Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day 2007

Quite simply, I respect and pray for our soldiers, alive and dead, everyday.

The respect you have earned from the very birth of our nation has been earned by each and every one of you.

Thank you and God bless you.

Band Of Bloggers

I am watching a History Channel presentation named “Band of Bloggers” It is listed as a first hand account of combat soldiers and how blogs change the way war is seen and reported.

What BS.

They have taken all the live footage they can and selected those parts that say it was never our intent to liberate Iraq, but only an effort to keep unleaded at $2.98 for our lazy *ss’s. Once that has been established the presentation explores all the negative aspects they possibly could.

Sheep And Chickens Bite Dog

A Failed Congressional Ploy
The ploy had been hatched behind closed doors by Democratic leaders of both houses. A pork-laden appropriations bill filled with $1 billion in earmarks would combine with veto-proof spending for veterans. Instead, the two measures were decoupled in a Senate party-line vote last Tuesday.

The Democratic scheme to present President George W. Bush with a
bill that he could not veto seemed a clever strategy, but it was based on
presumption of Republican ignorance and cowardice. As late as last Monday, savvy GOP Senate staffers predicted Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's decoupling motion would fail. In fact, she did not lose a Republican senator, as Democrats fell
far short of the 60 votes needed to keep the two bills together.

Harry and Nancy scampered back to the dog house with no bone though they nipped at the heels of those Republicans that wouldn't play nice-nice in the exercise lot.

There is a question here, just how much more ineffective and stupid can Reid and Pelosi get? At this point in time someone should throw them a life preserver because they have wandered from the kiddy end of the pool to water over their heads.

Thanks to Real Clear Politics

The United States Of America's Future?

Muslim's party could decide Danish vote

With Fogh Rasmussen's government bloc enjoying a narrow lead in opinion
polls over the Social Democratic-led opposition side, Khader's party could have
the decisive say in whether Fogh Rasmussen secures a third term.

Khader has indicated he would be open to a deal with Fogh
Rasmussen's government and the Danish People's Party, but he insists on
concessions on several issues, including allowing asylum seekers live outside
refugee camps while their applications are being processed.

If you think movies suck now, just wait. See Mary run. See Mary put on makeup. See Mary stoned to death. See bearded old men nod. Listen to 3 hour lecture. Best Picture Oscar awarded.

Merry Mohammed and a raucous Ramadan to all, or else...