billions of dollars they steal from us each year by backing wild claims with little or no factual support.

Science and the NIH, for example, have become part of the health problem.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Only 34% Of West Virginia Have Real Jobs

Well, if 50% of the state population works for some form of government and 1 in 6 are on food stamps that means approximately 34% have jobs that are worth having. Ex-Kleagle pay appears to be pretty good though. Kinda like a US Senator might have if one can quote Cato in response to any question and wear a toga with headgear.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Murdering Murtha Wrong Again

Via Gateway Pundit who has been on this in depth

ALL CHARGES DROPPED Against Haditha Marine LCpl. Tatum

Marine LCpl. Tatum has had all charges dropped for his actions in Haditha, but I am sure Jack Murtha is at a fund raiser or is face down in a pork trough and hasn't heard. Otherwise he would publicly apologize right after getting off the phone from apologizing personally to each of the Marines. Just remember, he loves the troops just like Harry and Nancy do which is why Murtha publicly convicted them before they were tried.

None of the Marines will be charged with "cold blooded murder." Can Murtha be charged with character murder? How will Murtha help these men get their lives back? To paraphrase Secretary of Labor Ray Donovan, "What office do they go to get their reputation back?"

Marines killed Iraqis ‘in cold blood’
"there was no firefight, there was no IED (improvised explosive device) that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."

Why do sad old loads like this keep getting reelected? Anyone in Pennsylvania know?

And Your Point Is?


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twenty-Somethings Arming The World All By Themselves! Really.

AEY is a great company except for its bad products, having a twenty-something masseur for a VP, a psycho twenty-something President and probably a connection to the Eastern European and Russian mafias. Other than that, well, it's a great company.

It's listed with the Defense Procurement agency as being in Miami Beach and it shares its telephone number with another company by the same name that lists its business as the construction of buildings. Phone: 305-672-2479.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barack Obama Missed Jeremiah Once Again

via Gateway Pundit from

Obama's Pastor Wright: "Italians Look Down Their Garlic Noses... Jesus Got Public Lynching Italian Style"

Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has been a member for two decades, slurred Italians in a piece published in the most recent issue of Trumpet Newsmagazine."

(Jesus') enemies had their opinion about Him," Wright wrote in a eulogy of the late scholar Asa Hilliard in the November/December 2007 issue. "The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans."

Wright continued, "From the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth (in a barn in a township that was under the Apartheid Roman government that said his daddy had to be in), up to and including the circumstances surrounding Jesus' death on a cross, a Roman cross, public lynching Italian style. ..."

He refused to be defined by others and Dr. Asa Hilliard also refused to be defined by others. The government runs everything from the White House to the schoolhouse, from the Capitol to the Klan, white supremacy is clearly in charge, but Asa, like Jesus, refused to be defined by an oppressive government because Asa got his identity from an Omnipotent God."

Garlic noses? Jeremiah, you pompous illiterate old fool, just stop running your mouth. Everything you see wrong in the world was caused by someone else and that someone was never colored except those "uncle toms" that don't agree with your crap. Now that we've learned of your hate we're told that most African -American Churches spew the same hatred of America and whites. If that's true, then Houston, we've got a problem.

Jeremiah, Barack, Michelle and Otis, Jr - Everything does NOT come down to slavery. That was then and this is now. Jesus doesn't believe in afro-centrism anymore than He's going make sure the Irish are in heaven a hour before the Devil knows they're dead, plus attempting to tie apartheid to the Bible ain't gonna make St Peter mucho happy.

Garlic noses? My Italian wife says you're a hypocritical racist and she'd be right Wright, you pathetic excuse for a pastor for the Lord.

20 years Barack? The marriage, the house, the babies? You must privately believe this man which makes you a public liar and racist because no one is so stupid to be around a fool like this and not know he is a fool. Even a hustler knows another hustler without being told.

Liberal Economics Best Practice

Need A Reason To Vote For McCain?

Chavez says U.S. relations could worsen with McCain...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


More Gore Bore?

Mark Tomasik: Don't discount Gore-led ticket

When a Clinton or Obama just won't do, run Al run. If Al can expel enough hot air it could aid his global warming cause.

Monday, March 24, 2008


You Belong in Milan
Stylish and sophisticated, you want to enjoy a truly European life - away from tourists!
Milan fits you perfectly. Great shopping, high quality food, lots of culture... with very little hype.
What European City Do You Belong In?

Barack Obama Is Too Progressive To Be Called Liberal

Obama's promise of a new majority, and the question it prompts

Obama, in an interview, said that "a lot of these old labels don't apply anymore."

He said he was a progressive and a pragmatist, eager to tackle the big issues like health care and convinced that the Democrats could rally independents and disaffected Republicans to their agenda.

Obama says he understands the criticism of his voting record, but argues that the Senate is so ideologically polarized it is hard not to end up on one side or the other.

"The only votes that come up are votes that are purposely designed to divide people," he said. "It's true that if I'm presented with a series of votes like that, I'm more likely to fall left of center than right of center. But as president, I would be setting the terms of debate."

They say he is ready for a new, self-assured progressive era in which progressives (few have returned to the word liberal) make no apologies about their goals - universal health care, withdrawing troops from Iraq, ending tax breaks for more affluent Americans - and assume that a broad swath of the public shares them.

Progressive Platform
With this platform, we declare our commitment to common cause and our desire for clear commitments from our elected officials. This platform is founded in a shared vision of a sustainable and just economy with respect for the environment, human rights, and a culture of peace. It is grounded in the values of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Earth Charter. Our platform is a collection of bold, uncompromised positions on the most fundamental questions of our democracy.

This is a living document, the contents of which will evolve. We hope the spirit of common cause will guide us toward establishing a foundation built from our ability to agree, rather than our penchant for argument.

Roger Stone Cold Revisits The Spitzer Family

Eliot, you were arrogant, nee stupidly arrogant, but you've always been an incredibly stupid egotist. It never endeared you to anyone, not even your overpaid hookers, but it has warmed the hearts of those you've dissed off as they watch your fall into a pond of slime of your own making.

He that may have the warmest heart is the Rog. The Rog is also known as Roger Stone, the elegant badboy who loves his work. The Spitzer and those like him hate Roger's work, but those that love creativity love Roger's work and Roger pin-pricking the Spitzer's bubble with unshorn mid-calf socks worn in mid-sex activity as corroborating evidence to the FBI is indeed creative.

Eliot's ego was and is too stupid to screw with Roger.

Stone, known for shutting down the 2000 presidential election recount effort in Miami-Dade County, is a longtime Spitzer nemesis whose political experience ranges from the Nixon White House to Al Sharpton's presidential campaign. His lawyer wrote the letter containing the call-girl allegations after FBI agents had asked to speak to Stone, though he says the FBI did not specify why he was contacted.

''Mr. Stone respectfully declines to meet with you at this time,'' the letter states, before going on to offer ''certain information'' about Spitzer.

''The governor has paid literally tens of thousands of dollars for these services. It is Mr. Stone's understanding that the governor paid not with credit cards or cash but through some pre-arranged transfer,'' the letter said.

''It is also my client's understanding from the same source that Governor Spitzer did not remove his mid-calf length black socks during the sex act. Perhaps you can use this detail to corroborate Mr. Stone's information,'' the letter said, signed by attorney Paul Rolf Jensen of Costa Mesa, Calif.

The letter also notes that while Stone believes the information is true, he ''cannot swear to its accuracy'' because it is second-hand.

Alas, poor Eliot, you thought yourself wonderfully vicious in your vengeance, but it is Roger who is smiling at your mid-calf blackies now.

The letter was written several months after allegations were leveled at Stone that he had left a threatening phone message at the office of Bernard Spitzer, the ex-governor's father, regarding ''phony'' campaign loans involving his son's unsuccessful 1994 bid for attorney general. Stone denied making the call but resigned as a consultant for state Senate Republicans in Albany.

Never screw with Roger.

''We trust this information was helpful to federal authorities in making their case against Mr. Spitzer,'' Buschel said.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nubs Gets A Home

What a great Easter!


The Resurrection, from the Passion by the Master of Trebon, late 14th century (Czech)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Christians That Do Not Understand Christianity

"In order to be sensitive to the physical, intellectual, and emotional development of preschoolers, First Look has chosen not to include the Easter story in our curriculum. Instead, we are focusing on the Last Supper, when Jesus shared a meal and spent time with the people He loved. We have made this choice because the crucifixion is simply too violent for preschoolers. And if we were to skip the crucifixion and go straight to the resurrection, then preschoolers would be confused."

Maybe if more Christians just put away that whole "Jesus just wants to be my friend" schtick they might get a tad closer to Christianity. I don't want to bill myself as a scholar (I am most assuredly not) or even a particularly good Christian ( I try), but Jesus wasn't looking to find buddies when he was chasing the money changers from the temple. When I was a child the story of the crucifixtion and the resurrection did not scare me, it spoke a solemn and then joyful truth that gave me purpose.

Lizard Head Makes Judas Call RE Satan's Sister

Pot calling kettle black, etc.

First a Tense Talk With Clinton, Then Richardson Backs Obama

“An act of betrayal,” said James Carville, an adviser to Mrs. Clinton and a friend of Mr. Clinton.

“Mr. Richardson’s endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic,” Mr. Carville said, referring to Holy Week.

I would venture a Carville ancestor loaned the 30 pieces of silver to the High Priest Caiaphas, for payment to Judas.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama II; Wright Is Wrong, But Meeks Ain't Meek

HT to Bizzy Blog. Another good catch.

Another ‘Close Religious Adviser’ to Obama Old Media Has Ignored

State Senator/Preacher and influential leader (just ask him) James Meeks bills himself as a "close advisor" to Obama. As a close advisor Meeks believes his use of "nigger" is an endearment, but any blacks who don't believe as he does is a "house nigger" and white politicians are "slave masters." But Tony Rezko's money shows no color.

Denison Does Fugly II

Denison weighs possible Cleveland Hall appeal
Denison University president Dale Knobel said the university will make a careful evaluation of its options before deciding whether to appeal a judge's decision overruling the village's approval of a proposed modern addition to Cleveland Hall.

In a March 10 ruling, Licking County Common Pleas Court Judge Jon Spahr decided Village Council was in error when it upheld a February 2007 Granville Planning Commission ruling allowing an all-glass addition to the building, which is located in a historic district.

Lost in the whirl of legal action, Knobel said, is the university's effort to preserve a historic building that when improved "would serve the educational needs of students and faculty."

Not lost in the whirl of legal action is inappropriate behavior by Denison, the village council and the hopes and desires of the citizens of Granville, but the Knobel really doesn't care about that.
In an earlier piece, Teh Fugly, is some background on how the modern addition to the historic Cleveland Hall was wrong in design, wrong in how Denison University handled getting permission and wrong in how the Granville council and the planning commission handled the process. The permit should never have been given. Whether one thinks the addition "good" or not is not the question. The addition goes against the historic restrictions on the area and Denison is not a super-citizen of Granville that can waive the rules and have them only apply to the little citizens. Denison has already played the bully by erecting totally inappropriate (and incredibly ugly) buildings across the street from Cleveland Hall and on nearby streets against the will of the community that supports and welcomes the university.

To envision the impact on the village generally and the nearby residents who abide by the historic rules of the area specifically, one only has to listen to the words of Denison's $160 million Higher Ground Campaign co-chair:

"Cleveland Hall is a defining structure on our campus skyline," Armacost said. "It is on one of the major paths between the upper and lower campuses, meaning students pass by it every day. Renovation will return it to its pristine beauty and preserve it for future generations."

As discussed before, pristine and tacking a modernistic glass box onto a historic building are two different things, especially on the defining structure on the campus skyline. Pristine is how it was in its pure form that became historic. Pristine in Armacost's sense would be like attaching a quonset hut to the Alamo for better storage.

Good for the judge and good for the village. Also, in the long run good for Denison. We don't need a redux of the horrible 60's style building campaigns still blighting campuses and their surrounding areas.

If Denison has to spend a significant amount of money to remove the illegally erected structure in place then maybe Denison can explain that expense as a lesson in how not to be a good member of a community.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bank of Goracle Hoping To Bank A Trillion Globally

In light of more and more scientists refuting the teachings of the Bank of Goracle leave it to MSNBC to state as fact that which is not considered fact; that man is destroying the ecological balance of earth thus hastening the demise of all living things on the planet. Mean old man. Bastard.

Global warming hastens arrival of springtime
The capital's famous cherry trees are primed to burst out in a perfect pink peak about the end of this month. Thirty years ago, the trees usually waited to bloom till around April 5.
In central California, the first of the field skipper sachem, a drab little butterfly, was fluttering about on March 12. Just 25 years ago, that creature predictably emerged there anywhere from mid-April to mid-May.

And sneezes are coming earlier in Philadelphia. On March 9, when allergist Dr. Donald Dvorin set up his monitor, maple pollen was already heavy in the air. Less than two decades ago, that pollen couldn't be measured until late April.

Pollen is bursting. Critters are stirring. Buds are swelling. Biologists are worrying.
"The alarm clock that all the plants and animals are listening to is running too fast," Stanford University biologist Terry Root said.

Blame global warming.

The fingerprints of man-made climate change are evident in seasonal timing changes for thousands of species on Earth, according to dozens of studies and last year's authoritative report by the Nobel Prize-winning international climate scientists. More than 30 scientists told The Associated Press how global warming is affecting plants and animals at springtime across the country, in nearly every state. (emp mine)

How else can the shareholders in the Bank of Goracle share in the trillions of dollars that they hope will be spent globally to combat that which is poppycock.

Modern Messianism

At the risk of exciting many of our Progressive Democrats:

Messianism is any field of philosophy which concerns itself with the interpretations of stories about a world hero or the establishment of a Utopian world. The four most common topics of messianism are the Messiah, the Saoshyant, the Maitreya, and the Kalki found in Christianity, Judaic adventism/Zionism and Islam, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism respectively, though Marxism and many other fields also present messianisms.

Tom Blogical Is Back!

Even though the Easter Bunny is probably gonna poop in Tom's basket instead leaving an egg or two, I am glad he is back writing.

It's only blogical.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can You Tell One Socialist From Another?

I saw this quiz at Bob's Blog and it is quite an eye opener. See if you can tie the quote to the Socialist.

The Hawaiian Kenyan Indonesian LA NYC Southside Chicago Messiah Is An Imperfect Vessel

Obama walks arrogance line
The power of his message lies in its humility. As he told 7,000 supporters at a rally last month, "I am an imperfect vessel for your hopes and dreams."

To save you some time reading the transcript of his speech earlier today;

Blah, blah, blah. Believe in me and you shall not perish. Blah, blah, blah. The last twenty years happened the way I remember them, not the way you white people remember. Blah, blah, blah. I'm addressing your deepest concerns, not the deepest concerns you think you have. I AM the messiah! Blah, blah, blah. Oh, and, CHANGE! CHANGE!! CHANGE!!!

It appears that little Andy Sullivan attended the Michelle Obama church school of Johny-come-lately in his post speech piece about loving Orama and America in one breathless moment. Jeez guys, get a room why don't you.

Bill Clinton once said that everything bad in America can be rectified by what is good in America. He was right - and Obama takes that to a new level. And does it with the deepest darkest wound in this country’s history.

I love this country. I don’t remember loving it or hoping more from it than today.

I agree with Snarky Bastard, "Blech."

Michigan & Florida In Counseling

After what appears to be some financial counseling from the Clintons;

REPORT: Dem Michigan 'Re-do' Said Unlikely...

Florida Dems Abandon Primary Re-Vote Plan...

Helping them decide not to redo -- A couple mill$

Making them accept looking like fools -- A couple more mill$

Screwing democray to get what you want -- Priceless

Blind Justice Part Deux

Put that hand down and start talking buddy! You did what??

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Discordent Note In The Politics Of Now

I love this country. I choose to say so now because of the HBO presentation of John Adams.

Part one of the presentation allowed me to mentally wander through the teachings of my parents, teachers and numerous readings and visits of historical America. It is a wonderful roam to make. The inspiration garnered from the echoing walls of Independence Hall, Valley Forge, Yorktown and Williamsburg is an inspiration that lifts one's life.

Franklin's statement "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately" is at the core of the birth of our nation. That John Adams believed it possible that God might not shine his grace on the endeavor, but saw the wondrous rays of hope in freedom that played to the hopeful self doubt on the Founders.

Members of my family have been involved in every conflict since Europeans came to America, sometimes on both sides such as the Revolution and the Civil War. Ironically some of those who fought the British lost everything only to see their Tory relatives slink off to Britain with the family silver and everything else. In the Civil War, some, such as my great grandfather with the VA 8th, were wounded, lost their entire estate to carpetbaggers (aka, scum of the earth) and still recovered with the help of their cousins up north.

The bond that all shared was the belief in and love of their country. This may not be a central part of the political dialogue of today, but it it always at the core of how I think.

Saint Paddy Wagon Day

If you have ever been to bars or have, say, a family member in medicine you are aware that Saint Patrick's Day is actually amatuer's day. So is New Year's Eve.

Besides, Saint Patrick didn't become a saint by spewing dyed beer green all over the commons of Boston.

The Irish genes tell my Welsh genes that Paddy Wagons were called Paddy because come midnight they were Irish inside and out for the trip to the hooscow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral Before And After

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral

The illustration shows a view of St Fin Barre's Cathedral from the south-east in 1871 before the spires were added. The cathedral was consecrated on 30 November 1870 but the towers and spires were not completed until 1879. Two local businessmen Francis Wise and William Crawford donated £30,000 towards the cost of the towers and spires. On 6 April 1878 Bishop John Gregg laid the top stones on the western spires. His son and successor as Bishop, Robert Samuel Gregg, laid the top stone on the central spire in 1879.

Democrat Hypocrisy and Iraq

View their hypocrisy.

Planned Parenthood's Racist Planning

This has to be one of the most disgusting things I have read and I read a ton.

Planned Parenthood Comfortable With Racially Motivated Abortion of Black Babies
The call to Idaho came in July to Autumn Kersey, vice president of development and marketing for Planned Parenthood of Idaho.

On the recording provided by The Advocate, an actor portraying a donor said he wanted his money used to eliminate black unborn children because "the less black kids out there the better."

Kersey laughed nervously and said: "Understandable, understandable. ... Excuse my hesitation, this is the first time I've had a donor call and make this kind of request, so I'm excited and want to make sure I don't leave anything out."
It is legal in Idaho for someone who makes a phone call to secretly tape it.

PP was comfortable in obtaining the racist money. They got uncomfortable when caught.

Planned Parenthood is neither. Their work is the purposeful murder of unborn babies, but leave it to the left to make horrid tragedy even more horrid.

Pinhole Photography

Steven Elbert
All of the works shown were created with homemade pinhole cameras of various materials and formats. Pinhole photography is the most direct and primitive form of photography, involving the capture of images directly onto film without the use of a lens. After exposure and development, I frequently scan the images and manipulate them in the computer, producing an expressive hybrid of the low- and high-tech. The resulting slightly unsharp pictures have qualities which are unlike the clear, action-arresting product of a conventional camera. Because the exposure times range from seconds to hours, moving objects and people blur or ...

The Meeting, 2004
Black and White Photograph, 16 x 20 X 2 inches

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama Never Noticed. Yeah, Wright

I think the most worrying statement out of the Obama Orama mouth is that he never heard Wright say "those things."

I've read that Obama and the Mrs gave Wright $20,000 in 2006 or in the year of a faux mansion that really was a tad too much for them to afford.....

Political spin is usually damage control. Obama has damned himself by this ploy. Either he is so stupid he never heard Wright's hate, even after 20 years. Or, he believes us so stupid that we would believe he was that busy doing "important" things that he never heard the good reverend spew his hateful crap all over an accepting congregation.

He's stupid or he thinks we're stupid. Either way Obama is stupid.


Robarts Library at the University of Toronto, or “Fort Book” as it is sometimes known. (Warning, some unnecessary vulgarities, but otherwise spot on)

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Question Is Why Didn't Barack Obama Walk Out

Everyone has heard the insane ranting of Jeremiah Wright, "pastor", mentor and teacher of Barack Obama. There is no reason to go over his disgusting wordsagain. He is a common thug and is an embarrassment to all that is good in America.

There remains only one question which is why didn't Barack Obama walk out on Wright years ago?

People say that they do not believe that Obama believes as Wright does. That's crap. Obama says that Wright is like everybody's crazy uncle in that he loves him, but doesn't agree with everything he says. That's crap. An uncle of mine would be eating his teeth on the front lawn if he spouted such crap.

"God Damn America"?

Why was Obama married by this loser? Why has Obama supported him for twenty years? Why did Obama pray with him the evening before announcing his candidacy for President of the United States of America?

Why does Michelle Obama sound a lot like Jeremiah Wright?

Again, why didn't Obama stand up in the middle of a hate filled "sermon" and say, "Enough. My wife may not be proud to be an American, but I am and will I not listen to lies?"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jeremiah Wright's Negro Spiritual "God Damn America"

This is the spiritual advisor for a guy that wants to be President of the United States of America, but we aren't supposed to say anything so as not to appear racist. What a crock! Jeremiah Wright is a standard, populist, common thug of a racist. He preaches hate wrapped in the love of (a black) Jesus from the pulpit because that is what he knows people want to hear.

Obama's Pastor: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11
"The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing 'God Bless America.' No, no, no, God damn America, that's in the Bible for killing innocent people," he said in a 2003 sermon. "God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme."

In addition to damning America, he told his congregation on the Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001 that the United States had brought on al Qaeda's attacks because of its own terrorism.

Jeremiah, you and your supporters can go screw yourselves. You're nothing but a cheap trash talking opportunist. Instead of helping to unite a country still anguished over parts of its past you use that past to drive a wedge deeper and deeper to divide us even wider. I hope God damns you for it.

Previous post:
Obama Pastor's Tax Trouble & White Problem

CT Skittles Scoundrels To Skedaddle

When will school officials teach themselves common sense? Instead of a district wellness policy why don't these state sponsored health nazis stick to their jobs and teach children what they need to support themselves and their future families. Then, maybe then, these children can go on to help others without the need for a feel good government policy sledgehammer. Oh, and maybe teach government to stay the hell out of our lives.

School clears kids in contraband candy caper
School officials have decided to go light on an eighth-grader caught with contraband candy in New Haven, Connecticut.

Michael Sheridan originally was suspended and loss his class vice president post after buying a bag of candy.

Michael Sheridan, an eighth-grade honors student who was suspended for a day, barred from attending an honors dinner and stripped of his title as class vice president after he was caught with a bag of Skittles candy in school will get his student council post back, school officials said.
Superintendent Reginald Mayo said in a statement late Wednesday that he and principal Eleanor Turner met with student Michael's parents and that Turner decided to clear the boy's record and restore him to his student council post.

Michael was disciplined after he was caught buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate. The classmate's suspension also will be expunged, school officials said. The New Haven school system banned candy sales in 2003 as part of a districtwide school wellness policy, school spokeswoman Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo said.

Previous post:
Dealer, Student Suspended For Bag Buy In CT

Romney's Spots Still Show

Bizzy Blog states a basic truth.

Romney as Veep? Only If the GOP is the Stuck-on-Stupid Party

If one truly changes then we should embrace them and be thankful, but if a leopard changes his spots to gain its objective, it is still a leopard and should be pointed out and shunned.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dealer, Student Suspended For Bag Buy In CT

These people aren't educators, they're fascist bullies and they ought to be lined up for swats at the next PTA meeting, given ten Saturdays of study hall to study the Constitution, logic and the history of Socialism. Then fired for harming children.

Student suspended for buying candy in school
An eighth-grade honors student at a New Haven school has been suspended for buying a bag of candy at school.

Now, if the schools could teach basics as well as they are trying to dictate teach eating habits the students may not have to create candy speakeasies to circumvent the rules.

Good Glock!

I am a: Glock Model 22 in 40 cal
Firearms Training
What kind of handgun are YOU?

Obama Pastor's Tax Trouble & White Problem

via Faultline USA

From the Wall Street Journal

Obama Pastors' Sermons May Violate Tax Laws
On Christmas morning, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. compared presidential candidate Barack Obama's impoverished childhood to Jesus Christ's. "Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people," he then trumpeted. "Hillary [Clinton] can never know that."

Mr. Wright wasn't at a convention or a campaign stop. He was standing at the pulpit before the mostly African-American congregation of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, where Sen. Obama has worshiped for more than 20 years.

Mr. Wright, who will be ending his 36-year tenure as the church's senior pastor in June, has previously been criticized for comments deriding President George Bush and lauding Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Now Mr. Wright's and his successor's repeated enthusiastic promotion of their famous parishioner may be running afoul of federal tax law, which says churches can endanger their tax-exempt status by endorsing or opposing candidates for public office.

I am positive that the left will be decrying politics from the pulpit just as they did with Martin Luther King, Sloan Coffin, Desmond TuTu Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to name a few.

I am also sure that Barack will stop the Obama-Rama and racist behavior from the pulpit in the "church" he has attended for 20 years.

Meet Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr:

Maybe for Wright and some others, Farrakhan "epitomized greatness." For most Americans, though, Farrakhan epitomizes racism, particularly in the form of anti-Semitism. Over the years, he has compiled an awesome record of offensive statements, even denigrating the Holocaust by falsely attributing it to Jewish cooperation with Hitler -- "They helped him get the Third Reich on the road." His history is a rancid stew of lies.

“When his enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli” to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Mr. Wright recalled, “with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.”

You Don't Spitz Into The Wind

You don't tug on Superman's cape and You don't pull the mask off an 'ole Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with a slim.

The Gov is dead, Long live the Gov.

David Alexander Paterson (born May 20, 1954) is an American politician and the current Lieutenant Governor of New York. He is the first African American and the first legally blind person to hold this position. He was selected as running mate by New York Attorney General and Democratic Party nominee Eliot Spitzer in the 2006 New York gubernatorial election. Governor Spitzer has publicly stated he will resign, effective March 17, 2008, which would make Paterson the first African American Governor of New York and the first legally blind governor in the nation.

UPDATE: No, I do not believe Paterson is where he is because he looks like Mel Brookes.

When America Knew

we were a great nation and now we are made to doubt. And by what?

Ohio, Strykers And Pork Beating Victory In Iraq

The Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS) vehicles, which are partially built in Lima, Ohio, are loved by the troops using them. Yes, there are improvements to be made, but boots-on-the-ground like them and say they are very effective which is why those in Washington, DC are pumping out reports of failure as fast as their commandeered counterfeit machines can pump them out. Their pork is more important than MGS "pork" that wins battles and saves soldiers lives.

Stryker Crews in Iraq Rally to Defend Their Rides: Field Report

The insurgents behave differently when an armored vehicle is present. “It establishes fear, if you will, in those who would try to do us or our fellow soldiers harm,” Holbrook says. “The enemy is a lot less likely to attack if we are out there.”
Why help our soldiers help 50+million people coming out of the heart of darkness to live in peace and freedom when you can build entire bureaucracies to "help" those that refuse to help themselves as they have their hands out for more government goodies.

Obama Ain't Spitzer, But There's A Pony Under This Pile Of Horse Poop

Ferraro's Remarks About Obama Decried
"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."

Ferraro appeared on ABC this morning to do her indignant mommy act stating that she is "hurt, hurt, hurt" by this and adding, to admonish those that doubt her status, that her comments were taken out of context. The nation, collectively, is to take a time out and face the corner. Nanna Geri will tell us when time is up.

I found it interesting that following our collective punishment all the networks had scrambled to find professional whores to explain Spitzer's actions and to add that basically all men, especially those in power, act like this.

One segment was an ad for a Party while the second was an ad for a party.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AG Spitzer Got Insider Info?


Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been soliciting high-priced hookers for at least six years and possibly for more than a decade, sources tell The Post.

The revelation yesterday that the crusading governor was in fact "Client 9" named in a federal prostitution indictment did not shock insiders in the city's sex industry.

Sources tell The Post that Spitzer had frequented high-priced hookers as far back as 2002 and possibly earlier.

Spitzer, who as attorney general lead investigations into prostitution, was among an elite group of powerbrokers and high-powered attorneys that regularly paid for dates at top escort agencies, sources said.

Now we know why the Spitzer pursued those investigations so hard. Talk about a hands-on investigation.

Hillary As A Cold & Bossy Feminist?

Mz Greer, your point is?

Darwin Didn't Make The Little Fiddies

I love the annual Darwin Awards. They prove that man is much too stupid to have arrived here on his own.

Into the Abyss

An enterprising lumberman jacked up the rear end of his pickup, and swapped one of the rear tires with a tire rim. He attached one end of a rope to the rim, and the other end to a large felled tree. He put the pickup into gear, apparently expecting the rim to act as a makeshift rope crank that would pull the tree up the steep embankment, saving him lots of sweat.

A great idea? Not if you're reading it here! You see, the tree vastly outweighed the truck. The man was standing with one foot on the ground and the other foot on the accelerator. When he gunned the engine, the tree acted like an anchor, and the truck yanked itself backwards. The open door rammed into him, and he was swept over the embankment along with the pickup.

When the dust settled, our lumberman had entered the great beyond. But his escapade served as a warning for others. The next lumberman cut up the tree where it lay, and carried it off.

Via PA Pundit at 7.62 Justice.

Messianic Messiah Marxist Mess

COB discusses Che cult status for Obama.

The Messiah’s Message is Dangerous

COB and his commenters make some excellent points. Being positive, at least Obama doesn't put a cocked pistol to the heads of "nonbelievers." Yet.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jack Johnson, Eliot Spitzer & The Mann Act

UPDATE: Bizzy Blog has a far better round up than I. I'd go there.

No wonder Democrats are against FISA and wiretaps in general.

Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring
Mr. Spitzer gained national attention when he served as attorney general with his relentless pursuit of Wall Street wrongdoing. As attorney general, he also had prosecuted at least two prostitution rings as head of the state’s organized crime task force.

In one such case in 2004, Mr. Spitzer spoke with revulsion and anger after announcing the arrest of 16 people for operating a high-end prostitution ring out of Staten Island.

“”This was a sophisticated and lucrative operation with a multitiered management structure,” Mr. Spitzer said at the time. ”It was, however, nothing more than a prostitution ring.”

Of course, Jack Johnson didn't have to worry about wiretaps.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Greenwald's Sock Puppet Writes Hypocritical Bio Of Its Idol

But which sock puppet wrote this time?

From Publishers Weekly

With this provocative book, Greenwald, a former constitutional lawyer and author of A Tragic Legacy and How Would a Patriot Act, purports to expose the rank myth-making and exploitation of cultural, gender and psychological themes by the Republican Party. The author begins his attack by targeting John Wayne, whom he sees as a template for right-wing notions of American courage and conservative manliness. Wayne's avoidance of military service and his string of divorces, both at odds with his public image, are emblematic in this account of a fundamental hypocrisy implicit in conservative mythologies. Greenwald goes on to argue that prominent Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Mitt Romney display the same hypocrisy in their public ideologies and personal lives. Shouldering much of the blame are the press and the media, including Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter, Chris Matthews and even Maureen Dowd, all of whom propagate popular attitudes about virile Republicans and effeminate Democrats. Despite the antipathy the author feels for Coulter, his writing is much like hers. More a partisan screed than a reasoned argument meant to persuade undecided readers, this repetitive text frequently devolves into personal attacks and vast generalizations.

“Those who ignore what Greenwald has to say act at our collective peril.”—John W. Dean, former Nixon White House counsel and author of Conservatives Without Conscience

“There are few patriots on Capitol Hill. You can count them on your hand. . . . Glenn Greenwald, constitutional lawyer, is one such patriot.”—

“One of the smartest and most important new voices to emerge in politics in years.” —Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, founder of Daily Kos and coauthor of Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics

"Glenn Greenwald has done it again. He’s about to release another great book. . . . From the myth that John Wayne was a great American hero (he was a WWII draft dodger), to how the media perpetuates false images of right-wingers (so much for the “liberal media”) . . . to the falsehood that Republicans bring us smaller government, Glenn lays it out beautifully." —Alan Colmes

"The peerless Glenn Greenwald."—Josh Marshall

"One of the best political commentators out there . . .Unlike most other bloggers, Greenwald practices journalism . . . Few others are better than Greenwald at sussing out the accidental propaganda inflicted on us by the mainstream press" —The Village Voice

"Perhaps the most influential civil-liberties writer on the Web" —The American Prospect

"Blogosphere superstar" —Mother Jones

"Among the most intelligent and widely read practitioners of blogging" —GQ

The Greenwalds are sanctimonious prigs and purveyors of spin and half-truths. In my opinion, the Glenns are liars. When they are called a Marshall peerless, a Mother Jones superstar and a Colmes beautiful layer how do they continue to insist against all hope that they are conservative? The Greenwalds are putzes without any hard facts.

A Short List Of The NYTs' Embarrassments


McCain Flashes Temper at NY TIMES Reporter...
VIDEO: 'Why Are You So Angry?'...

Fear in Berkeley...

I never believed the NYTs was a great newspaper, but I do now believe it is a poor newspaper.

Veiled Ignorance Can Still Be Seen Obama

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women
Story Highlights
Crimes against women in Iraq's south have included killings and amputations
Police chief: "Two women were killed in front of their kids"
Not wearing headscarves, other violations of "Islamic teachings" bring crimes
Woman tells CNN "fear is always there," but "we don't know who to be afraid of"

And these are the pigs that Osbama wants to sit have a chat with and by simply adding in some reason, everybody will go home for the better with the problems solved.

McCain: Obama’s ‘meet, talk and hope approach’ is ‘dangerously naïve in international diplomacy.’ “Meet, talk, and hope may be a sound approach in a state legislature, but it is dangerously naive in international diplomacy where the oppressed look to America for hope and adversaries wish us ill.”

His lack of experience, naivité and complete ignorance of how the world works is scary. Who else thinks that a group of guys who maim, mutilate, amputate and murder over headscarves are willing to have a nice chat and change their ways?

Broken Beauty

Estes House, Panola County, Mississippi (ca. 1855, demolished).

Global Warming's Got 20" for Ohio

And we got all of it. Even churches are closed. Today, global warming will cause the temperature to soar to 32 degrees making all that shoveling very hot work indeed.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's 3 AM, Where Is Hillary's Integrity?

Wow, Democrats have a quandry. Do they want an untested Socialist just because he is a black man with an opinionated wife and they both work for the Chicago Machine or do they want the other couple that is known to have real trouble with the truth, the law and each other?

Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's 'silly' Irish peace claims

Hillary Clinton had no direct role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland and is a "wee bit silly" for exaggerating the part she played, according to Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former First Minister of the province.

"I don’t know there was much she did apart from accompanying Bill [Clinton] going around," he said. Her recent statements about being deeply involved were merely "the sort of thing people put in their canvassing leaflets" during elections. "She visited when things were happening, saw what was going on, she can certainly say it was part of her experience. I don’t want to rain on the thing for her but being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player."

Mrs Clinton has made Northern Ireland key to her claims of having extensive foreign policy experience, which helped her defeat Barack Obama in Ohio and Texas on Tuesday after she presented herself as being ready to tackle foreign policy crises at 3am.

"I helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland," she told CNN on Wednesday. But negotiators from the parties that helped broker the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 told The Daily Telegraph that her role was peripheral and that she played no part in the gruelling political talks over the years.

Global Warming Dumps On Ohio (Again)

Do you really think that climate versus weather thing is going to play in a state that keeps getting hammered?

This photo was 5 inches ago.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Étouffée Private Cafe

Acadian cottage with a staircase outside.

It works in the south and saves space inside.

Beatin' sun, beatin' bisquits, a sippin' jar and a night where the jumpin' light lizards are flyin'.

American/french/english/whatever architecture at it's most intuitive best.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Hecker had to make a herculean effort to design and produce so much discord and ugliness in one place.
Slide56: I do not know if you are familiar with this very strange housing project. It was designed in the early 1970's by Architect Zvi Hecker in Ramot. This is a another "period piece" - a completely crazy project, not very pleasant to live in, but was the result of the aforementioned attitude of the Ministry of Housing which was condemned for the construction of ugly monotonous buildings. When in the 1970s, the Ministry of Housing felt that they had to give a free hand to architects, one architect who made good use of such freedom was Zvi Hecker who designed this.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Democrats Eating Their Own

Just like "republicans" are doing over John McCain, Democrats are doing over their choice for their nominee.

Just as Democrats are the proud owners of liberals and progressives, Republicans are made of moderates, conservatives, libertarians and now, arrogant political morons, but back to the Democrats for a moment.

More on the Osama for Obama tees

In this is a guideline on how to ensure those that you are more closely allied to lose elections.

To the "I will not vote for McCain" crowd I say, I hope you grow up soon or we will have Osama Obama or Hellion Hillary making decisions for us all. If you are too immature, please post your address so those of us who care will know where to send their thanks.

via Dinah Lord from Gateway Pundit

Vermont & New Hampshire Citizens Vie For 'Most Arrogantly Stupid' Mantle

At a time that 50 plus million people have been freed from terrorists and our soldiers are risking their lives to not only fight on our behalf, but also to drive a wedge between extremists and the true believers of Islam, here in America there are people that are so stupid they actually spew slogans of support for the troops, hate for their mission and to impeach their Commander-in-chief.

These people are laughable and only believed by like minded idiots and their allies, our enemies.

2 Vt. Towns Approve Bush-Cheney Indictment
Attorney Lacks Authority To Make Arrest On Symbolic Vote

Everybody knows the vote is more symbolic than substantive, but organizer Kurt Daims said the one thing that people can take from this is that it can be done.

Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest
Calling President George Bush "the worst president in the history of the United States," Independent U.S. Senate candidate Laurie Dobson stood on the steps of Town Hall Tuesday and called upon the town to indict Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as war criminals.

Too bad there aren't laws that allow for the indictment the criminally stupid if only to protect them from themselves.


Hillary got her huge victory in Ohio where the pesky "new" voters didn't show in the numbers the Obamer needed. In my precinct which has a liberal arts college I saw fewer students voting and a decided lack of students of color. Not much "change" for out of work and out of luck blue collars whose necks are still red and they are keeping her alive.

Texas, well, Texas shoulda, coulda been, but wasn't, but a sqeaker for Hill and the John. The Huck did well, better than expected and the Area 51 voters coptered in for a big night for the doctor. The Huck dropped out while the doctor will labor on.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brunner - Obama "cherrypicked" precincts to keep open

Reportedly they were black precincts that will vote for Obama and Brunner didn't figure that out until six minutes to nine. Sharp lady, eh?

9:50 1191 McCain Claims Nomination

"I never expected to be president."

You aren't yet.

10:19- Cuyahoga voting still not being reported.

9:10 Ohio Too Close For Hillary Final Purchase

And Huckabee appears to be bowing out this evening at 9:15.

9:19 - Huck has made the call, he's out.

9:32 - Huckabee's withdrawal speech was much longer than Travis' speech that he quoted in toto. Thank you for your effort and thank you for stopping your speech.

7:51 PM Brunner Muzzels Results

Brunner steps in it as usual. Obbbbbbbbama is in court in Cuyahoga and Sandusky screws the pooch once again. Brunner should call her good "friend" Marcy Kaptur and ask why the Dems in Northwest Ohio can't get their normal scams and election fraud polling straight. It's not like they haven't had time to plan the graveyard GOTV effort.

Personally, I blame Ken Blackwell, oh, and George Bush. And Karl "with a K" Rove.

7:56 - FOX is reporting McCain with 66%. No word on Cuyahoga and Sandusky. Not there'd be a Republican total either place anyway. Except for the honorable Ben Keeler on the banks of the river that burned.

8:00 - Obbbbbbama now wants more voting time in Cuyahoga AND Franklin counties. It takes time to get those voters from place to place. We're now supposed to wait until 9:00 PM.

8:08 - aol news has Hillary at 56% with Obama at 42 % with 0% of the vote in Ohio. Guess the snitch in Brunner's office for aol didn't get the memo tonight.

8:52 - Hopefully all the money transactions in Cuyahoga, Sandusky and Franklin county are almost complete so we can start hearing Obama stealing the vote results.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Cottage City/Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts

This is a very interesting and fun place. It is still very much intact.

The camp meeting movement in the United States began in Kentucky and Appalachia before the 1820s as religious vehicles that were also important as social gatherings. They were held annually in a particular district where participants would travel 50-100 miles to attend. Camp meetings were first introduced by Presbyterians but soon after included Baptists and Methodists newly converted by the teachings of John Wesley. In no time at all Methodists of New England began to hold their own camp meetings. The first camp meeting in Cottage City
was held in 1835 and the gatherings grew as steamboats brought companies from New Bedford and Fall River, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island. The development of Cottage City is credited to its success as having the largest Methodist Camp Meeting Association in the world. For that one week in August of 1835, nine men from nearby Edgartown decided to separate themselves from the comforts of the town to head into the woods to find a place where they could pray. This place, the headland of East Chop, full of tall oak trees and overlooking Nantucket Sound, is where they pitched their tents. They found that the event was so "invigorating" to the spirit that they returned the next year. Soon a few mainlanders joined them, and some fell in love with the beauty of the land and water, and the healthful saltiness of the air. They too began to come back year after year.

Within a generation, the annual Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting was the most famous Methodist revival meeting in the country, and gingerbread cottages were rising up on the wooden platforms where the participants first used tents during the meetings. Visitors arrived by the thousands from all over New England to watch the religious spectacle in what was coming to be known as the 'Cottage City' of America. In the summer of 1863, it was still possible to wander through this wilderness of oak and meadow on the old Camp Ground and see not a single permanent building. Ten years later the oak and meadow were gone and soon, a village would have to be built in order to house the faithful.

Around 1872 the town today known as Oak Bluffs was built. The town encircled the original Camp Ground where the cottages now stood as the main street around the grounds was called Circuit Avenue. Contrary to the spiritual pursuits of the original members, the town around the Camp Grounds was quickly becoming a bustling, commercial place. The participants of the Camp Ground attempted to separate themselves by building a picket fence between them and the expanding town, and the interior remains today a place of peace and tranquility.

Before the town of Cottage City was incorporated in 1880, it was still considered a part of Edgartown but the inhabitants were trying to separate themselves legally from Edgartown, which it felt was taking tax money and offering little or nothing in the way of services in return. Finally, in 1880, Cottage City became official but eventually, the name would be changed again, this time to Oak Bluffs in 1907.

Obama, Muslims & Ohio

Ohio Muslims unite behind Obama
As Ohio prepares to vote on Tuesday for the candidates it would like to see running for the US presidency, Matthew Wells talks to Muslims in Cleveland who are impressed by Barack Obama.

A large majority of Muslim-Americans voted for George W Bush on the road to the White House eight years ago.

But now their support seems to be coalescing around an African-American senator, whose first name derives from the Arabic word for blessing.

Among them are the 60,000 Muslims of the economically depressed Cleveland area.
They are mostly middle-class naturalised citizens, disappointed with the Bush administration's record and with a powerful sense that their religion has been misrepresented in the years since 9/11.

The city boasts Ohio's largest mosque, based around a large prayer hall that would sit comfortably in the capitals of the Middle East.

A group of men from the mosque, led by the centre's president, Faud Hamed, spoke to BBC News after evening prayers.

There was exasperation at the on-going war, and a sense that social justice - a central tenet of Islam - is being ignored: "We all know that in the US Constitution it calls for peace and justice, but if we look around the world do we see any peace and justice?"

I would think that a majestic mosque, the right to practice your religion without fear and not having ethnic and religious violence swirling through your life is a step toward peace and justice. More so than in the countries you fled to come here. I would also suggest that your "religion has been misrepresented in the years since 9/11" because you have allowed extremists to use your religion for evil purposes with no repercussions from you.

America welcomes those who wish to join in the American dream. We are a nation of immigrants. Because of that we wish to bring freedom and peace to all nations, not bring the problems of our ancestral homes here to America.

Strickland Loves Hillary & Hillary Loves Me

My Gov Ted must be in DC measuring for drapes because he just called me from Northern Virginia (703 637-9323) to urge me to do what's right for Ohio and vote for Hillary tomorrow. That man, he just cares so much, but I worry that if joins the Hillary Administration he will get to see his wife even less.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Okay, What Has Obama Done?

Name one thing.

Gloria No Longer Glorious

Stumping for Clinton, Steinem Says McCain's P.O.W. Cred Is Overrated
From the stage, the 73-year-old seemed to denigrate the importance of John McCain’s time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. In an interview with the Observer afterward, she suggested that Barack Obama benefits—and Clinton suffers—because Americans view racism more seriously than sexism.

Steinem also told the crowd that one reason to back Clinton was because “she actually enjoys conflict.”

And she claimed that if Clinton’s experience as First Lady were taken seriously in relation to her White House bid, people might “finally admit that, say, being a secretary is the best way to learn your boss’s job and take it over.”

Steinem raised McCain’s Vietnam imprisonment as she sought to highlight an alleged gender-based media bias against Clinton.

“Suppose John McCain had been Joan McCain and Joan McCain had got captured, shot down and been a POW for eight years. [The media would ask], ‘What did you do wrong to get captured? What terrible things did you do while you were there as a captive for eight years?’” Steinem said, to laughter from the audience.

McCain was, in fact, a prisoner of war for around five-and-a-half years, during which time he was tortured repeatedly. Referring to his time in captivity, Steinem said with bewilderment, “I mean, hello? This is supposed to be a qualification to be president? I don’t think so.”
Steinem’s broader argument was that the media and the political world are too admiring of militarism in all its guises.

“I am so grateful that she [Clinton] hasn’t been trained to kill anybody. And she probably didn’t even play war games as a kid. It’s a great relief from Bush in his jump suit and from Kerry saluting.”

To the Observer, Steinem insisted that “from George Washington to Jack Kennedy and PT-109 we have behaved as if killing people is a qualification for ruling people.”

Actually, Mizzus Steinem, it is the willingness to put one's own life on the line for that which you believe that is the qualification, not for killing, but you wouldn't know that would you, you poser.

Mizzus Steinem, you have been irritating people with your cheap marketing of yourself as a person of importance for years. Your vagina is of no importance to me and just as men have been convicted of thinking with their dick for years, for the same reason you should have been given a life sentence.

You are not qualified to speak to the greater issues of our day just because you wish to sell more magazines or increase your speaking fees.

Qualifications? Being an outlandish bitch for the last 60 years isn't one. Being a minor intellect isn't one. You used your youth and good looks to push you campaign against youth and good looks because you said women were not objects.

You are now an object of scorn and rightfully so.

Gloria, you'll always have Joe Namath in pantyhose as a victory though. It's not Paris, but then so little is, including you.