Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Infuriating Illegal Aliens

Fat Teddy Kennedy won't allow "earth saving" wind power generators near him, let alone common riff-raff Americans, but he wants to make all illegal aliens legal, plus their relatives. Maybe Teddy needs some new maids, what with the wife off doing things all day long and sometimes Teddy has to come home to a dark and lonely house.

Just like dear old Dad, Teddy believes for a mere exchange of dollars all one's illegal behavior can be wiped off one's record be it for running booze, prostitutes, guns, schmoozing with fascist dictators or a continual flaunting of US law, say, such as sneaking in the country and lying about it every day. One fee, one "Z" and everything is copacetic.

Oh, and some republicans seem to agree with a lot of Democrats and the White House. They don't want a debate because the majority in this Republic don't agree.

Teddy defies all political logic because he would be re-elected even if he was caught in bed with a little boy. A dead little boy. Massachusetts misses they royalty so they keep King Teddy around, but moderate Democrats and real Republicans have to go through the electoral process.

Choose wisely ladies and gentleman.

Nancy Pelosi Throws a Hissy Fit

The San Francisco Treat is po'd. She has been out thought, out maneuvered and is now out of patience.
After losing a string of embarrassing votes on the House floor because of
procedural maneuvering, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to
change the current House Rules to completely shut down the floor to the

The Democratic Leadership is threatening to change the
current House Rules regarding the Republican right to the Motion to Recommit
or the test of germaneness on the motion to recommit. This would be the
first change to the germaneness rule since 1822.

In protest, the House Republicans are going to call procedural motions
every half hour.

It must be very frustrating for Mizzzzzz Pelosi, she thought she was the Queen, but a mere President, the House leadership and the Constitution all stand in the way of her "reality".

I think poor baby needs a time-out.

Lone Birch

Phil Morris

Lone Birch