Friday, June 15, 2007

Islam In America

Mosque near Bowling Green Ohio

Trent Lott: Proof That Too Much Hairspray Causes Brain Damage

Senate Leaders Agree to Revive Immigration Bill

“Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”

What part of Illegal Aliens do these people not understand.

Amnesty is wrong because:
  • These people broke the law
  • It is unfair to those who have been obeying our laws of immigration
  • We don't know who these illegals are
Besides, enforcing current laws, protecting the borders and finding business' that employ these people is a good enough place to start. I'm all for business and support open markets, but all involved know this is illegal, thus they are breaking the law and now want a mulligan.

Trent Lott, once a young conservative star, has become just another DC Pol. He and others in Congress who support this bill/idea obviously do not know what we, citizens, feel nor think. Nor do they care.

It is pretty sad when such a powerful man feels inadequate to "talk radio". Maybe it is a electromagnetic wave fear. Or frequency. Or maybe the power of the people.

Ron Paul: Isolationist VS Non-Intervention

In an earlier post on Ron Paul (here) Ric asked:
There are a lot of assumptions and accusations but there are no real
arguments or reasoning behind them, Could you please explain in detail at least
one of these issues so that we can have a constructive and not a destructive

Ric is being reasonable in asking his question and polite, which seems a difficult quality for many RP supporters, in his asking. Thank you Ric.

Ron Paul says he is not an Isolationist:
Thomas Jefferson summed up the noninterventionist foreign policy position perfectly in his 1801 inaugural address: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations- entangling alliances with none.” Washington similarly urged that we must, “Act for ourselves and not for others,” by forming an “American character wholly free of foreign attachments.”

In a 1791 letter concerning the Barbary Pirates, Jefferson wrote:
"lastly our determination to prefer war in all cases to tribute under any form,
and to any people whatever."

In 1801 when Jefferson became President, he refused to pay tribute, or bribes, and he changed his earlier declarations of the US only needing a small coastal navy for defense by sending a squadron of ships to kick Tripoli's butt. They did, we got our sailors back and the issue of tribute was solved.

In today's world, terrorists ask us to pay tribute and to bribe us, in many forms, through terror. The enemy is different, but the concept is the same. I think Jefferson answered Congressman Paul adequately by his actions and by his own words.

By not going after terrorism where it breeds and by not redirecting the terrorist's energy to another place, such as Iraq, is not only incredibly stupid, it would also ignore precedent set by one of our Founding Fathers. If today, a theoretical group of Barbary pirates used our planes to kill our citizens and regrouped to do worse so as to "bribe" us into doing their bidding, President Jefferson would act forcefully and immediately. He wouldn't have allowed a UN to qualify our soveriegnty.

Not interfering with France's economy for our financial gain is non-intervention. Not going after those that have attacked us is isolationism. And pretty damned stupid.

Ron Paul - Attic Empty - Aunt Missing

Via BMEWS from John Hawkins:

Why Ron Paul is Not the Man

#1) Ron Paul is a libertarian, not a conservative
#2) Ron Paul is one of the people spreading the North American Union

#3) Ron Paul encourages “truther” conspiracy nuts
#4) Ron Paul’s racial views
#5) A lot of Ron Paul’s supporters are incredibly irritating
#6) Ron Paul is an isolationist
#7) Ron Paul wants to immediately cut and run in Iraq
#8) Ron Paul excused Al-Qaeda’s attacks on America
#9) Ron Paul is the single, least electable major candidate running for
the presidency in either party

I would add:
#10) Lights on, nobody home.

PROOF for #4 and # 5 in the comments:
Don't bother, this asshat is another Israel-Firster who's only agenda
is that American blood is spilled to protect the interests of Israel.
Dear tsoldrin,

I'd bring up the Bible, but I doubt you have ever heard of it, but strategically and tactically, having Israel as our partner and ally in the heart of Arab lands is a pretty good idea. Just hate those Jews, don'tcha RonPaulBoy? How is that International Jewish Conspiracy working out for you?