Saturday, December 15, 2007

You Gonna Believe The Media or Your Lyin Eyes?

Its a Quagmire!... Media Reports 6 Bogus Stories in 6 Weeks!

Gateway Pundit has a great story on headless corpses walking around. The media has a whole new version of 'dead man walking' and they don't care if you don't believe them.

A recap could be; without bad news to preach, lie or All the lies fit to print.

Their daily lies have become an expected common dishonesty. A dishonesty of the sort that would make their soul mate, Randolph Hearst, blush with embarrassment.

Others Can Learn From Ron Paul

Including Ron Paul and his faithful.

The Gospel of Paul
He has some kooky ideas, but he also has lessons for the GOP contenders.


From Instapundit who has some great points.

WHAT THE OTHER REPUBLICANS can learn from Ron Paul.
"One shame of this race is that for all the enthusiasm the Texan has generated among voters, he hasn't managed to pressure the front-runners toward his positions. His more kooky views (say, his belief in a conspiracy to create a 'North American Union') and his violent antiwar talk have
allowed the other aspirants to dismiss him. They shouldn't dismiss the passion he's tapped. If Mr. Paul has shown anything, it's that many conservative voters continue to doubt there's anything 'heroic' or 'compassionate' in a ballooning government that sucks up their dollars to aid a dysfunctional state. When Mr. Paul gracefully exits this race, his followers will be looking for an alternative to take up that cause. Any takers?"
I see more on-the-ground energy for Ron Paul in my neck of the woods than for any other Republican candidate except Fred Thompson, who has a local advantage -- and who, interestingly, is more of a small-government type than any of the other GOP candidates himself.

The old saying of , "Don't shoot the messenger" does not apply here. Wackjobs, weirdos and liberals have joined a large group of politically sincere and honest hard working people in showing their support for Ron Paul. Unfortunately, it is the wackjobs, weirdos and liberals who get the headlines, are quoted and make boring and offensive comments on numerous blogs. This is bad for Ron Paul and very bad for the conservative message, hence, it's time to consider shooting the messenger.

Actually, those throwing their support behind a Huckabee or a Paul are the political heirs to Ross Perot's supporters who made their point, but whose actions didn't work out for the Republic so well. Those Perot supporters didn't see the reality of their actions coming back at us like a freight train and many still deny their responsibility in what followed. Making a mistake is not a crime, but not learning from mistakes ahould be.

If Hillary is Perot's bastard political grandchild, I think she's proof enough we need no more of Paul Huckabee.