Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wisconsin Demos Caving

It's political theater. It isn't real, but it is Democrats doing what they do best. Nada. Nothing. Zilch and zippo.

But they want you all to know that they have destroyed Gov Walker and his fellow Republicans politically. They have done so by speaking truth to power even though that voice was in another state and their stay was illegally paid for through the help of the mayor of Madison, his associates and the Democrat party. Truth to power is more important than truth to law. They're caving.

Sen. Mark Miller said he and his fellow Democrats intend to let the full Senate vote on Gov. Scott Walker's "budget-repair" bill, which includes the proposed limits on public unions' collective bargaining rights. The bill, which had been blocked because the missing Democrats were needed for the Senate to have enough members present to consider the bill, is expected to pass the Republican-controlled chamber.
He said he thinks recent polls showing voter discontent with Mr. Walker over limits on bargaining rights have been "disastrous" for the governor and give Democrats more leverage to seek changes in a broader two-year budget bill Mr. Walker proposed Tuesday.
But Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Sunday night that the "budget repair" bill can not be amended at this point. But it's possible that over the next few weeks adjustments could be made to Mr. Walker's broader budget plan. "This bill will pass. The collective bargaining piece has to pass. If it doesn't the governor's budget doesn't work," he said.
As I said, they're caving because they hope they have built up enough good will among independents to carry them over what they know will be a rough patch. Well, also because layoffs are about to happen since they have refused to do their jobs, the Republicans are passing more substantive legislation and they have become the laughing stock in three states. They're theatrical fools. And their group is falling apart as it should.

Tout all the polls you want. The real poll will be the next election.

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