Saturday, July 03, 2010

Let's Bring Green Jobs To Ohio Now...Be Greece Later

The Green Party, which is another way of spelling the Socialist Party, want to do to us what Greece, Portugal, Spain and other have done to themselves (using our money).

Let's Bring Green Jobs To Ohio Now...Not Later

Greens want to help millions of Americans obtain a green-collar job that pays a living wage while helping to build a brighter environmental future.

5 million Green jobs will help us stabilize our national economic crisis and the global climate. Green jobs can conserve energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Green jobs are union jobs and created in communities that really need them. Green jobs nourish our communities because they can’t be outsourced overseas cheaply. Green jobs grow local businesses and foster community development.


1. Support massive public investment to create 5 million green jobs in fields such as energy conservation, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, green building and the construction of mass transportation.

2. Create an inclusive program to train workers for the new, clean energy economy.

3. Prioritize the creation of green jobs in communities of color and low income communities.

3. Support union organizing at all workplaces.

4. Adopt a reduced-hour 35 hour work week as a standard.

5. Establish more federally funded programs for Green jobs development and skills training.

Dennis S. Spisak-Green Party of Ohio nominee for Governor
Yep, let's create millions of new jobs with millions (and millions and millions) of tax payer money and then give them to unions and low income and minority communities, then reduce the work week to 35 hours so we can establish even more federally funded green programs. Uh, it ain't working anywhere it has been tried.
A candidate that puts forth this platform will not be in danger of getting elected because a candidate is supposed to suggest the boondoggle after they're elected not before.