Friday, June 15, 2007

Ron Paul - Attic Empty - Aunt Missing

Via BMEWS from John Hawkins:

Why Ron Paul is Not the Man

#1) Ron Paul is a libertarian, not a conservative
#2) Ron Paul is one of the people spreading the North American Union

#3) Ron Paul encourages “truther” conspiracy nuts
#4) Ron Paul’s racial views
#5) A lot of Ron Paul’s supporters are incredibly irritating
#6) Ron Paul is an isolationist
#7) Ron Paul wants to immediately cut and run in Iraq
#8) Ron Paul excused Al-Qaeda’s attacks on America
#9) Ron Paul is the single, least electable major candidate running for
the presidency in either party

I would add:
#10) Lights on, nobody home.

PROOF for #4 and # 5 in the comments:
Don't bother, this asshat is another Israel-Firster who's only agenda
is that American blood is spilled to protect the interests of Israel.
Dear tsoldrin,

I'd bring up the Bible, but I doubt you have ever heard of it, but strategically and tactically, having Israel as our partner and ally in the heart of Arab lands is a pretty good idea. Just hate those Jews, don'tcha RonPaulBoy? How is that International Jewish Conspiracy working out for you?