Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama: We're At War? Let's CUT The Pentagon's Budget 11%-$55 BILLION

Hey brave fighters, screw you! But remember, those changing Democrats love you, the troops!

To pay for the payola to all the people that paid worked so hard to get Obama elected, Obama feels like he needs to trim the Pentagon's budget in a time of war without regard for our troops. This is a move he planned all along. That he and the media, his media, have portrayed our economic woes as worse than the Depression is all the smoke screen he needs to start gutting our defenses. Karl Levin (D-MI) has stepped up to the plate for Obama and asked for cuts in our anti ballistic missile shield that protect us.

RED ALERT: A trillion in pork, but Pentagon must cut 11%!
President Obama wants to spend a trillion dollars on welfare, condoms, international STD prevention, 600,000 new government jobs and handouts for illegal immigrants... but negative funding for the very mission his Presidential Oath required.

The media isn't reporting this. To them the cuts are rightly inevitable, not news, because they believe the military unnecessary, if we would only sit and talk with our enemies. If we do, presto! They're no longer enemies, but our comrades.

It is bad enough that bribery is being paid, it is even worse that the leftist groups receiving the payoffs will use it to strengthen themselves, but it is unconscionable that this is all being done at the expense of our soldiers, our country and those around the world that need our protection.

How very progressive. How very Obama.