Monday, December 27, 2010

States Losing Pop Lost Dough

The Tax Prof revisits the top states losing population and points to their tax rates as the culprit. I would also be interested in their tax structure for individuals and for business.

Out of interest I went to look at the election results for those states to see which populations have learned from their past voting mistakes. Those that learned have a tough road ahead, but those who didn't learn, well, I bet they'll have their greasy little palms out pretty soon.

The biggest congressional losers in the census voted this way in the 2010 elections:

New York Stayed D except St Sen Worst Mayor Bloomberg-NYC
Ohio Went R Worst Mayor Mallory-Cincinnati
Massachusetts Stayed D (what, no Boston?)
Michigan Went R Worst Mayor Bing-Detroit, Majewski-Hamtranck
New Jersey na Worst Mayor Booker-Newark, Redd-Camden, Jones-Paterson
Pennsylvania Went R Worst Mayor McMahon-Reading
Illinois Stayed Dem Worst Mayor Gerl-Joliet, Daly-Chicago
Iowa Went R
Louisiana na
Missouri Went R

California will probably be the first state to whine like the baby they are for money to right all their wrongs, because in the end it is really our fault they can't live in the real world. Look for NY, MA and IL to start crying in unison when California starts. Then the whole nursery will start screaming.