Friday, December 21, 2007

Old Ohio House Gets New Life In New Location

Ohio College Town Saves 1880 House

I would rather see these houses saved used by families, especially those with children, but at least it was saved.

While attending university I believe I was first attracted to the idea of saving old homes because I saw them being destroyed by students and others that chose to live within the university area. It was quite tragic even for a hard partying very busy student such as I (or me, whatever).

There was a wonderful old brick Italianate home that was lost to a new (and ugly) dorm because some local "preservationists" blocked the house from being moved (and saved) because separating the house from the land violated their historical senses. They were wrong.

New York, New York

That is where I am at the moment, but the nicest twist is that I am in New York amongst a whole group of conservatives. How does that work in a reality based world?