Monday, October 29, 2007

Hudson Hornet & NASCAR

Canfield, Ohio
1st Place
3 laps ahead of nearest rival
Canfield is a very cool village. Good people live there.
Unfortunately, like Powell, Ohio the Canfield track is gone.

Anti War, Anti US Crowd Takes To The Streets

Sigh, just like the good old days of Vietnam.

Please Spread This Concerning TNR

I can't say this any better than Jonn Lilyea from This Ain't Hell so I am just going to cut and paste. I hope that is okay because I am behind this 100%.

A point of honor

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Last night I got an email from
Confederate Yankee who has often been running point on the Beauchamp/The New Republic story for the entire blogoshere. He asked me to support a boycott he was starting against The New Republic. Of course I said I would, then I fell asleep waiting for the Redskins to score. But I’m refreshed this morning and so so here’s the gist of the plan from CY;

We know that TNR allowed all three of Scott Beauchamp’s stories to be published without being competently fact-checked, if fact-checked at all.

We know that the editors of TNR, led by Franklin Foer, lied when they said that the stories had been competently fact-checked, we know they deceived their readers and misled at least one civilian expert in an attempt to create a whitewash of an investigation.


We know The New Republic attempted to stonewall their way through obvious, blatant, and grievous breaches of journalistic ethics. In so doing, they have attacked the service, integrity, and honor of an entire company of American soldiers serving in a combat zone to avoid taking responsibility for their own editorial and ethical failures.

Alfred A. Knopf
American Gas Station
American Petroleum Institute
Astro Zeneca (current issue)
Auto Alliance
Bearing Point
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (current issue)
BP (current issue)
Chevron (current issue)
FLAME (current issue)
Federal Express
The Financial Times
Focus Features
Ford Motor Company
Freddie Mac
Grove Atlantic
Harvard University Press
History Channel
Hoover Institution (current issue)
Mortage Bankers
Nuclear Energy Institute
The New School
New York Times
Palgrave Macmillan (current issue)
Simon & Shuster
John Templeton Foundation (current issue)
University of Chicago Press
University Press of Kansas (current issue)
U.S. Telecom
Visa (current issue)
The Wall Street Journal
Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers Home Video
W.W. Norton
Wyeth Laboratories
Yale University Press (current issue)

I’d ask U.S. military veterans, military families, active duty personnel, and the vast majority of Americans who support our servicemen and women to call these companies, institutions and agencies to pull their advertising from TNR, effective immediately.


We cannot force The New Republic to behave honorably, but we can make their dishonesty come at a price.

I’m 100% behind this - Beauchamp has at least decided to rehabilitate himself, on the other hand, TNR hasn’t shown the least bit of remorse for their skullduggery.
Blackfive’s The Wolf and Chickenhawk Express are on board.

Please post this and also send it to others.

UPDATE: To Dean and others. I changed NPR to TNR for obvious reasons. Sorry if my freudian slip showed.

Gothic Mantel Soon To Be Shipped

Got this bad boy in my future as soon as the doctor okays lifting more than 5 measley pounds. Luckily, I got the wide plank pine flooring in before the slice and dice.
The floor is really cool, it started as a floor for a public house which after many years became a storage structure and shelter for sheep and cattle before becoming a print shop. I got the floor out just hours before the fire department used the structure for practice.

Dinner Twoof

When dining alone do not cook a piece of meat too heavy to lift as it may be too big to eat unless serving with a salad which tends to lighten a meal.