Sunday, March 21, 2010

Driehaus Votes Against Life

Tonight Steve Driehaus exposed the lie that he has been campaigning on, that he is committed to the pro-life movement to save unborn children. Driehaus aligned himself with Stupak in voting for this bill. Stupak earlier stated on the floor of the house that those who had stood shoulder to shoulder with him prior to his capitulation to Pelosi were idiots. Of course, it didn't include Driehaus who caved as fast as he could on the pro-life question.

Stupak is a moron and a liar, but he is Michigan's problem. Driehaus is from Ohio and he will be buried in the graveyard of losers in November. Not because of one vote, but because of one show of two faced lying to his constituents.

Stupak Continues To Embarrasses Himself

"It is Democrats that continue to stand up for life (with this bill)."

"This motion is to politicize life."

I thought I saw puppet strings holding Stupak up. This guy is dumber than a box of rocks. He is being played like the cheap violin he is.

219-212 For ObamasCare

America just got slapped in the face.

Pelosi: HCR Will 'Unleash Entrepreneurial Spirit'

Okay, I thought Kaptur owned the most stupid statement of the day. Oops.

Most Stupid Statement Of The Day And From A 'Catholic'

Kaptur, Democrat of Ohio, said, “The health care bill that will move forward today is actually a bill about life.”

Remember, Republicans, Including RINO's Are Still Fighting The ObamasCare Debacle

Will this crap pass? Yes. Will it still be crap after Obama signs it? Yes and more so.

None of the fixes promised will be fixed. None of the promises of parity, fairness nor the promises of no abortion money through the fed will ever be realized. The starter home that Harkin talked about will become a monsterous house of horrors in which construction will never cease.

That voters appreciate what Republicans are doing is obvious, but Democrats still have their blinders on and are focused only on each other.

Stupak's troubles are only begininng.

And Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, said the group was set to give Stupak her group's "Defender of Life" award next week, but instead "we’re going to be working hard to see who we can find to run against him.”

“In a completely cynical move, they have made this bill passable and each of them are going to pay individually," she said. "And that’s what we do. That’s what we love to do is unelect people who say they're for life and then completely betray the movement.”

Atrios Actually Gets Something Right!

"congrats to bart stupak. now everybody hates you."
via Ann Althouse
On  another note to Kaptur, Driehouse, Wilson, etc., how does it feel to betray one’s values? Who’s hatin' on you now. Ain't me. I just feel sorry for you for what everybody knew from the beginning, you'd betray what you believe in for political expediency and political gain. How’s that gain looking for you now?

Nancy Laughing. 'Let Them Eat Cake'


An Executive Order from Obama is what changed his vote from pro-life to pro-abortion. As my used car salesman told me, "Sure, you can trust me."

Now Stupak is not to be believed by either side of the aisle. There's always a need for used car salesmen.

Stupak Bending And Breaking?

Stupak states he is still negotiating with the White House on the abortion language in HCR and sources say he will vote yes in the vote.

Don't be stupid Stupak. Obama and Pelosi will not only never work with you again, they will knife you as they throw you under the bus. That is how they work. They have fewer morals than most abortion doctors.

Dead Men Walking

Nana Pelosi, this morning wearing her smug face, walked her Democrats through throngs of protesters this morning to the Capitol. As she and her members were booed, Republicans were cheered for their defiance in the face of a classic Pelosi twist and threaten campaign to pass HCR.

Carrying her giant gavel she marched like a well dressed Nero as crowds chanted, "Kill the bill" surrounded by Rep. Lewis and others who had marched in civil right's marches years ago. Reported yesterday, two people yelled racial and sexist remarks and one reportedly spit on a member of Congress. They should be banned from Tea Party events and arrested and prosecuted. Of course the MSM and leftist sites will only focus of these few people, once again exhibiting their no holds barred to win this fight.

Nana's parade is an indicator of things to come. It will only get uglier.